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Posted in: Korean Air CEO apologizes for daughter's nuts tantrum See in context

WakarimasenDec. 12, 2014 - 06:01PM JST

deserves to be properly served nuts.....

I doubt that you intended it, but you sound pretty rapey.

According to the BBC, Cho chastised the purser and had him kneel down and apologize in the first class cabin. I'm sure it was uncomfortable and disruptive to the paying passengers, in addition to being humiliated for the employee and disruptive to the crew, passengers, and flight controllers. I'm glad her behaviour is getting so much press and attention in Korea. I hope the discussion continues.

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Posted in: Gay candidate hopes to raise awareness in election campaign See in context

sensei258Dec. 14, 2014 - 03:10PM JST

Don't they already have the same rights? No they don't.

MagnetDec. 14, 2014 - 08:26PM JST

Nobody cares about this issue, only that it IS an issue.

I care about this issue. A good number of the readers of JapanToday are in international marriages, which allow partners to get spousal visas so that they can live together in the same country. No such rights are available to Japanese people who's parter is the same gender. Without the right to marry, you miss out on a lot of other rights.

There is unspoken but clear discrimination against unmarried men in large companies. Most gay Japanese men I am friends with have arranged marriages of convenience, but some suffer the discrimination and remain single. They have a harder time in job interviews as they get older. People here actually ask, "why aren't you married" in interviews."

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Posted in: Japan runs short of butter as dairy farms dwindle See in context

Fresh milk sells for more per ton than butter, so dairy producers are said to be giving butter short shrift ...

The easy answer here is for the dairy industry to increase the value of butter production by building up a market for the by-product/waste. IE: start promoting butter milk. Buttermilk recipes on all the cooking shows (and wide-shows and variety shows). A butter milk diet. And to keep things rolling for the long term, butter milk as skin care. Butter milk face wash. Butter milk moisturizers. Butter milk bath. (Hell, if it can sell fresh 'wine',...) Yes. Buttermilk Nouveau. (blech.)

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Most of the people marching around in costume today aren't anywhere near old enough to be "wearing their original uniforms" though at least a couple possibly were.

TinaWatanabe, there are almost always a handful of people dressed up, usually hanging around the soft icecream / soba / souvenir shop from mid-morning to late afternoon. Some old-timers used to sit out front and sing the old songs. I think the ones I used to see have died.

This year, the police are being very strict about the u-yoku black noise vans - blocking them from driving up and down the various streets in parade. I just watched the close off two different streets and make them turn around. While arguing at the second scene, they all turned off their music to use their speakers to shout encouragement to the front vehicle and yell at the police that their rights were being trampled. I heard the policeman tell them they are free to parade, but they need to park and walk. I laughed. I wonder why it's harder for them than it used to be. Difference in governor?

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