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Posted in: New computing devices will allow touch, smell: IBM See in context

“Baby talk” will be understood as a language, according to IBM, helping parents or doctors understand what infants are trying to communicate.< Simpsons did it!

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Posted in: Smartphones crushing point-and-shoot camera market See in context

@Brainiac This is talking about Point and Shoot cameras not DSLR cameras. DSLR are a small market compared to the once large point and shoot market.

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Posted in: Suzuki to pull out of U.S. car business See in context

first isuzu and now susuki. Is subaru next?

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Posted in: What has happened to once great Japanese companies like Panasonic, Sony, Sharp and Toshiba? See in context

Japan could once rely on its home market. preferring home brands to foreign. But the population is shrinking and getting old. Now those brands HAVE to seek outside markets to makeup for the loss at home.

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Posted in: Sony shares slump 4.77% on restructuring plan See in context

herefornow - GE use to be like Toshiba. They made consumer electronics along with industrial products.

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Posted in: U.S. moves to isolate Japanese, Russian crime groups See in context

Tandoorinacho. ATF, FBI do the same. ever heard of RICO?

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Posted in: Hitachi to stop making televisions See in context

My GE comment was because GE use to be a major maker of consumer electronics and slowly phased it out to just making home appliances.

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Posted in: Hitachi to stop making televisions See in context

Hitachi going the way of GE.

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Posted in: More headaches with F-35; Japan delays announcement See in context

This is the 2nd fighter of it's kind. New technology always has problems.

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Posted in: U.S. asks Sony, other companies to detail ties to Iran, Syria See in context

@issa1 don't get caught bid rigging or forming cartels and you won't get fined. :)

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