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Posted in: No jail for parents who left daughters at home while they used COVID cash handout for hotel stay See in context

What an irresponsible mother and father. The JP govt should let the social services take over the children welfare in cases like this, and give the children up for adoption to some capable parents out there.

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Posted in: 91-year-old man arrested over hit-and-run incident See in context

This is the reason why those old relics shouldn't be allowed near a steering wheel.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. start talks on cost of hosting American troops See in context

$8 billion? That is madness! Japan should tell the Yanks to either stick with the original figure, or get out of Japan!

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Posted in: Japan unveils 3,000-ton new submarine See in context

Whilst having more naval assets is certainly an advantage, what Japan needs more is a weapon that can act as a deterrence to intimidate any potential enemies (Korea & China?). So Suga-san will have to do more in convincing Japanese MPs to vote in favour of the Article 9 ammendment.

Looking forward to the day when Japan had finally got their hand on weapons that can obliterate entire cities!

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Posted in: JOC to protect female athletes targeted by exploitative photos See in context

There's an uproar here on the comment section a few days ago on an article regarding to the accessibility of contraceptives in Japan, which many leftist argued as backward and not as female-friendly as compared to the west.

Well, Japan is finally taking a precedent here on the matter of female protection. The lot of you are now probably jumping in joys.

I suggest that the next step should be separating any female and male competition altogether, as well as allowing the spectators to only watch sporting tournaments that consists of their respective genders. I bet that women football, for example, will really thrive then. Oh, and you'll no longer have to worries about the males wandering eyes that as you guys had been saying, are sexualising the lot of you in every way!

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Posted in: Japan vows to boost missile defense after North Korea parade See in context

There's no way that any missile defence systems are going to shields Japan from the Korean missile threats with a hundred percent efficiency. The only way out for Japan here is to abolish the no longer relevant Article 9 of the American-imposed constitution to enable Japan to legally develop its own strike capability as a tit-for-tat detterence.

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Posted in: Niigata Prefecture heightens bear alert after woman dies from attack See in context

Bears that had strayed from its natural habitat and attacked humans, should be hunted and culled ASAP. Once these beasts had tasted human flesh there's the danger of them hunting for more human prey.

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Posted in: Japan may ease rules on 'morning-after pill' next year: report See in context

I'm sure that the every law enforcement out there do have proper medical procedures to help prevent rape victims from getting pregnant, without needing the victims to get their hand on the contraceptive themselves.

 the police will always be there, ready to most likely waster your time.

Oh well, when even a drunken sexual intercourse between two consenting adults these days have that possibility of being turned into a rape allegation, I'm certain that the police too won't be able to entertain all of those pseudo rape victims.

I do agree though, that this demographic group will certainly be benefiting a lot from the easing of contraceptives procurement!

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Posted in: Japanese musician beaten up in New York for being 'Chinese' See in context

This is the reason why Japan need to ditch its alliance with the racist yanks, and move closer into cooperation with its traditional partner in Asia, China.

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Posted in: Japan may ease rules on 'morning-after pill' next year: report See in context

Getting a prescription quickly can be hard for victims of rape or other sexual violence, they say.

Don't be ridiculous, JT. The first thing that any rape victims needed to do is not to run to a nearby pharmacy to buy a morning after pill. The priority should be to make a police report. These guys (police) will then take care of the pregnancy prevention, whatever the methods are.

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Posted in: Group protests to NHK over tweets considered prejudiced against Koreans See in context

How it was even considered a discrimination is beyond me.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. to begin talks on host nation support, possibly this week See in context

The question is if the United States is trustable enough to commit their military in case Japan is attacked by one if its foes, as history had shown that unless there's something in it for the Americans to gain, they just can't be arsed to join a war. Look at their supposed allies that they had abandon in recent years, like the Kurds in Syria.

Think it'll be wiser for Japan to rely on themselves. They should start by scrapping that American imposed pacifist constitution and replace it with something more suited to the volatile region where Japan is located.

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Posted in: EU chief says UK cannot change EU-UK withdrawal agreement See in context

As a sovereign nation, Britain should be entitled to put in place whatever new bills they felt needed to offset that one-sided withdrawal agreement!

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Posted in: Moon says he is always ready to talk with Japan over historical disputes See in context

"South Korean President Moon Jae-in on Saturday said his government was always ready to talk with Japan over historic disputes."

Then followed by bilateral agreements. Only to be voided later, everytime a new govt took over the administration of the ROK.

So judging from past events, having a JP-KR bilateral talk is alright. Striking a deal on the other hand should be a tad bit foolish, unless those ojisans running the Japanese govt had all turned amnesics!

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Posted in: Tokyo enlists nightclub workers for Q&A-style videos to fight coronavirus See in context

The doctor recommends temperature checks at the nightclub entrance, safe distancing between seats,...

I take it that they meant to say the safe distancing between fellow customers, else what is the point of visiting hostess clubs with all these restrictions in place?

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Posted in: 'Terrace House' star Kimura likely took her own life using toxic gas See in context

She's got a whole life ahead of her. It is such a waste dying over the words uttered by some irrelevant trolls on the social media.

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Posted in: Koike asks Tokyo restaurants, pubs to shut by 8 p.m. See in context

With the very, very soft approach taken by the Japanese gov so far in its handling of this pandemic (ie. Non-mandatory quarantine policy, lack of urgency in implementing lockdown, inadequate testing, etc), it will not be surprising if Japan were to follow into the footstep of the EU and the US with thousands to end up dead, and what's more Japan is especially vulnerable due to its higher proportion of aged citizen.

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Posted in: In reversal, S Korea says it will keep Japan military intelligence pact See in context

Not surprising. I bet that the threat of not renewing the GSOMIA was in the first place, just a bluff made in the hope of American interventions on the ROK side.

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Posted in: Seoul faces major decision over military pact with Tokyo See in context

Good. It isn't in the interest of the Japanese nation to have any bilateral deals/agreements with a nation seems to have the hobby of terminating them on a whim, like the ROK.

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Posted in: Emperor to proclaim enthronement in ritual-bound ceremony See in context

From the taxpayers. This means you, if you live in Japan.

I'm sure that monarchy had been in place long before you've migrated to Japan, Chip Star. Quite baffled as to why you're complaining over it since I bet that nobody had ever forced you to move to the country.

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Posted in: N Korea demands Japan pay compensation for sinking fishing boat See in context

This kind of neighbourly threat is exactly why Japan need a proper military, without the limitation currently imposed on its offensive capabilities (i.e nukes, ballistic missiles, aircraft carriers) as deterrent.

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Posted in: Lawmaker who made Russia war remarks suggests same with S Korea See in context


America wouldn't step in and help if Japan instigated it. 

Then all the more reason for Japan to remilitarise. Even as little as 2 percents of its GDP spent on the military anually will already suffice for Japan to surpass the Russian's.

Let us say that PM Abe will succeed next year in ammending the increasingly less relevant Japan's constitution and green light the mass productions of offensive weaponries over the next 10-20 years, I doubt that you'll still regard Japan as not a match of the Russians by then, let alone the South Koreans.

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Posted in: Abe pledges to boost investment in Africa See in context

Samit Basu

Japan is fast becoming a low-wage, poor, and bankrupt third world country.

This is quite an overstatement, especially coming from a person with a name that sounds like having originated from that overpopulated nation that can barely feed its populace.

Abe san needs to invest in Japan to create good paying jobs and raise the standard of living in Japan in order to boost tax revenues, increase marriage rate and child birth rate.

What are you expecting here, Raju? Japan is a highly litterate nation with heavy emphasis on education. Unlike India, the women in Japan doesn't start birthing children at 15 years old, you know.

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