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A lovely picture brimming with life and joy.

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Japan without uniforms? Unthinkable!

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That's probably the first time she's ever had to suffer some consequence of her actions.

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I used to think a bit like you, Proudnippon. Surely, with my education, experience etc., I'd be alright.

Been out of work for a year, now.

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How many skeletal remains are out there waiting to be found??

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She would look good in a plastic bin bag.

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There's just been a big cosplay/anime festival in LA too- with no shortage of participants either.

Slight tinge of naughtiness aside, where would you go for a date with a cosplay partner??

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What's the point of getting married then?

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But all those brand goods, private schools/yochiens, nice restaurants, furniture, new appartments/houses carry a hefty price.

And the average salaryman (and his family) will be dependent on the company for healthcare and pension.

Also, Japan didn't get to be an industrial powerhouse on family days-out to Disneyland.

Which way do they want it?

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Sorry to hear that, KyokoSmile.

Always remember that no matter how bleak the situation looks, your child really needs you, and will need you to be there sometime in the future. A step-parent is never as good as the real thing. Only you can be your child's mother or father.

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I was once in a similar situation, and, in the absence of any legal rights, found the following to be effective:

1.Sign nothing: once you sign the "rikon todoke", assuming the box giving custody of child(ren) to the Japanese partner has been ticked, the battle is over and you will have forgone any rights you ever had over your kids. If you are still legally married, you technically at least have full parental rights.

2.Withold any support/living expense payments immediately, especially if the children are removed to another location. This will be your main future bargaining chip as you can offer some support only if you get to see your kids when you want to. Most single mothers in Japan struggle to survive. This sounds like paying a ransom to a kidnapper, which is exactly what it is. You will need to be thorough and vigilant. This will entail keeping bank books/cards and related hankos (very important!!) in your possession the minute you suspect things are going wrong.

3.Don't put too much (any!)faith in lawyers. They'll take alot of time, money, and your vital energy to finally inform you that you have no rights.

4.Have hope and patience. People that abduct kids are sick and twisted. Your kids will realize this eventually- hopefully before too much damage is done.

5.Don't be too nice: there is no level to which exes will not sink.

In the meantime good luck, and let's hope the politicos sort something out.

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Don't worry, Richard III, they wouldn't go on a date with you anyway.

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Give me a carriage full of women putting on make-up over one full of hairy-arsed blokes any day.

Although make up does smell a bit.

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Nose picking, you missed nosepicking. Followed by ingestion or absent-mindedly sprinkling on the floor.

But basically the trains in Japan are brilliant, if crowded. Trains back home aren't the cleanest- people leave crisps, hairs, papers, cups etc. for the next person to clean up. I could write a far longer article about them.

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What's the topic then, Moderator?

Moderator: The investigation and what happens next, not readers' lurid speculations.

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That must be what heaven looks like.

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The invention I'm currently working on will be a Godsend to women, police, and also the falsely accused.

My "electric knickers" are designed to deliver a shock to any chikans coming into contact therewith.

The current can be varied to suit the mood/general vindictiveness of the wearer, delivering anything from a mild tingle to an incontinence-inducing 500v. Justice is delivered swiftly only to those making physical contact. A range of attractive bras in pastel and Disney-character designs will follow this autumn.

There have been teething problems: wearer electrocution was one as was sparks "jumping" between wearer and hand rails/metallic accessories/old ladies' fillings.

One final warning: don't forget to turn then off before you go on a date girls!!

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How about telling a few cheery jokes over the tannoy just before peak suicide time every morning?

JR could even employ a few top names on suicide blackspot lines such as the Chuo.

It would be much better than the obvious and patronizing noise mentioned above, and would complement the electric bird song nicely.

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