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Posted in: Municipalities expect Tokyo Olympics to bring more foreign visitors See in context

The low Pound Sterling with the threat of Brexit might hurt the chances of Brits traveling overseas...

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Posted in: Hong Kong protesters kick off three-day airport rally See in context

Hoping for passive resistance...Gandhi style.

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Posted in: Trump dismisses trade war fears; China warns of market chaos See in context

You do realize that most "farmers" in the US are large agro-corporations, I hope (with well paid CEOs). That is whom most of the "socialism" is benefiting in this case.

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Posted in: Trump tells Abe he is tolerant of N Korea's short-range ballistic missiles See in context

"who made history by being the first U.S. president to walk into North Korea and not Obama"

While historical, it's significance has been over-proclaimed at this point.

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Posted in: Tokyo public schools will stop forcing students to dye their hair black, official promises See in context

"Some companies are considered "black companies" there are people in Japan that avoid those companies. Are they activist for avoiding those companies?"

You said it.

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Posted in: Theme-park food to be taxed 10% if eaten at table; 8% if eaten while walking See in context

"Make it all 10%, and do it yesterday. 2% is not going to hurt my budget, but having to wait until i see the bill to know the total cost will impact my budgeting ability."

Then lower the high tariffs to keep food costs down to more reasonable levels too.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics 1 year out: Scandal, high costs but unrivaled demand See in context

"Stop whining and be proud that you have the Olympics."

Ahhh because pride makes us feel so warm and fuzzy.

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Posted in: Heat wave claims more lives in Japan See in context

Sad and mainly due to stupidity and ignorance. Nearly all if not all of these deaths were easily preventable.

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Posted in: At least 20 dead, 26 wounded after shooting at Walmart store in Texas See in context

"Not a single shot was fired. He was taken in without incident."

Not before killing 15 people though. Where are the quick on the draw types who were supposed to get him sooner?? Oh and some advice, if you want to really stop the bad guy--- aim for the head.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics 1 year out: Scandal, high costs but unrivaled demand See in context

Is cost for these Olympics really up to $20,000,000,000 (US) ? All that and still no tickets!!

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Posted in: What's behind Japan's support of whaling? See in context

"Japanese people don't like being told what they can do by foreigners. "

This is true, but why do the rest of us have to heavily subsidize it though taxes year after year...?

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Posted in: Abe, Putin make little progress on territorial dispute See in context

No surprise here...

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Posted in: Abe cabinet support rate falls to 47.6% amid pension system controversy See in context

Problems with pension information last time caused the LDP to lose their hold on the majority (I can't remember if it was 2009).

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Posted in: Man on a mediation mission: Abe heads to Iran See in context

Hoping (because I hate war), but I doubt that he will accomplish anything (because out of touch) ...

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Posted in: Queen greets Trump at Buckingham Palace See in context

I doubt most in the UK would prefer a no-deal Brexit to what you have now.

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Posted in: Pair of Hokkaido melons fetch record ¥5 mil at season's 1st auction See in context

What HBJ and Patricia Yarrow said.

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Posted in: Rather than a place people purposefully visit, Ikebukuro has always been more of a transit point. If Ikebukuro can offer a place to develop the next generation of manga writers and artists, its efforts will take root as the area’s characteristics and charms. See in context

There are a many many good restaurants in Ikebukuro (most off the beaten path). Also they are become a magnet for female fans of anime (on the Sunshine 60 side). There are other places of greater interest in Tokyo, but Ikebukuro is underrated.

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Posted in: Trump tells China: Trade deal now or it will be 'far worse' after 2020 See in context

He may actually be right about things being worse in 2020 (for everyone). Record US national debt, inflation, high debt to GDP levels not seen since WWII...

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Posted in: While the Japanese government relentlessly promotes the image of 'Cool Japan' and mega-tourism, the current reality is a country run by sociopathic Hitler-loving plutocrats, with plummeting press freedom, endemic poverty, rising censorship, deliberate destruction of public records, continual death by overwork, a corrupt bureaucracy, and a medieval justice system. Despite the triple meltdown of Fukushima, the government is rushing to start nuclear power plants again with reckless abandon. See in context

"People are getting poorer and poorer and the powers to be don't understand the real cause of why the population is not increasing. - It's poverty."

Well said. Those who are thumbing down, at least say what you think will happen positively and how (the Olympics don't count...low multiplier effect for the taxpayer investment.)

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Posted in: Abe, Polish PM agree to advance free trade See in context

So how will this benefit the average person in Japan? What products will be cheaper?

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Posted in: U.S. to sanction 5 nations, including Japan, if they import Iranian oil See in context

The way of thinking of many:

Iraq= evil

Saudi Arabi= wonderful country encouraging democracy

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Posted in: About 70 Japanese lawmakers visit Yasukuni Shrine See in context

Visit the museum yourselves and see what it stands for if you don't know. There are other sites to honor the war dead.

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Posted in: Retiring late: More Japanese opt to prolong employment See in context

Who set the age at 60 to begin with and why ? Also people should be paid what they are worth, so they should look at each case individually.

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Posted in: May concedes Brexit deal won't pass 'in near future' See in context

I struck a nerve. Hoping for the best for the people of the UK.

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Posted in: In unprecedented move, U.S. names Iran's Revolutionary Guards a terrorist group See in context

All Arms makers including USA has only one target, how to sell Arms.

There will be a bad place for those in Hell who start wars for profit.

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Posted in: U.S. ending aid to El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras over migrants See in context

Foreign aid is often a form of corporate welfare.

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Posted in: May concedes Brexit deal won't pass 'in near future' See in context

Some of the pro-Brexit supporters yearn for a return of the British Empire. Not most, but a critical number...

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Posted in: U.S. ending aid to El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras over migrants See in context

Can they cut farm subsidies too ? These cause problems for the the economies of thee countries (plus waste taxpayer dollars).

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