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Posted in: Japan to extend additional $100 million in humanitarian aid to Ukraine See in context

All for helping people in need but tax payers in Japan need a break too. Extend some of that help to the people that are funding your expenditure.

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Posted in: Food prices rising in Japan; cooking oil up 1.5-fold on year See in context

Lets also keep in mind that wages in Japan have remained stagnant for the past 30 years. The nation has not recovered from 3 years of corona and then to be hit by this with little and no help from the government.

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka won't play at Wimbledon, citing Achilles tendon See in context

People that could never walk in Naomi's shoes or come close to earning what she makes are here spouting hate and for what? Has she taken anything from the sport ? No she hasn't, Japan is lucky to even have a tennis player like her to represent them because if not her who else has even come close to achieving what she has? Before you spout hate and vile go accomplish something comparable to what she has.

She has won 4 grand slams

Has been ranked No.1

Is the top earning female athlete for 2020-2021. No other Japanese was even in the top ten.

And I am sure she will be for 2022 as well.

Represented her country at the Olympics and lit the Torch. She didn't medal but she showed up. Where were you?

Owns her own business and has transitioned into a savvy business woman

All of this by the age of 24.

Grown men and women picking on a 24 year old girl that you cant even be in the same room with.

What have you all accomplished.

Sit down and think about how you can contribute to society.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic Games total cost drops to ¥1.42 trillion: source See in context

funny how Japan finds the money to host all these events yet cant find the money to help those in need in Japan, like the thousands that lost their jobs or business due to the lockdown. Lets not even get to the wage crisis and inflation but hey it was a pretty event.

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Posted in: Video game maker Capcom promises to increase worker salaries by 30% See in context

Japan's poverty salaries. If you don't live in Tokyo or work in Japan then you wouldn't understand how absurd this salary is. The average cost of a decent apt. in a major city in Japan is over 100,000 yen. In Tokyo it can be a lot more. cost of living has increased since the bubble era yet wages have remained constant. Its a joke and in 2022 when inflation is rising thats when some companies decide to increase wages (only a few companies) other companies are cutting back on bonuses even when they have seen record profits. The avg worker in Japan cannot get a break. All this while top management gets to buy second houses and new cars yearly.

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Posted in: Japan's prices are rising, but will it last? See in context

The prices of goods will increase yet salaries will stay the same or even be cut and in the rare case when it raises it will go up by 1500-3500 yen a month. The company execs will pat themselves on the back and then look for a new second house to buy in Karuizawa or Shizuoka.

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Posted in: Black hair, white shoelaces: Japan's school rules under fire See in context

Being a biracial student in some of these schools can be hell. What is one supposed to do about their natural color of hair or the texture that does not allow it to be worn like normal Japanese hair?

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Posted in: Major Japanese manufacturers offer pay hikes on COVID-19 recovery See in context

Offering people 1500-3500円 ($12-25 USD) is joke. In the face of inflation, what are people suppose to do with an extra 3000 yen per month? At these large corporations where the higher ups earn ridiculous amounts of money yet the average worker can barely make ends meet. Its a complete joke and disrespectful to people working at these companies. Give people salaries that reflect the living cost of the times they live in. Living cost today compared to 30 years ago are completely different.

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