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Posted in: More whales getting stranded in Osaka Bay amid global warming See in context

Shouldn’t there be some sort of study instead of a few “experts” or professors just coming out and saying that the cause is global warming?

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Posted in: Japan maglev train project being derailed by Shizuoka stalemate See in context

I went for a stay in the Miami Alps Rindo last fall and was taken aback by the extensive environmental and scenic damage caused by the construction, not to mention traffic jams in the middle of nowhere from all of the dump trucks. The waterways no longer were clear or lost their dazzling aquamarine color, the local ryokans were lamenting the loss of visitors. All to cut some time off an already quick Tokyo-Nagoya-Osaka trip (and some pork).

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Posted in: Japan to give ¥2.4 bil grant aid to Samoa See in context

Moskollo, at least some consolation that it’s closer to $160 million.

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Posted in: People in the world’s ‘blue zones’ live longer – their diet could hold the key to why See in context

Olive oil and avocado oil have ranked high in a variety of health studies. Just be careful to read the ingredients and origin before buying however. We were buying the same brand of olive oil as we did in the U.S. literally up to a few months ago, but took a closer look after a tip from a friend. There in small print in Japanese, it said that the oil is “Italian inspired” olive oil. Same brand and look and feel - just be very vigilant.

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Posted in: Japanese companies should make quick decisions: Thai PM See in context

Making quick decisions are not part of most major Japanese corporation’s modus operandi.

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Posted in: For green spaces to be most beneficial to health, they need to be walkable See in context

This does not bode well for Tokyo, who is looking to chop down those trees in Jingu

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Posted in: Azabudai Hills complex opens in Tokyo See in context

I was just there a few hours ago, just when the British school let out. Pretty chaotic. Half the kids (and their moms) appear to "commute" to and from school using taxi cabs. I can already see that the street in front of the Russian Embassy will be perpetually clogged with traffic from the shoppers and the residents.

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Posted in: Autumn afternoon See in context

Wonderful fall colors. Is this the area that Koike and Mitsui want to bulldoze?

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Posted in: Demand for seafood soaring, but oceans giving up all they can See in context

There’s some fascinating research out there to decrease the mortality rate of fish fry. For some species, such as eel and sole, upwards of 80% of fish larvae die, but there’s some Japanese firms that produces organic ingredients to tackle this. There was a NHK program about this a year ago.

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Posted in: Huey Lewis rom-com musical 'The Heart of Rock & Roll' finds a stage on Broadway in spring See in context

One of my most favorite 80s band. He also had to cut short his musical career after losing his hearing from Ménière’s disease.

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Posted in: Looking for a refill? McDonald's U.S. is saying goodbye to self-serve soda in coming years See in context

The article mentions they will eliminate this by 2032 (that's like in 9 years). Why does it take soooo long?

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Posted in: Typhoon weakens into tropical depression See in context

The railway line in Chiba is Sotobo Line, not Gaibo Line.

Moderator; Thanks. It has been corrected.

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Posted in: Okinawan strings See in context

Are the shamisen from Okinawa and southern Kyushu primarily made from snake skin? We had a shamisen repair shop in Tokyo close to our house when I was a kid, and most of them were made from cat or dog skin. Pretty sure the new ones today are made from leather.

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Posted in: Head of Johnny's talent agency quits over abuse scandal See in context

in the televised interview, Julie Fukushima was asked point blank what the value of her shares in this company is worth. That’s the crux of the issue, and possibly why she is still connected with the company. She weaseled out of answering it but depending on how you value the company, it might be an eye watering amount.

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Posted in: Japan loans Jordan $100 million for electricity reforms See in context

Exactly as @kurisupisu states. How much are the interest payments? The article mentions Japan providing loans but also calls them "donors". So it's an interest free loaning of OUR money with no expectation of it ever being paid back?

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Posted in: New Japanese bath oils make you feel like you’re soaking in soy sauce and rayu chilli oil See in context

So do you end up oily after your bath?

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Posted in: New York drives towards first US congestion charge See in context

Always coming up with new taxes. How about spending less or cutting costs to fund this?

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Posted in: Rose-colored glass See in context

I didn't get the reference to "bokeh monster". Bokeh as in ピンぼけand a cute reference to Pokemon?

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Posted in: Japanese beef bowl fast food chain now has beautiful, delicious frozen desserts See in context

I would not be putting anything that neon blue into my system.

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Posted in: Many bus drivers are approaching retirement age and the pool of drivers is shrinking. See in context

Sadly, you can substitute the words “bus drivers” in the above title with almost any other job in Japan, and it’ll still be true.

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Posted in: Japanese convenience store Lawson unveils new type of egg sandwich See in context

Combini foods have an amazing array of preservatives and other chemicals. I admit these sandwiches all taste good but it’s scary what your putting into your system.

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Posted in: French government paints a rosy picture for tourism despite unrest over the police killing of a teen See in context

What else did you expect the government to say?

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Posted in: Old-school Shibuya Hyakkendana neighborhood targeted for urban renewal — Will it lose its charm? See in context

Another cut & paste cityscape coming your way like Toranomon and Kamiyacho.

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Posted in: Study trips, livestreamed fish: Fukushima's charm campaign See in context

So what reputable, independent 3rd party is going to monitor this 24x7 for the lifetime of this discharge? I would not believe it if it is self monitored by Tepco or one of their subsidiaries.

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Posted in: Ford product chief looking to turn car sensors into features customers will buy See in context

I'm with everyone here. All of these "useful options" that you cannot opt out of which jacks up the price of the new car, and also creates an astronomical bill when it breaks/needs to be reset.

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Posted in: Saudi Arabia being considered by women's tennis tour for possible business See in context

JT - is the “Smith” being quoted in the second paragraph a typo for “Simon” or is it another person?

Moderator: Simon. That was a typo. Thanks for pointing it out.

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Posted in: As fuel taxes plummet, U.S. states weigh charging by the mile instead of the tank See in context

As they say, death and taxes are the only 2 things that are certain in life. So I am guessing they will raise taxes on something else, maybe something completely unrelated to fuel, so that the government can continue to spend. I can literally count on one hand the time taxes went down, but it was either very short lived or the gap filled in by some other kind of tax.

Just imagine if you ran your household on that premise - no need to cut expenses or be frugal because you are guaranteed a steady source of income (in this case, taxes YOU pay). The only option you really have is to move to another location, but I doubt if the grass is any greener even if you move.

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Posted in: Kurobe Dam begins water discharge event See in context

@Wallace - I seriously doubt that there were 10 million workers were working on the dam. That would be like 8% of the TOTAL population of Japan and assuming 50/50 gender split, 16% of ALL males.

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Posted in: Author Murakami pleads for keeping Tokyo park and baseball stadium that inspired his writing See in context

I would say that the developers have done a pretty decent job in revitalizing areas that were already urbanized, like the Otemachi / Marunouchi area with more greenery than before (not hard to do, but still quite aesthetically pleasing). I can't say the same when they destroy neighborhoods and small businesses, like what they did in Toranomon and are currently doing in Kamiyacho. As another poster mentioned earlier, they all look the same, have the same "oshare" predictable English names, and have the same restaurants and amenities. Many of them initially have decent looking greenery, until you visit it a year later when they are choked with weeds. A very sad statement for a city that is know to have one of the smallest % of urban greenery. And if we are supposed to be in a economic slump, who the heck is going to occupy all of those new buildings.

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