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Posted in: Sharp's new lineup of small humanoid robots to go on sale See in context

Making products like these forced Sharp to sell to Hon Hai (Foxconn). Curious how many units they need to sell before they break even.

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Posted in: Japan voices clear support for Venezuela opposition leader Guaido See in context

I guess they waited a while to see who else sides with the opposition. Not surprising.

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Posted in: Japanese company will ask your crush out on a date for you if you’re too shy to do it yourself See in context

Well, since TIJ, the logical next step will be for the government to regulate this by having a national exam to certify professional kokuhaku specialists.

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Posted in: Koike says 2020 Olympics can be springboard to transform Tokyo See in context

People, especially the old guard, expects the olympics to have the same effects as the one in 1964. Japan was already in the midst of the post war economic and population boom (with or without the olympics). As many previous posters said, so what’s left over after the 2020 olympics other than cleanup and empty venues?

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Posted in: Amazon drops New York headquarters plan amid protests See in context

@laguna, last I heard, Foxconn will be making less investment in WI than originally planned due to slowdown of its business. I heard that these incentives aren’t all up front, and there are annual filings to “prove” you invested / locally hired the number of people you originally said.

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Posted in: Tips for hosting an authentic Japanese dinner party See in context

Ditto to @expat and @MikeH’s posts. I would read it with some interest if it were a Japanese writer, but these quasi cultural appropriation “here’s how it’s done” articles only fool the recent arrivals to Japan. It did provide some sad comic relief though.

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Posted in: Tokyo to ban parents from physically punishing children See in context

Great, and how are you going to enforce it? Perhaps a free dial number so neighbors can snitch on each other?

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Posted in: Ghosn hires new defense team in change of strategy See in context

They look equally inspiring as the old team.

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Posted in: Harrison Ford attacks leaders who deny climate change See in context

He should then be selling his personal airplanes that he pilots if he wants to practice what he preaches.

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Posted in: LDP adopts concise plan on constitutional revision at convention See in context

This is both funny and sad at the same time. I showed this photo to my dad who lived in Japan for 30 years since the mid 1950s, and said that this looks like it was taken back then. Same old, same old - just a different cast of characters.

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Posted in: Japan Tobacco forecasts strong sales amid tepid heat-not-burn products market See in context

“heat-not-burn” = “maim-not-kill”

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Posted in: Japan protests Chinese development work in East China Sea gas field See in context

Akie is right, it’s on the Chinese side. If they’re worried about China siphoning gas, about the only thing Japan can do is to hurry up and build their own gas production facilities. Crying about it isn’t going to do anything.

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Posted in: San Francisco’s Dumpling Time arrives in Japan See in context

Ya think?

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Posted in: Chocolate hot spring bath opens in Japan See in context

Sounds very unhygienic.

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Posted in: Silence echoes across Pyeongchang Olympic venues See in context

Why is this even a surprise?

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Posted in: Japanese soccer team receives worldwide praise for behavior at Asian Cup See in context

I think it is cute that they do this, but definitely fringe news. Bigger news if they’ve actually won.

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Posted in: Japanese insurers to target China M&As in new phase See in context

Good luck in getting your investment out in case things don’t work out. They’re safer and much more transp markets to do M&A.

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Posted in: Trump says U.S. military intervention in Venezuela an option; Russia objects See in context

I think Trump just days these things to get the liberals and Russia / China riled up.

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Posted in: JAL establishes corporate venture capital fund See in context

Agree with the above posts. I think they have way bigger issues to address first in their main line of business before playing with other people’s money.

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Posted in: Customize your own car keychain, with number plate for free See in context

Just imagine if you also had your house key attached to this Darwin Award winning gadget and lost it. I know many people who have their home location in the car navi. Just saying.

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Posted in: Groove X develops home-use communication robot See in context

I don’t know, they look seriously creepy to me. How would you want to come home in the dark to one of those?

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Posted in: U.S. startup eyes next generation of burgers with relish See in context

Does anyone know how much these burgers cost?

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Posted in: Nepal, Japan agree to resume commercial flights See in context

Curious how much actual demand here is for this route?

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Posted in: Japanese corporations are getting pressure from shareholders to spend money more efficiently. Not many Japanese companies are very willing to distribute cash to shareholders as dividends. They see these fund as resources to expand business overseas. See in context

Acquisition of another company, especially cross border deals, are very difficult. I’ve seen a report by a major strategy consultancy that the success rate (as defined by accomplishing various KPIs set aside pre deal) at 30%. I cannot say if Japanese companies are better or worse than this, but these are not great odds. I also saw an article in the FT or the WSJ a few years ago that Japanese buyers typically pay a premium of 15-20%. So perhaps paying dividends, or at least increasing it from the current low yields, would be what the shareholders would prefer.

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Posted in: The greatest? Serena can end Court argument at Australian Open See in context

Me too. And it’s such a shame for someone with all of her talents. For me, her sense of entitlement and lack of humility makes me literally switch the TV off whenever I see her playing. Sad.

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Posted in: Niigata gov't to handle radioactive mud stored since Fukushima crisis See in context

Hmm, it does not say specifically WHERE they will “dispose” of this. A landfill but WHERE?

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Posted in: Spa! magazine apologizes for women's university 'sex listing' See in context

Just saw that BBC had this up on their website. Great way to create a lasting impression.

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Posted in: U.S. fashion group calls for more diversity in model size See in context

I used to be the fattest guy in class up to about age 15-16. I ate too much, didn’t exercise, drank soda, etc. If I were born today, I guess I’d blame everyone except myself (my parents, my genes, my friends, etc). In fact, my parents had to ask my relatives back in the US to send clothes (especially jeans) that will fit me. If I’d have grown up in the US, I guess I would look at this with a different lens.

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