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Posted in: It is still a bit early to say at what point we will start talks about making the My Number card mandatory. See in context

there remain only a small number of people across Japan who haven't applied for them.

I was under the impression we were still a considerable number.

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Posted in: How to find a job in Japan as a foreigner See in context

They are certainly asking for a lot more f detailed personal information AND giving themselves a lot of freedom to use that information.

Not worth it, thanks anyway.

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Posted in: Aussie curlers out of Olympics, back in, then win 1st game See in context

What a rollercoaster of a day for them!

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Posted in: Promoter: Sex toy sponsorship was too racy for curling crowd See in context

How very Dutch.

And how very American.

What don’t understand is why the Japanese broadcaster pulled the plug.

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Posted in: Man arrested for stealing ex-colleague’s underwear after making spare key to enter her residence See in context

What are they translating as “insurance certificate”.

her health insurance card?

her mainambah card?

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Posted in: Do you check work emails on your days off, after you wake up in the morning or at night after you return home? See in context

I used to lock my work phone in my desk before leaving the office at the end of the day. Now that I work mainly from home, I still put the company phone on silent and stick in in a drawer after I clock out.

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Posted in: If the Tokyo Olympics are held, will you watch any of it on TV? See in context

I the summer, I usually have better things to do than watch TV. Winter Olympics on the other hand, I have some time for.

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Posted in: Blast in Fukushima restaurant kills 1, injures at least 18 See in context

It looks like the gas must have been on all night filling the entire building and then the first person in in the morning flipped a light switch or turned on the hot water to wash hands and the whole building went at once. Luckily there was a lot of parking lot around it.

The restaurant had been closed since April and had undergone some renovations while closed due to the virus. Was scheduled to reopen tomorrow.

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Posted in: Museum to remove Roosevelt statue decried as symbol of white supremacy See in context

I think they could melt that down and make a better Teddy Roosevelt statue. Just don't let a white supremist be in charge if design approval this time.

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Posted in: EU says Russia should not yet rejoin G7, despite Trump plan See in context

G6 this year.

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Posted in: Amazon worker at New York warehouse dies of COVID-19 See in context

"We are deeply saddened by the loss of an associate at our site in Staten Island, NY," 

Note the use of the term “associate”. Not an employee - someone to whom they would have more obligation.

i must ween myself off of Amazon.

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Posted in: Are you worried that you might become infected by the coronavirus? See in context

I’m more worried that I’ll infect other people, than I am about getting it myself.

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Posted in: UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson hospitalized with coronavirus See in context

Hear it for yourself from Mr Boris “You’ll be happy to know, I shook hands with everyone” Johnson. Not a responsible leader. Not a responsible grown m-up.


wishing him a speedy recovery regardless.

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Posted in: Gov't to give ¥300,000 in cash to each household in need See in context

For the record, foreign nationals who pay into the employment insurance scheme are just as eligible to collect benefits as Japanese nationals.

And decades living here leads me to assume that foreign nationals working and paying taxes here will be equally eligible to get this benefit. PR or otherwise. Students visa holders, working holiday visa holders could well be different.

City/ward office employees are not in any position to answer questions about this national government support plan, that is still being refined.

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Posted in: Koike calls for fewer outings; says state of emergency up to PM See in context

206 tests performed yesterday in all Japan.

That’s one way to ensure there’s not spike in cases!

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Posted in: Trudeau objects to U.S. posting troops to control border with Canada See in context

As a Canadian, I think, great. Help keep us safe by keeping your own people in, at no expense to us. We’ll save our troops for practical uses like to setting up mobile / temporary hospitals.

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Posted in: Trudeau objects to U.S. posting troops to control border with Canada See in context


do you think for a minute that there is anyone in Canada trying to illegally enter the USA at the moment?

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Posted in: Virus-striken Diamond Princess leaves Yokohama Port See in context

You call it “clumsy handling” but it seems to me it was better handled than the Ruby Princess in Australia!

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Posted in: In Japan, hotels lose out on Olympic delay and coronavirus See in context

Having a huge event in the pipeline for next year, after things return to normal could be a great thing for those facilities looking to get financing to tide them over during the dead zone. Not much help for those already in the bubble who were relying on the fast injection of inflated prices to stay afloat. Hopefully most (or at very least the best) of them can get interest free government loans to see them through the drought. Once things lighten up, there should be pent up surge of domestic travel ahead of the full international free-for-all that will happen the minute a vaccine becomes readily available.

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Posted in: Japan to ask travelers from U.S. to self-quarantine for 14 days See in context

And the request to quarantine won’t start for three days. WTH?

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Posted in: Olympic flame arrives in Japan amid worries over virus impact See in context

Mori!! Never one to be accused of doing the right thing. What a self-centered imbecile.

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Posted in: Trump tests negative for coronavirus See in context

good that he’s negative and good that he tested, particularly because he stated that he wouldn’t self-quarantine after having contact with people who tested positive.

Ivanka, on the other hand, very responsibly went into isolation and hopefully won’t need to be tested.

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Posted in: Takanawa Gateway station unveiled See in context

What do you think the name will be shortened to by the general public?



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Posted in: Hokkaido turns into hotbed of coronavirus cases See in context

@Beanie - don't forget that a lot of cases where people survive will go undiagnosed and unrecorded. My plan if I start getting flu-like symptoms is to stay at home and wait it out unless it gets super bad. The likelihood is that I will never know whether I had it or not. 

Also, someone dying from it automatically shifts them from the "active" column to the "resolved" column. It takes longer for a survivor to be moved over. 

All excellent points, ADK99

In addition to the undiagnosed positives that recover and are missed in the count will be some deaths that go uncounted as they weren’t tested / died before the outbreak was recognised etc but those numbers will presumably be much smaller.

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Posted in: Hokkaido turns into hotbed of coronavirus cases See in context


As of 82 000 contaminated (and known!!) there has been 2 800 deaths so far. You can do the math it's around 3.5%.

I applaud your use of facts and math, ut would like to point out that instead of using total number of cases and total deaths, you should divide the number of resolved cases, divided by deaths.

Of the 82,000 recognised cases, 46,000 are still active. We don’t know yet if they’ll recover or die.

35,600 cases are closed.

Of those 32,800 recovered and 2,800 died.

(92% vs 8%)

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Posted in: Japan defends cautious approach on coronavirus testing as 7th death reported See in context

Encouraging people to stay home and not overwhelm hospitals unless really sick (or high risk) is a good idea. Most people will experience this virus as a minor cold. Going out to get tested just increases the chance of more people getting infected and even if you do test positive, there is no treatment unless you are critical and need a ventilator

The problem with this limited testing is that too many people don’t realise how widespread infection is, so they aren’t telling employees to stay home, aren’t cancelling concerts, aren’t taking the kind of actions that would stop the spread.

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Posted in: Japanese data on cruise ship coronavirus infections backs quarantine strategy See in context

I saw new video by Dr. Iwata and he seemed sincere.

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Posted in: Ukrainians hurl stones at evacuees from China See in context

Yikes! This is what I worry about every time a poster here insists he has a right to know what hospital patient's are being sent to.

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Posted in: Woman awoken by naked intruder in her apartment See in context

Since I live in Japan and not in any other country, I am concerned with the sex crime rate here, where I live, and it just doesn't make sense to me to compare Japan with other places. 


Thus it is far scarier to be a woman in Japan.

Do you see what you did there? You said it doesn’t make sense to compare and then concluded with a comparison.

I agree with everything you said in between, but will add that none of that is unique to Japan.

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Posted in: Woman awoken by naked intruder in her apartment See in context

Groping on trains is a big problem in Japan so do Japanese women feel safe on trains dude.

That happens everywhere. First time I was groped in broad daylight I was was thirteen. And I was too shocked to kick him in the nuts. Ditto when a guy waggled his junk at me when I was twelve. That was in Canada, where I was sometimes literally afraid for my life when walking home from work at night and turning to random women or couples entering their home to pretend they knew me as some creep was following me as I zigzagged blocks. I gut punched a groper on a long distance bus once in Canada and had him arrested. Lots of witnesses who took a bloody long time to say anything but after I hit him they all piped up.

yeah. I’ve had a creep on a train here get a grope in just before jumping the train ー not giving me time to twist his arm off his wrist. I haven’t felt scared for my life or been prevented from going where I want when I want because of inherent danger though. It is always more dangerous to be female than men imagine.

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