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Posted in: Japan's COVID-19 foreign entry ban spurs demonstrations in several countries See in context

Japan changes only after some strong international ( outside of Japan) pressure, but these pathetic Twitter protests won't do it. I can see it happening only if other countries ban Japanese from entry as well. You know, reciprocity...it actually bugs me that no country has done it yet.

Anyway, maybe someone should tell those japanophils and otakus that Japanese Unis are not worth it. Especially, if they really want to study and learn something (including thinking) if we talk about Master/PhD degrees.

In my lab, we have a 2nd year Master student who still has not been allowed to enter Japan, but our uni doesn't mind charging her a full tuition for online classes. I think this clearly demonstrates the message Japan sends - as always, they don't want foreigners, just their money

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But by chromosome, they are neither male nor female. Why should they have to be pigeonholed into these decisions just because you're uncomfortable with the idea of other genders?

Men/boys with XXY have Klinefelter syndrome


Please, let's not ignore biology, science and facts.

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Posted in: Married couple arrested for assaulting 2 employees at train station See in context

I don't understand - if people get somehow assaulted in this country, no one ever fights back? And an assaulter then calmly waits for police to come? I saw several stories here like this.

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Posted in: U.N. rights committee urges Japan to let children be children See in context

I have been always curious what those kids study in their schools and juku...they spend endless time there, but if you ask them any kind of general stuff, especially outside Japan, they have no idea about anything, no opinion, empty glances. What do they study all the time? 14 y high school student could not tell me the title of her favourite manga because she could not read its kanji.

Not to mention, that companies hiring fresh graduates do not care about whole education (just ranking of their university) , because they train them like little pets from the beginning.

So, not being able to have childhood, then you have an army of emotionally immature adults playing games, being all kawaii and childish - if you have tried to have some normal conversation with women or other men, you know what I am talking about.

I do not know if this is everywhere in Japan or just because of me living in inaka.

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