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Posted in: Document spells out allegations against 12 U.N. employees Israel says participated in Hamas attack See in context

South Africa brought piles of concrete evidence to ICJ on Israel's g3nocid3, yet the support and assistance to this country is still pouring in. On the other hand, an allegation from Israel on the involvement of 12 UNWRA ground staff with H4mas has made a number of countries stop humanitarian aid to the millions of displaced innocent people.

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Posted in: Japanese women fall prey to host clubs See in context

Awareness campaigns need to be intensified.

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Posted in: Israeli defense chief resists pressure to halt Gaza offensive, says campaign will 'take time' See in context

return all Israeli hostages from Gaza. Each one of them

Please also ask the same for thousands of innocent Palestinian civilians who are still in Israel's prison. Before and after October 7.

The current assault on Gaza's land, is it purely for getting the captured released, or the main objective is to demolish Gaza and it's innocent people? Mosque, church, school, hospital, refugees camp was bombed for what reasons?

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Posted in: Israel presses on with bombarding Gaza, including areas it has called safe zones for Palestinians See in context

Humanity faded away. The world will remember this gen0cide, including countries and people who support it.

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Posted in: Israel orders evacuations as it widens offensive but Palestinians are running out of places to go See in context

This blanket bombing should be stopped. It's not 'self defence' anymore.

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Posted in: Internet, phone networks collapse in Gaza, threatening to worsen humanitarian crisis See in context

Obviously a war crime. The whole world is watching.

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Posted in: Heavy fighting rages near main Gaza hospital; people trapped inside say they cannot flee See in context

This brutal genocide needs to stop.

A war crime is being demonstrated and we all can witness it.

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Posted in: After weeks in besieged Gaza, some foreign nationals and injured Palestinians allowed to leave See in context

Israel is doing an excellent job with its precision strikes against terrorist targets.

Precision strikes? Thousands of civilians including women and children died by this 'precision strike'.

Evidence everywhere.

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