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Posted in: U.S. is pulling back from the world See in context

How many wars do they plan on fighting?

Do they even realize democracy does not exist in war?

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Posted in: Study finds mammograms lead to unneeded treatment See in context

You need to keep an open mind and seek for information that can benefit and further common knowledge. A favorite quote of mine I have adopted but can't remember where from goes like this....

**"The mind is like a parachute......

It works best when opened."**


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Posted in: 7 weird weight loss tricks that work See in context

Everything in moderation. It's that simple folks. when you eat often, just eat less often, if you eat large meals, take healthy items you know is good for you and enjoy. As for junk food, you will always eat it, just learn to make the better choices at McDonald's or Wendy's, you don't always have to get the good greasy burgers, try a wrap with some soup or salad and try some fruit juice instead of pop/soda.

For more of your health needs go to www.ishop7.awarenesslife.com


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