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funny how mainstream (lame stream) media outlets won’t hesitate to grab unattributed and unpaid sources from Social Media, yet the second any of their material gets shared/referenced/edited they’re ready to go all Weird Al “imma sue”...


yet another reason they’re on their way out

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Posted in: A guide to New Year traditions in Japan See in context

Omisoka = MMA, Kickboxing and/or Pro-Wrestling shows in Japan, for the past 25 years or so at least....

This year is the 2nd year of Rizin FF holding a grand-prix tournament which concludes right around midnight New Year's Eve... these martial arts shows tend to pull 20000-75000 people at the gate and 5-15 million households in viewers, depending on the lineup and promotion, so definitely worth mentioning.

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Posted in: Oculus' virtual reality headset to launch without fanfare See in context

@FoxSoraWinters and all readers, unless you've got money to burn on it, highly suggest you sit the first round of VR 2.0 out... at least the expensive side of it. If you really want a sense of the new VR experience, get a Google Cardboard kit for $15 and use your mobile (if you have an Android or iPhone).

I've tried both and Occulus is obviously a step above anything you could ever achieve with a piece of cardboard/phone, the experience is surprisingly comparable. That's my approach anyway, and I'm usually a pretty early adopter. Either way this thing will get bought plenty and the tech will only get better and units cheaper.

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Posted in: NHK announces lineup for 'Kohaku Uta Gassen' on New Year's Eve See in context

Let's not forget the other Japanese shogatsu tradition...

Surely better than mind-numbing music is watching grown men & now women beat each other's brains out?! Who's excited for Rizin's planned "PRIDE comeback show", now with middle eastern oil barren investors rather than members of said organization which shall not be mentioned here...

I'm excited and hoping for the best anyway

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Posted in: Police investigate online prank video taken in supermarket See in context

@M3M3M3 i think you're right about the location, if so, that's some damn fine detective work! Might want to report to that Koban?!?

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Posted in: HDMI streaming media player See in context

FYI the ChromeCast does not stream from mobile devices (laptops, notebooks, tablets, phones) to the TV, the mobile device simply sends the URL to play to the device, the device itself then loads the content over WiFi. Thus it totally depends on how fast/stable your Wireless connection is and can not take advantage of Japan's advanced 4G+ Mobile Networks. Its still an interesting device though... and does support Netflix contrary to the comment above: https://help.netflix.com/en/node/10378

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Posted in: The CEO got a huge raise. You didn't. Here's why. See in context

@gaijinfo couldn't have said it better myself... and on top of it all, of course, lets not forget there's 5 main ways a CEO rakes it in: Signing Bonuses, Base Salary, Seasonal/Performance Bonuses, Equity, and the big one Severance/Buyout/Retirement packages, see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Executive_compensation_in_the_United_States#Severance.2Fbuyout.2Fretirement_compensation

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Posted in: JR West’s new sleeper train looks more luxurious than most hotels See in context

Most definitely not....

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Posted in: Lonely? Rent a cat See in context

So the question is, what came first the 2012 movie Rentaneko http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2246953/reference

Or this business ? Me thinks there is a J-drama fan at TCG. At least I can blame watching it on movie nights with the wife

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Posted in: Welcome mat out overseas for Japanese engineers See in context

The article is absolutely right, I don't know if we can ever say for sure just what impact the "internationalization of the labour market" has had on Japanese firms.

I think the main problem in Japan is the salary-to-cost-of-living index. Costs are going up, yet salaries are stagnating. Many Japanese companies are not willing to pay employees a fair share of profits, and that's exasperated by a tradition which prevents early promotion based on performance and bureaucracy which makes innovation virtually impossible; as a result I can see why a lot of Japanese Engineers would be tempted to flee to other markets with their knowledge and experience (and possibly corporate secrets).

Especially 2nd and 3rd generation from abroad or those of mixed ethnicity Japanese (often looked at as outsiders), who would be even more tempted to go to a country if they spoke the language and got the right offer.

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Posted in: 6 things Japanese expats miss most about Japan See in context

Is no one going to mention super-fast Internet broadband download/upload speeds as well as 4G+ mobile network?! Some of the world's fastest...

Also, Not Tipping is a good one but my personal #1 is the "Kakutougi MMA boom", but for the time being it seems that's gone for people who still live in Japan too!

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Posted in: GPod: Renting an apartment in Tokyo See in context

Can't forget SakuraHouse, the infamous Gaijin stopover for foreign students at the end of their Student Visas, foreign contract workers and/or short-term stay visitors to Japan... I know they have alot of lower-end apartments that are pretty bad, but at the same time, they are a non-traditional realtor that has significantly fewer fees (key money, insurance for the insurance, etc) and better flexible leasing options.

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Posted in: Scientists test tether to clear up space junk See in context

Hate to state the obvious or underplay the importance of the mission, but shouldn't they be developing a "Fukushima radioactive debris tether" first?!

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Posted in: Middle-aged males suffering from epidemic of wife-induced disease See in context

@falseflagsteve I think you missed the point, @tmarie was quite rightly pointing out a double-standard when it comes to married women that want to stay home and not contribute to the family income but at the same time expect their husband to not only be the bread-winner but also do half of (or even higher % of) the household chores and child-minding. It's physically exhausting, unsustainable, unrealiatic and at least parly responsible for marital unhappiness, infidelity and divorce.

As a personal side note I'm well aware of the feminist agenda by "Rockafella where it hurts" type organizations and the various post-war thinktanks that emerged to control humanity through government, public policy and images portrayed in the media; however looking at it objectively, I'm still for gender equality but only when it means relationship equality and responsibility equality too, seems pretty simple to me.

So what does that leave for lifestyle options in my mind, (whether you are male or female, with a member of opposite sex or same):

be an equal partner (modern roles) be an unequal supportive partner that puts the needs of the income earner and hard-worker first (traditional roles/sacrifice) be single (i.e. never grow up lives with parents type, or a cat lady / ojichan)

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Posted in: Restore wrestling, give others fair shot See in context

Solution seems simple... merge Judo, TKD, Karate, Wrestling (and possibly even fencing) under one category of "Combatives" or "Martial Arts" or whatever you want to call it and streamline the competitions and hedge up the rules to make each match shorter and more exciting.

Another idea would be to treat each federation like a separate "Department" which carries its own budget, and thus each would be responsible for showing they are cash-flow positive going into the Olympics and have secure the required advanced ticketing (attendance minimums) and corporate sponsors/advertisers, if you really want to run the "games" more like a business than an international sporting event of peaceful competition.

Here's the list of schedule 2016 Summer Olympics for Rio de Janeiro: Aquatics Diving (8) Swimming (34) Synchronized swimming (2) Water polo (2) Archery (4) Athletics (47) Badminton (5) Basketball (2) Boxing (13) Canoeing Slalom (4) Sprint (12)

Cycling BMX (2) Mountain biking (2) Road (4) Track (10) Equestrian Dressage (2) Eventing (2) Jumping (2) Fencing (10) Field hockey (2) Football (2) Golf (2) Gymnastics Artistic (14) Rhythmic (2) Trampoline (2) Handball (2) Judo (14) Modern pentathlon (2) Rowing (14) Rugby Rugby sevens (2) Sailing (10) Shooting (17) Table tennis (4) Taekwondo (8) Tennis (5) Triathlon (2) Volleyball Volleyball (2) Beach volleyball (2) Weightlifting (15) Wrestling Freestyle (11) Greco-Roman (7)

SOURCE: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2016_Summer_Olympics#Sports

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Posted in: Anime backgrounds: True works of art See in context

How about a link to the actual Tumblr blog:


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Posted in: What killed the karaoke stars? See in context

@combinibento guilty as charged, but found out the hard way that some Karaoke-kan's have cameras in the rooms, so ya might want to be careful hah

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Posted in: iPhone maps system is horrible See in context

Well a combination of Hyperdia, Yahoo Japan Transit and GMAP webapps never failed me: http://www.hyperdia.com/en/ http://transit.loco.yahoo.co.jp/ (pass results through a transliteration service like Bing, Google or iSpeech) http://gmap.jp/gmap/

For iPhone users there is also a Hyperdia By Voice app, though I didn't have an iPhone when I was in Japan last, so I'm not sure if it accepts only Japanese or also English and Chinese audio inputs as the website does for text inputs: http://www.hyperdia.com/en/product/voice/price.html

From the site seems English is at least supported

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Posted in: June is new target month for Romney See in context

@Herve nmn L'elsa Could not have put it better myself. Always thought JapanToday was a more reliable alternative to mainstream news soirces in Japan but it Is disappointing to see them repost an article directy from Agence France-Presse without adding an additional comment or perspective from what we're already given by the lamestream.

There is another candidate indeed, the only one who can beat Obama. RON PAUL is the only one who proposes real budget cuts, dismantling the flFederal Reserve, ending of US military agression all over the world and a closer look at the unconstitutional control of the executive branch in recent administrations.

Why is everyone so afraid to even mention this senior citizen's name? Because it represents freedom, liberty and the last remnants of responsible government America has left?

RON PAUL, RON PAUL, RON PAUL.... There I said it three times, nobody popped out of my mirror to get me. You should try it some time, I dare you!

For shame JT, for shame...

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Posted in: Medical researchers decoding the aging process See in context

I'm a big fan of the idea of "quality of life enhancement into late years" types of research taking a significant precedent over "life extension" research, its amazing to think of what the human race could accomplish if we weren't spending so much of our lives fighting sickness.

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Posted in: Will 'en-daka' economics drive yakuza abroad? See in context

An excellent photo gallery of intimate snaps of Yakuza that some brave fellow took: http://www.fotovisura.com/user/antonkusters/view/893-yakuza

People talk about the Yakuza as being weak, but I've also heard a different story that says they own a solid portion of legitimate business and its the "underlings" and weaker edge members that handle the seedy side of the business.

So while they might not go around killing as much as the US mafia has, they have people to do that for them, and they're smarter at making businesses look legit.

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