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Posted in: Brazilian student auctions virginity online to Japanese man for $780,000 See in context

I can think of a lot worse things being sold for a lot less money.

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Posted in: Kidmobiles See in context

Pfft. Easy target for this weeks non-attentive driver

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Posted in: Workout See in context

Can we be sure he's doing push-ups? Perhaps he lost a contact or is studying an ant colony.

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Posted in: Blossom time See in context

Ba Chan!!! Look out behind you!!!

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Posted in: Innocence lost: the dark side of Akihabara See in context

Probably has volumes on his bookshelf.

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Posted in: Innocence lost: the dark side of Akihabara See in context

Meanwhile, the numbers show that Japan is, in reality, a safe place for kids: there were 754 reported cases of sexual abuse in 2000, compared to 89,500 in the United States. This could, however, be due to underreporting, or the fact that the official age of consent can be 13 in some places.

This is the paragraph that made me laugh. Only a fool would invest in the accuracy of a survey on this type content.

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Posted in: Harry Potter premiere See in context

Yeah! Full cavity search!

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Posted in: 2-year-old girl dies in hit-and-run while crossing street in Yokohama See in context


I also use these types of articles in a beneficial way. Every time my wife gets one of those pangs to move back to Japan, I present her with one of these stories while she is changing our infant and her urges to reinstall are instantly quelled.

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Posted in: Robot expresses human emotions See in context

Surprise, disgust, and sadness?! I think KOBIAN is ready to start posting on JT.

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Posted in: Father, 3 children die in apparent murder-suicide in Hiroshima See in context

@dr jones

WILL look grim? You're a very optimistic lad aren't you?

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Posted in: 1-year-old girl killed after father backs car over her See in context

Are Japanese 1 year olds able to walk around and hang out in drive ways???? Most 1 year olds I know have only begun to stand up while hanging on to something. 1 is a small number but something doesn't add up.

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Posted in: Packing heat See in context

Kawaii ne!?

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Posted in: Oops See in context

Maybe I'm wrong, but she somewhat looks like she's trying to smile through the embarrassment of her situation.

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Posted in: Foreign nudists flock to Gunma hot spring resort See in context


Ah yes. The conundrum of mismatch drapes and carpet.

That is hilarious!

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Posted in: Tsubasa Masuwaka puts her face to cell phone photo album service 'Chu-me' See in context


I've read several of your posts on this thread and others. This is just some friendly advice; If I were your age, I wouldn't be wasting my time here arguing with us "old" folks in our 40's. Peace!

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Posted in: Nagasaki A-bomb plane co-pilot dies at age 88 See in context


Ridiculous that it still has to be explained to some isn't it?

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Posted in: Nagasaki A-bomb plane co-pilot dies at age 88 See in context


Thanks for doing your duty and saving many lives on the Allied forces side and the Japanese side


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Posted in: 8-year-old girl drowns in pond in Kagawa See in context

When my siblings and I were 6, 4, and 3, my father had us observe our family dog fetch a stick from a local lake. He then had us lay across a picnic bench and emulate the "dog paddling" technique that we had seen our dog do. He worked closely with us in the water several times at the lake and at our neighborhood swimming pool. I remember as a child it was fun learning how to swim like a dog. It boosted our confidence greatly and took our minds off our fears of being in water. I agree with Cleo and Naka that some situations are unfortunately no win, but what I think it comes down to is how much a parent is willing to prepare their child for life.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for allegedly kidnapping baby girl from Chiba station building See in context


So, a one year old kid was standing on a train platform 'a few meters away' from her mother? SOP!

My thoughts exactly


Anyone who has ever had a 1 year old who is starting to walk will know it is virtually impossible to keep them tethered to you every second.

As I amiably suggested on the other thread, it only takes a second for something to happen. Become better with your tethering techniques.

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Posted in: 1-year-old boy falls to death from 5th-story Tokyo apartment See in context


They think I am paranoid. I think theya re reckless. We are never going to see eye to eye on this one.

I have an almost identical situation and I'll never give in. It only takes one second for something to happen that could effect the entire family forever. Let them suppose you are paranoid. Its much better than you having to verify their recklessness through a tragic accident.

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Posted in: hitomi shows off maternity figure on cover of new album See in context


never saw a beautiful and pregnant naked woman, young beavis ?

Yeah, my wife twice. And don't get me wrong, Hitomi is beautiful, even here. I guess I tend to suppress and reserve that admiration for the father to be though.

BTW; Thanks for your assumption of my age. Was just as good as getting carded while buying a beer! ;)

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Posted in: hitomi shows off maternity figure on cover of new album See in context

Well, now there's a link I shouldn't have clicked

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Posted in: Three dead after car crashes through fence into field in Miyazaki See in context

Young drivers need to be made more aware of the dangers involved in driving. I wonder if those old guidance class films like "Blood on the highway" are shown to kids in school these days. Young drivers get plenty of exposure to the thrills of driving through video games, feature films and the like, but how often are they exposed to the consequences of negligent driving? The elusive images of Nikki Catsouras (the Porsche girl) would perhaps be a start.

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Posted in: Bush says he misses soldiers, White House food See in context

Bush says he misses soldiers

Yeah? Well there's a lot of us who miss the soldiers.


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Posted in: Gianna Jun declares interest in Takuya Kimura at promotion for 'Last Blood' See in context

Vampires suck.

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Posted in: 'Teen repellent' in Adachi park spurs flood of inquiries See in context

Typically ignorant way of passively dealing with an issue instead of confronting the problem.

Damage done by youngsters

Shouldn't this read; "Damage done by the criminals/vandals"?

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Posted in: Man arrested for hiding 3 bodies under floor in Yamaguchi home See in context

God, these storys are awesome over a bowl of Cheerios first thing in the morning!

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Posted in: Mask fashions See in context

It reminds me of that game where you can slide the features like ears, eyes, noses, etc., onto the faces next to or below each other. I wanna see "red nose" #1 wearing "spy girl" #2's glasses.

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Posted in: 60 years after WWII, Okinawa still rife with bombs See in context

This article should be in Japanese, not English. The bombs are the fault of the Japanese, who could have surrendered earlier.

Albeit retrospective, this is the plain, simple truth.

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Posted in: Body of newborn infant found floating in sea in Okinawa See in context


You propose a list of hypothetical situations but then negate your own

statement by saying we shouldn't jump to conclusions. What is extremely rare? JT posters jumping to conclusions or reading about discarded infants?

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