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Posted in: Mitsubishi UFJ fined $315 mil in U.S. over Iran sanctions violations See in context

That Bank Regulator must not have been offered the amount of kick-back that he demanded.

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Posted in: Actor Ken Takakura dies at 83 See in context

He will be missed greatly I know I shall for I have watched all of his movies and I place him in the top 2% of all acting people.

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Posted in: Japan tells China to stop coral poaching after 200 boats spotted See in context

Sink them then they will stop.

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Posted in: Megumi Yokota died of drug overdose in N Korea: S Korean paper See in context

It makes one wonder as to just how many countries do this in the world yet are not in the news for doing it.

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Posted in: Video of pick-up artist grabbing Japanese women on street triggers online protests See in context

As soon as he steps foot on Japanese soil he should be immediately arrested and charged with criminal Sexual Assault then placed in jail and forgot about for 1 year then deported from Japan back to where they do not even allow such behavior to happen.

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Posted in: U.S. says TPP is priority, as China touts free-trade zone See in context

America only looks out for it's self in any trade agreement. If countries do not go along with it and go for a different type of agreement then America says just like the title of the news story states 'America touts China's free trade zone'.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for attempted murder after strangling 2-year-old son See in context

Japan needs to pull mental illness out of the closet and start treating as an illness not a cold.

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Posted in: U.S. gov't pushes air bag maker Takata on replacement parts See in context

Yet many cars made in America have problems that are kept hidden due to those in power getting money for their reelection from those very same auto makers.

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Posted in: 3 Chinese men arrested for buying too many diapers See in context


Can anyone see how stupid this is when the sales went to the st thus creating profit for the stores.ores in Japan that sold them

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Posted in: China, 21 other countries initiate new Asian bank See in context

This is excellent for the world needs to get away from being forced to use a currency that is based on 'NOTHING' to back it with.

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Posted in: Man revives woman with AED, but branded 'pervert' for removing her clothes to apply electrode pads See in context

Who is perverted and who is not when a man saves a woman using this method or the people stopping and crowding around watching him do it?

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Posted in: Agency warns of increased activity at volcano near nuclear plant See in context

This is proving that pay-offs to the government seats that are handling this situation is the very same as at Fukushima.

When money talks the laws and common thinking walks away.

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Posted in: Prosecutors delay decision on indicting former TEPCO execs See in context

Money talks the Law walks.

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Posted in: Japanese firm donates 10,000 high-tech masks for Ebola fight See in context

How magnanimous of them to do that.

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Posted in: Top court rules in favor of pregnant woman who was demoted See in context

Welcome to the twentieth century.

It is the twenty-first century in my calendar.

Japan is a pure chauvinist country that condemns women for being just that, a woman.

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Posted in: Mother holding 1-year-old baby jumps in front of train in Tokyo See in context

The very last sentence to the report above states exactly what is wrong in Japan today.

They are more worried about the 68,000 people that were INCONVINECED by the woman committing suicide and failed to take her precious child with her as she wanted.

I weep for the people of Japan.

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Posted in: Eking out a living See in context

how much money can someone make doing this?

Not nearly enough to live on. That is how much he can make from doing that while his government send billions out of the country to help others and let's their very own citizens starve and live on the streets of Japan.

Japanese people need to wake up and see what their own government is doing to them yet the most of them will only bow before their masters.

Sad, so sad that a proud country like Japan has fallen so low.

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Posted in: Pensioner arrested for dumping 200 kgs of porn in park See in context

By the way, which park was it found in? (My friend wants to know.)

ROFL! Sure he wants to know, lol.

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Posted in: Court orders Facebook to reveal revenge porn IP addresses See in context

Urgh. More of that all men are the same (except me) white knight stuff.

I think most of these videos are made in the way that strangerland describes. A couple of my ex-girlfriends were more into it than me. If a girl makes multiple videos with different guys what does that make her then?

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Posted in: Man arrested for shooting 2-year-old son with air gun See in context

The wife is just as guilty for she had to have seen this going on and especially seeing the welts on her son's body during bathing.

There is no excuse for either and both should be given harsh prison sentences that corresponds to the crime they did to that young lad.

Yet the court will allow her to go free and the father to humbly apologize to what he did thus freeing them to develop another way to torture the boy.

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Posted in: For 3rd day in a row, media expecting Obuchi to resign See in context

If her support groups mishandled funds then she knew about it and did nothing to stop them. She should be imprisoned along with her support groups

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Posted in: Man arrested for abusing girlfriend's 1-year-old son See in context

World coming to. Every day some one causes harm to an infant that has done no more than cry.

I must just be getting to old to understand why this is happening throughout the world and not only in Japan.

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Posted in: Expert says 2 Sendai reactors in danger from active volcano See in context

I would suggest that they are taken off-line and a complete shutdown before two new Fukushimas take place.

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Posted in: Tokyo court rules that hotels must pay NHK fees according to the number of rooms with TVs See in context

That happened in America when a cable company demanded payment for all televisions in a private home get charged. The company was the only one in the area. The company was taken to court and was immediately told they could only get paid for the service that was hooked up outside of any home or building not by each television in them.

The cable company then doubled their fee to homes and raised the price to businesses by eight times the home price. They were then ordered by the court to set their fees back to the normal price and was ordered to create a cable company to give the people a choice of providers with that company being sold to an independent broadcasting company.

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Posted in: Biker assaulted by iron bar-wielding Nara innkeeper See in context

I believe the defense will rely upon the police doing nothing thus driving him to temporary insanity to take it upon himself to do the job police should have done. Thus thrown out with no charges.

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Posted in: Man robs convenience store, then tries to hit another one 5 minutes later See in context

That's it - no more knife sales

Then do away with all of your household knifes, simple pocket knifes and sharpen your teeth to better eat the meat you might be having.

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Posted in: Father of girl who murdered classmate in Sasebo found dead in apparent suicide See in context

It seems certain doctors could care less about their Hippocratic oath and more about money due to the way they treat or not treat their patients.

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Posted in: Parents arrested for chaining 8-year-old son inside house See in context

The only thing I can say with this is that Japan's social services could not find their bottoms with Godzilla's hands.

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Posted in: U.S. airmen swept out to sea by typhoon identified See in context

Exactly how close to the ocean were these airmen? If they were close enough to allow waves to splash over them then they were stupid enough to die for what they did.

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Posted in: Ben Affleck defends Muslims on U.S. TV talk show See in context

Affleck is slicing his own throat when it comes to his career. His staunch backing of radical muslims will cause him to lose contracts as his producers are Jewish.

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