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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting employee, refusing to pay bill at hostess club in Sapporo See in context

His first mistake was going into that place. His second mistake was not paying for his first mistake and walking away...

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Posted in: Japan nursing care bankruptcies hit record high for Jan.-June period See in context

This would be a good place for the government to spend money -- subsidize wages to create decent-paying jobs (for people who then become consumers) and secure care for the growing ranks of elderly. Seems like a win-win.

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Posted in: Japanese man given jail term, cane strokes for assaults in Singapore See in context

The case happened in 2019 and he's being sentenced in 2024? He was apprehended later that day. ... and initially charged in May 2023.

That seems like a pretty long time to pull the case together, especially if the guy recorded his own crime!

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Posted in: Taiwan says China seizes fishing boat near Chinese coast See in context

Piracy plain and simple.

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Posted in: Man arrested for stealing backpack from sleeping passenger at train station admits to 100 thefts See in context

Man, hangovers are miserable enough without having to also deal with missing money and phone!

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Posted in: Biden's shaky Trump debate alarms Democrats, raises questions for his campaign See in context

Sooner they make the change the better.

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Posted in: A sometimes halting Biden tries at debate to confront Trump, who responds with falsehoods See in context

Biden has good points to make but he looks lost all the time and gets buried in the flurry of nonsense.

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Posted in: Tokyo nursery teacher arrested for assault after strongly pulling child’s hair See in context

I’ll file this under JET urban myth

File it wherever you like, -- it wasn't an isolated case in that prefecture.

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Posted in: Tokyo nursery teacher arrested for assault after strongly pulling child’s hair See in context

She should never be allowed to work with children again. Reminds me, in another era, as a JET, I saw a gym teacher slapping a jr high school girl in the teacher's room. Was told her mother had requested the 'guidance' because the girl bought cakes on the way home from school.

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Posted in: U.S. serviceman in Okinawa indicted over sexual assault of minor See in context

When he asked if there were any questions, some numbskull PFC asked “is it true that the age of consent is 13?” To which the 1stSgt very quickly retorted “that is a vestigial law from a time when infant mortality was high and raising an army was a priority. The prefectural ordnance very clearly states that it is the age of 18. If you want to diddle 13 yr olds, go back to sweet home Alabama where the age of consent is 12.”

This is an interesting anecdote, BDG. I wonder if the PFC heard any of the words after being confused by "vestigial..." I hope so!

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Posted in: China coast guard says it 'drove away' Japanese boats near disputed islands See in context

China would have a much better case if it weren't involved in territorial disputes with dozens of countries -- both at sea and on land.

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Posted in: How to get a driver’s license in Japan See in context

I had a license from overseas but needed to do the paper and driving test here. Paper was easy. For the driving, I highly recommend a session with a place like EDS to practice the all-important safety checks, which include looking over shoulder before any turn or lane shift. Essentially have to keep head on a swivel (which doesn't feel natural).

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Posted in: Only 10.4% want PM Kishida to continue to serve: poll See in context

Inflation isn't his fault but he'll be associated with it. He's no worse than most and better than some.

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Posted in: Judy Garland's hometown is raising funds to purchase stolen ‘Wizard of Oz’ ruby slippers See in context

It was that wicked witch of the West, no doubt. She knew the power of great pair of shoes.

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Posted in: Man arrested for scamming confectionery shop by lying about finding hair in cake See in context

"Police said they have received similar reports from other cake and pastry shops, mainly in Okazaki City"

It's not important but, but the implication is that this guy who lives in Kumamoto keeps targeting shops in Okazaki, Aichi?

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Posted in: Diet enacts law to reform political funds rules See in context

"The amended law, meanwhile, does not include a ban on corporate donations to political parties."

What could go wrong?

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Posted in: Putin makes rare visit to North Korea See in context

“Passing through charmingly lit streets of Pyongyang at night, the top leaders exchanged their pent-up inmost thoughts..." KCNA reported.

Very romantic.

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Posted in: Tokyo's Shibuya enacts ban on street drinking at night in some areas See in context

As long as I can still knock back a few tall boys at 6am in a gutter of my choosing I'm good.

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Posted in: Allowing foreign trainees to switch jobs stirs debate in rural Japan See in context

Treating the workers well is win-win -- they'll have a good experience, and they're more likely to stick around, meaning no need to keep sourcing new people.

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Posted in: Man arrested for entering women’s toilet in park, says he wanted to see their buttocks See in context

garypenJune 16  10:00 pm JST

I can't see the word "buttocks" without hearing Tom Hanks' Forrest Gump voice saying "buh-tocks".

Thanks for making me spit coffee into my lap.

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Posted in: Japan pop band's video withdrawn over colonialism, slavery imagery See in context

Looks like they replaced all that other stuff with an egg.



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Posted in: Japan's 'Doctor Yellow' track-testing bullet train to retire See in context

Maybe the train could become a new James Bond villain, Dr. Yellow, once a protector of train passengers, and now ....

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Posted in: Joey Chestnut, Takeru Kobayashi to compete in Netflix competition See in context

To each his/her own, but to my mind stuffing beef into mouths as fast as possible just to see who can do the most is a pretty disgusting hobby that celebrates consumption for the sake of consumption.

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Posted in: Singapore diplomat fined ¥300,000 for Tokyo bathhouse voyeurism See in context


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Posted in: Go-kart driver crashes into taxi after ignoring road sign in Tokyo See in context

Go karts seem like a bad idea on public roads. Especially if drivers are fooling around.

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting, robbing taxi driver in Tokyo See in context

I'll bet he WISHES he couldn't remember the incident.

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Posted in: Man arrested after yanking high school girl’s hair while on train in Niigata Prefecture See in context

Bizarre. Maybe he was teetering from intoxication and thought he was reaching for a hand strap? Not very likely!

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Posted in: Japan biochemist who discovered statins, Akira Endo, dies at 90 See in context

Such a quiet, dedicated hero who received very little if any financial reward for his discoveries - and didn't seem bitter about that. Another obit has this: He once looked back on his career and said he had a "pleasant feeling like after I exercise."

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Posted in: Man arrested over robbery and sexual assault of woman in hotel room See in context

Preying on the vulnerable is despicable. The woman wouldn't have been there in the first place if she wasn't in desperate circumstances.

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Posted in: Streptococcal toxic shock syndrome cases hit record high in Japan See in context

Yikes. Forty-eight hours isn't a lot of time to pivot if your first instinct for a high fever is to try to sleep it off for 24 hours, as mine would be.

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