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Looks like western propaganda, aimed at overthrowing the Iranian governments democratic win has backfired

Wrong thread already , wrong reasoning anyway . I can't believe that anybody is also DEFENDING Iranian dictatorship as well !

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yet another muslim separatist effort

It is ethnic instead of religious , because if it were the latter instead of the former , then the Hui ( Muslim Han ) should be trying to separate too.

I can't believe that there are actually posters here who are DEFENDING Chinese imperialism . They must be Han themselves . So it's okay for the Han to marginalize and eventually eradicate the Uighur from their own Homeland? Let's see how you'll feel when China someday does the same thing to Japan and the rest of world...

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No , it was the Spirit of Freedom of the Uighur people . They don't want to merge with China because the Han treat them like garbage , and the plan of the Han is make all the other tribes extinct so that there will only be Han in all of china . The Han should stay in their own territory , they should get out of Xinjiang and Tibet where the they are not wanted or needed in the first place!

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Posted in: Feline foursome capture 'sound of Shinjuku' See in context

Bah , Japanese entertainment for the japanese , not for foreigners in Japan . Why bother complaining about something when you're not even the target audience in the first place anyway eh?!

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“The Han Chinese say we all belong to the same country. We’re all part of one big family,” said Memet, a restaurant worker who like other Uighurs declined to give his full name because he feared the police. “But the Han always treat us separately.”

Let me tell you, I know the Han, and they're all bastards every single one of them.

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Posted in: Suicide pacts, cults and violence shape director Sion Sono See in context

What a jerk. Destroying a dvd just because you didn't like the content. You should be banned from ever watching anything ever again.

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Posted in: Michael Jackson found loyal, generous fans in Japan See in context

Tsk tsk tsk, the same people who will defend George Bush for lying about WMD despite all obvious evidence will crucify Michael Jackson despite the official acquittal ? What sheer hypocrisy!

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Posted in: Yokohama school teacher arrested for requesting pictures of young boy naked See in context

** But people's rationality and moral values on humanity and sexuality are being tested, as recent news of child porn and pedophilia are now gaining the Japanese public attention.

I've been browsing on this site since the very beginning , and that seems to be over 10 years ago at the turn of the last century . And even then , news stories were ALREADY common. The Japanese public have always known about this. They just take it for granted, and if they act surprised, it's all just a show for the foreign media. Seriously, just read the Tale of Genji.

Stupid as to be expected from a fresh off the boat but highly amusing!

My my, we are rather bitter now are we?

OK, then we are basically screwed. Why do you suppose so many of those in top government voted against possession of child pornography being made illegal???

Sigh, has no one here ever heard of Tatame and Honne? Officially prostitution is banned, but actually the red light district is the number one adult recreational pasttime in this country...

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Posted in: English-language teaching industry in bad shape See in context

Hehehehehehe , will this mean that the number of Western Gaijin in Japan will finally decrease significantly ?

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Posted in: 3 men held for accommodating two 13-year-old runaway girls in return for sex See in context

...a 13 year old is a child... in any part of the world.

Are you SERIOUS? Countless innumerable ethnic tribes all around the world marry off their youth at around this age . Google it if you don't believe me.

Merely because I'm echoing what pretty much everyone in the civilized world would say, I guess that offended you. Though since again, pretty much EVERYONE in the entire civilized world would say the same thing,

The mere fact that there are people , and quite a number of them , disagreeing with you disproves this hyperbole.

Japan is an isolated island and so what happens here is nobody's business is a wrong noting that you seem to have

Again, I'll say, that if the Japanese THEMSELVES by-and-large have no problem with something that involves ONLY them and NO foreigners , why should any foreigner have the right to criticize and condemn them for it?! By analogy, that's like having Arabs coming to America and lambasting Americans for allowing women to have the same rights as men .

I honestly can't believe anyone here is trying to justify their actions.*

There are MORE things in Heaven and Earth than exist in YOUR philosophy. Maybe if you actually tried to see things from the Nihonjins' own point of view instead of forcing your Gaijin morality on the natives, you'd possibly be able to relate.

when you have a stiff, largely age-defined social hierarchy with those at the top (the oldest) having absolute power over those at the bottom (the youngest) this sort of thing is inevitable. elevate some women and younger people into positions of authority and there might be a chance of changing things. as for now the only people with power to change things are exactly those with the least reason to do so (ie. dirty old men)

Now this is simply delusional . Do you actually think that it's "dirty old men" who are forcing the younger girls , as well as the older women , of Japan , to do such things of this sexual nature? Of course not! They're doing it purely OF THEIR OWN VOLITION and FREE WILL . Who do you think invented the practice of Compensated Dating in the first place? It wasn't men! If more women and youth got into "positions of power" like you imagine , the EXACT OPPOSITE of what you think will happen will occur. Seriously , this statement betrays both ignorance of both human nature and japanese culture.

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that the Democrats are ruining the country.

Yeah , and I bet the Republicans are what's keeping it afloat...NOT!

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If the US (and the UK) had never conspired to replace Mossadegh with the Shah , we would never be experiencing this situation now.

America made its own bed, now it has to lie in it, that is cosmic justice.

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I just can't support this. In a time when liberal principles are demonstrably failing across the world and we are ready to user in a new era of conservativism, this seems a bit out of touch with the times

Ok, off-topic, but I think that you're living in a Bizarro world where everything is its exact opposite in the real world...

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting guards upon release from Tochigi prison See in context

This shows how superior Japan is, it's penal system is so good that people actually prefer being incarcerated...

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Posted in: 27-yr-old police sergeant arrested for having sex with 14-yr-old girl See in context


Japan has 2 versions of the Truth: Tatamae and Honnae, in the case of may-december relationships , it goes like this:

Tatame: Sex between someone over 18 and someone under 18 is BAD because it is ILLEGAL ( 1999 law on pornography/prostitution passed only due to heavy foreign - i.e. American - pressure )

Honne: Sex between someone over 18 and someone under 18 is OK because society condones it ( moe/lolicon is Number 1 sexual fetish for straight males in Japan and there is the traditional "Christmas Cake" age limit for women as desirable marriage partners )

Second Point: This is Japan, and they themselves are always saying that "We Japanese Are Different", so why do a lot of the gaijin posters here keep on insisting on applying Non-Japanese moral standards, especially when it comes to sex, to Japanese culture? As the Japanese saying goes " In Japan, there is no Original Sin for sex ".

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