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Posted in: Foreign men share their reasons for divorcing Japanese wives See in context

I've had it up to the hilt with my Japanese Wife...been Married 18 years now, she told me the one thing she hates most is having sex ! WTF before the second was born it was all different, soon as the second dropped Game over...I'm sick of being in a sexless relationship. Even when I get a shag I feel it's co-erced...If we didn;t have kids I'd Divorce tomorrow...I don't want another leech, so think I'll now just go whoring...

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Posted in: Patrick's Daytona pole position makes NASCAR history See in context

Well she has shown the boys, she's such an insufferable drama queen though. Her spats in IndyCar especially with Dan Weldon were comical. Sarah Fisher was a lot better driver in IndyCar in inferior machinery but unfortunately didn't get her kit off for sponsors. Aside from that it would be good for women in sport to show they can mix it with the boys.

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I suppose it's only newsworthy as he is 52. If he just damaged the tyre though it could of been fatal. Some punk kids damaged a woman's tyre a few years back in the UK instead of puncturing it, tyre blew at 70mph, she lost control bye, bye.

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My experience and my comrades in Japanese brides was after baby no.1 it all changed, their was a brief bit of interest to secure baby no.2, then game over. As I said one mate has a normal relationship with his Mrs, but for the rest of us it's like all our wives behave the same. I suppose we don't live upto their expectations but the lack of affection even towards the kids amazes me. It's all push push push. Guess it's time to fight a non destructive way. Marriage is tough and I'mno quitter but it's depressing she can do no wrong in her mind, all issues are mine, never hers. Daughter doesn't like her and my boy calls her the beast LOL. Anyhow l'm just on a rant at the moment as she's made the daughter so depressed school phoned up last week to call us in ans say she needs counselling as the mother has made her so anxious about her academic achievements. That's my Lot, hey it was great first 5 years just don't have kids.

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Sounds wise words will have a think and check out that book.

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I concur with all the negative posts, after 16 years of marriage to my beautiful Japanese wife I can state with confidence she only married me for my ability to make money, kids and a chance to leave Japan. She can be so selfish at times I despair then acts all sweet and innocent around others, constantly bitches, makes the kids life a misery with her Asian tiger behaviour. I find solace with my mates also who married these lovely girls who all changed after baby number 2 dropped and we became surplus to requirements. One mate has it normal but in my experience it's not the norm buyer beware. Cash and Babies is what they really want and never having to do a stroke of work.

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And time to drink and smoke.

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Posted in: Thousands rally in Tokyo ahead of last reactor going offline See in context

So instead of nuclear power It's back to burning good old finite fossil fuels. It's just politics in a few years all the reactors will be up and running and more built. Unless Japan wants to live without electricity.

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