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Posted in: U.S. lawmaker says Japan and Canada must cut farm tariffs See in context

The prices for sub standard dairy in Japan is way too high. More recently even butter shortages occurred, which of course, reducing import tariffs would help address. Though everyone knows it will never be an equal playing field with the massive subsidies the American taxpayers give to allow US farmers to export at a far cheaper rate than any other country can manage. If the subsidies were discontinued, perhaps other countries might be more accepting.

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Posted in: Harpoonless Japanese whalers heading for Antarctic See in context

Sea Shepherd is against this also, they've already complained about the non-lethal research. Maybe they're upset they can't make a TV show this season?

The only way to study the age of whales is to examine the bones of the inner ear, the only way to study the diet and nutrition of whales is to study the stomach contents. Some studies suggest minke whales (least concern) are competing for food with blue whales (endangered) in the Southern Ocean. While non-lethal research can give some information, it's mighty hard to check the stomach contents and the inner ear with a skin sample no?

Whales have become the sacred species for some, much like Hindus with cows, though Hindus seem to be OK with other people eating what they feel is OK. High mercury is only found in toothed whales in more polluted waters, balleen whale meat is very safe and very healthy.

A lot of false information and blatant lies are bandied about buy Sea Shepherd followers, hence why a lot of previous supporters and organizations (WWF/Greenpeace) have distanced themselves from them. Even the Australian Antarctic scientists want Sea Shepherd banned in Australia.

I'm still waiting to her how much Sea Shepherd has to give to the whalers after losing their court battle...anyone know?

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Posted in: Anti-whaling activists found in contempt of court in U.S. See in context

This is too funny. The supporters of SS have been donating their hard earned, now the money will be redirected to the whalers! ROFL!

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Posted in: Russia proposes building natural gas pipeline to Japan: Nikkei See in context

It's a good idea, will provide jobs, cheaper and cleaner fuel and increase ties between Russia and Japan. I'm sure those against it are probably from one certain country.

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Posted in: SDF jets scrambled 533 times in last 6 months to counter rising Russian incursions See in context

Well, America already occupies Japan, they can have all the flyovers they want. Perhaps if America left Japan, Russia and China would be friendlier? Considering Japan is part of Asia, having America as an occupying force is antagonizing the neighbors, probably not a good thing to do, but America wouldn't care, they can project their image here and be safe at home. I'd be happier being closer to Russia and China and having America go back home, but this won't happen, America owns Japan and it's people. Imagine how strong Asia would be if these countries actually worked together instead of threatening each other...the only loser would be America, so they want to keep Japan scared and China and Russia on their toes.

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Posted in: 4 ships start whale hunt off Hokkaido See in context

More than 90% of the slaughtered whale is thrown back overboard with only the much prised belly and tail parts being kept for sale of the whale flesh.

Huh? I saw a diagram on the parts of a whale that are used for consumption alone, where did you get 90% from?

I'm not sure where some of the people who are obviously against whaling get their statistics from? And if there's 6000 tonnes in storage, then that equates to less than half of the annual whale hunt. Seems there's a lot more long term rice, other fish and meat in storage.

Some people are against whaling, maybe they love those animals more than other species. I don't have a problem with it. More whales are dying needlessly from being hit by cargo ships and choking on the rubbish polluting the oceans. At least whatever 'research' is being done, the catch is not wasted.

Perhaps those people who are so anti-whaling can open their eyes a little and see the hundreds of thousands of marine mammals being killed by rubbish and pollution, including whales - not to mention the millions of sea birds. But yeah, concentrate your animosity towards a small group of fisherman catching minke whales, that are listed as 'least concern' on the IUCN redlist, same as cows or kangaroos.

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Posted in: Key Pacific panel agrees to 50% cut in young bluefin tuna catch See in context

Agree with fxgai! Perhaps a reduction in tuna fishing can be offset up by an increase in minke whale, that'll upset a few people, but isn't the issue about protecting vulnerable populations? I applaud this decision, being made before it is too late. If they can continue with the scheme for an extended amount of time, it would be better for all, but then, surely if there's a large increase in fish stocks, the price would plummet - so I can see fisheries wanting to increase the catch while the price is still high. It would also rely on bait fish/pilchards stocks as well, no point trying to save the tuna if you are catching the fish they need to eat in order to survive, as has happened in other parts of the world.

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Posted in: College girls tipple, then topple en masse on Shinjuku street See in context

Obviously some of the posters here haven't taken too many recreational drugs or ever been drugged by others.

For them to pass out together and even soil themselves you have to think something is seriously wrong.

I've enjoyed my life a lot with many friends, we've taken the same things at the same time and been hit hard all at the same time, from guys weighing 60kg to me weighing 100kg (never to collapsing stage, though close).

The people here who 'smell a rat', yeah you're probably right, some nasty people have drugged them, probably bought them a round of shots. Whatever, the intentions, it's very bad.

I've known girls to go from feeling drunk, to feeling sick, then passing out simultaneously (2 at the time) from getting their drinks spiked, a very scary situation.

I feel sorry that this is happening here, but it does. This is a pretty extreme case, but I'm sure it happens all over Japan every night with 1 or 2 girls (or guys).

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Obviously would've liked Japan to get into the next round, they had a chance, but it's all over now. Well done to all the team, including the respect shown by the players and supporters over there.

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Posted in: JAL, Bangkok Airways to expand codeshare flights See in context

And...first flight of Jetstar between Tokyo NRT and Melbourne, Australia today. Links well with Jetstar Japan and codeshare with JL also.

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Posted in: Troubled history fuels Japan-China tension See in context

I think most countries would have a war memorial (or many) and most leaders visit to offer their respect. It should be in remembrance of all those who died on all sides and the futility of war. Whatever side anyone is, or were on, shouldn't matter, it should be a solemn place for any visitors. Let's remember not repeat the mistakes of the past.

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd, whalers trade ambush accusations See in context

Marcelito - Who cares where whales are hunted? Japan is not doing anything illegal, SS crew are and have been convicted of acting illegally.

Maybe my mates are just more open to try new experiences in new places and not so blinkered by extremist, irrational groups? Honestly, more than half ask to try it when they come here.

HB714 - glad you're very popular and have loads of foreign friends, awesome work.

Cleo - You've never answered the question - if whales could be killed humanely, would you still have a problem with it?

Of course Inuits never had an equal lifespan, they have always had less access to medicine etc...though many studies find they are less healthy now than on a TRADITIONAL diet.

It took me 5 seconds to find this, sure you know how to do the same - Note - 'Article may offend some readers as it mentions eating whale meat.'

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd, whalers trade ambush accusations See in context

The SS IS losing support. They've lost major funding sources, no major environmental groups want any association with them and they've been caught out lying way too many times. They are a convicted criminal organisation! People now understand this, it's just a few 'sheeple' left hanging on to their ideologies.

It's a shame that creatures that are seriously threatened are not protected in any manner by SS. They go off on their 'boys own adventure TV show' to protect animals that are ranked Least Concern on the IUCN Redlist.

I never got to see the Baiji River Dolphin, no-one else will either. But that's OK, continue to support a criminal, dangerous, lying organisation that has probably done more to increase whaling groups steadfastness to their cause.

Hmmm...dinner time!

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd, whalers trade ambush accusations See in context

Ady Gil was purely SS fault, there can't be any argument - or else the SS would have sued right? But, Ady Gil (the person who gave SS the boat) sued SS over negligence. It's OK, continue to believe SS spin, they're pretty good at it.

So, if whales were killed humanely, you wouldn't have a problem? I think we need to do more research on this...

Amazing how you bring up that you know people who don't look healthy because they eat too much meat, critical much? Coming through a little too obvious in your 'superior' being status! The Inuit have survived for tens of thousands of years (and were healthier) on their traditional meat only diet. Please don't bring your beliefs into this again.

I suppose you are trying to ban all halal food as well, considering they are killed in the same manner as whales, but I'm sure you don't want to be oppressive and overbearing...right?

I don't want an animal to suffer needlessly, I would gladly eat something killed in a more humane process.

You do seem fairly critical on what others should or shouldn't be doing (eating) - and I really can't believe that you follow SS so blindly (to ignore reality), but that's your belief, just don't force it on others...

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd, whalers trade ambush accusations See in context

Cleo - The Ady Gil was the fault of the SS, that's been made clear - all for media attention as well.

So, you're happy to force others to comply with your beliefs because you think you're right? Please don't tell me how fantastic you are and what I can or can't eat or do, I prefer not to live in an oppressive society, thanks. I'm happy for you to enjoy whatever lifestyle or foods you want.

I knew a couple of extreme vegans, but they only ate fruit that had fallen from the tree or vegetables when the plant had died of natural causes because they didn't want to kill any living thing, some people are like this.

I enjoy meat, which includes whales. They are not endangered, what's the problem? Except for your personal beliefs...

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd, whalers trade ambush accusations See in context

Cleo, you are aware that the IWC mandates that as much of the whale must be utilized for what ever purpose (including consumption) if it is killed for research purposes? Japan can always just leave the IWC anyway...

Some good videos...I don't know if I can post the link here though?

Pretty plain to see SS are not abiding by any international maritime laws...or by the court orders on them. How long until they sink another one of their ships or kill somebody?

SS are only doing this for TV ratings and money - maybe for an adventure story to tell their grand-kids as well? Sucked in anyone that gave money to them, they'll be banned in all waters pretty soon, maybe send your money to Somali pirates instead?

Whales are not endangered, if you do love whales so much, don't eat them, I don't eat shark's fin (but sharks are actually more threatened than whales). Don't force your beliefs on other cultures or someday the Hindus will force you to stop killing cows, the Muslims and Jews will ban all pork products...

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More and more people realize that SS are only doing this for media attention and money - they have a TV show to keep going! All my Australian friends who visit Japan come out to an Izakaya for whale sashimi. We've also eaten it in Canada, Korea and Norway. It's only the SS 'sheeple' who still believe the lies they're told. The IWC and ICJ both agree that whales are at levels that can sustain further re-opening and increases in whaling. 'Tim Flannery, 2007 Australian of the Year and head of the Climate Council, who for the past decade has been a surprising supporter of whaling. His bottom line is sustainability, as he told News Corp Australia back in 2007. “In terms of sustainability, you can't be sure that the Japanese whaling is entirely unsustainable. It’s hard to imagine that the whaling would lead to a new decline in population,” he said.' Prominent Australians are now supporting whaling, the Australian government really doesn't care and wish the SS would go away - especially as they are convicted international pirates. I hope the supporters of SS also send money to Somali pirates? Even Greenpeace, WWF and other environmental groups want nothing to do with SS They are reality TV stars doing this to make money, shame that their supporters are so gullible.

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Posted in: CEO predictions for the next 100 years of air travel See in context

Agree with theResident here, some hubs will keep the bigger aircraft, but most people want point to point, so the 787/A350 are the immediate future. Airfares are lower than 7 years ago around the world, just depends how the value of the currency is...and competition on the routes. The only thing is that LCC do fly long haul - and increasing their presence. If people complain about legroom, then pay for an upgrade, most people choose the airline by the lowest cost or frequent flyer points, occasionally by the extras they offer. Who knows the future, but there'll be continued improvement in efficiency and depending on oil prices, probably maintain the current levels of price for a while. Some airlines will continue to go bankrupt as they can't compete, so the future will be a few very large airlines linking the world, some smaller regional carriers where trains haven't become the better option. It's all moving in that direction anyway... 100 years from now I want a teleporter, but I'll give science 200 years, won't matter for me anyway:)

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