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Posted in: For our readers who live in Japan, what are some items you always make a point to bring back to Japan after you return from a trip abroad? See in context

Ammunition for hunting. It’s prohibitively expensive in Japan, and with the proper documentation, can be carried in with about the same amount of paperwork as a dog.

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Posted in: Woman stabbed while walking home in Chiba See in context

Chiba, Saitama, Kawasaki, and other Tokyo bedtowns are a magnet for crazies.

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Posted in: Man arrested for spraying NHK fee collector with fire extinguisher See in context

He’s probably a fan of the newly elected “destroy NHK” congressman.

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Posted in: Road rage suspect arrested after dashboard camera records assault See in context


It really depends on how you present your case, but cops would not ignore video evidence. I have a friend in the US Navy who had his car dented by another car opening its doors. The cops negotiated the release of security camera footage from a 711 and tracked down the car. Within a week the Police facilitated a negotiation for damage payments with the other driver.

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Posted in: Road rage suspect arrested after dashboard camera records assault See in context

This guy has a serious case of over entitlement and possible schizophrenia.

Born to a rich family, inherited real estate from his grandfather, quit a trading company after one year without sealing a single deal saying I’m gonna be a big shot. Acquaintances described him as having a short temper, but acted apologetic when confronted, he also often said “I can’t go to certain places because dangerous people are chasing me.” Neighbors said there was often shouting and loud noises coming from his house late at night. He has 4 prior arrests for assault and illegal confinement of a woman and in a separate incident, a taxi driver.

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Posted in: Road rage suspect arrested after dashboard camera records assault See in context

Why did it take so long to find him? 

The woman was hiding him in an apartment that was registered under a different name. The cops arrested him when he returned to his condo to collect some belongings.

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Posted in: N Korean officials cancel trip to Japan See in context

Three North Korean officials including vice sports minister Won Kil U 

That is the most unintentionally bada** name I’ve seen in a while.

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Posted in: Short look See in context

Not sure if many young women get their nails done up and wear mini shorts to go to a shrine to celebrate Japan surrendering in WW2 but you go girl! lol

In America, people BBQ, get drunk and cause accidents with fireworks on Veterans Day. To each country it’s own.

On a different note, I’ll bet the Yasukuni=evil crowd here have never even been to Yasukuni, much less taken a guided tour of the Yushukan museum and are only repeating the same misconceptions that’s have been repeated on JT for the past decade.

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Posted in: Double disqualification after heat shortens Olympic triathlon test event See in context

kwatt is right. The JOC originally proposed holding the games in late Sept to Oct, however European and US sponsors didn’t want the olympics to overlap with professional league sports broadcasts.

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Posted in: Q&A: Francis Ford Coppola on 'Apocalypse Now' 40 years later See in context

A man's film. No women in it at all

Have you forgotten the Playboy bunnies and the French plantation owner’s wife?

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Posted in: A part-time job stint for the adventurous, on Iwo Jima See in context

I have a friend who is a food specialist (cook) in the MSDF. He does two 4-month rotations to Iwo every year. He said if it weren’t for the plus 50% pay bonus he wouldn’t do it ever again, as the allure of the island quickly wears off.

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Posted in: WWII Pacific battlegrounds now site of U.S.-China tug-of-war See in context

Fun fact: Palau, leader of the Micronesian Federation, is one of the few countries that recognize Taiwan as a sovereign nation and have a Taiwanese embassy.

A few years ago, Palauan President Tommy Remengesau placed a limit on Chinese tourists (40,000 down from 100,000) citing environmental and infrastructure concerns, and tightened restrictions on Chinese purchases of real estate. The reasons stated were concerns of a Chinese “soft power” takeover and a need to focus on long term sustainability rather than short term economic gain. The same year, Palauan coast guard sunk 3 Chinese coral poaching boats shooting dead some of the crew in the process. Palau is highly committed to protecting its environment and national identity.

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Posted in: Hunters, police search for bear spotted multiple times in Sapporo See in context

The cops could have easily darted/sedated the bear, which looked rather scrawny really, and stopped all this nonsense, IF they had been prepared!

It takes a pretty powerful weapon (high caliber hunting rifle at least) to take down a bear cleanly. Japanese cops are armed with .38 revolvers.

Doesn't the country have the equivalent of a Forestry Service or Fish & Game Dept? Or at least a department within prefectural police departments to deal specifically with wildlife problems? 

The prefectural Environmental Agency deals with wildlife issues, however they have no permanent “field” personnel. When culling or animal control is necessary, they usually request the local hunters union.

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Posted in: Tokushima’s famous Awa Odori festival kicks off See in context

The Yosakoi parade in Kochi is pretty awesome too. I’d like to see this one sometime as well.

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Posted in: Should Japan send Maritime Self-Defense Force vessels to the Strait of Hormuz to escort tankers bringing oil to Japan? See in context

As Japan is dependent on oil imports from the Gulf region, and has economic influence on a global scale, it has a responsibility to assure security in the region.

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Posted in: Japan resumes F-35A flights 4 months after fatal crash See in context

Yes, I that is true. Thus the issues I mentioned about development duration, upscaling etc....

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Posted in: Japan resumes F-35A flights 4 months after fatal crash See in context

Unfortunate too, Japan had a promising start with the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries X-2... Shame that they caved to a product with well known faults all around..

Although IHI did succeed in making a half-scale engine that was more fuel efficient and had higher output than current engines, it was unsure whether it could be done full-scale. Plus the MOD wanted carrier capable fighters in time for the Izumo overhaul. The X2 would have taken at least 10 more years of development, and since it would not be exportable, would probably have seen the same fate as the F22. An out of production, limited number unicorn.

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Posted in: S Korean man sets himself ablaze in protest against Japan See in context

It’s sad really that anti-Japanese sentiment stoked by historical revisionism is the basis of Korean national pride. More than half of the Korean youth I talked to actually believed that Japan invaded Korea in 1910.

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Posted in: Actor-turned politician Taro Yamamoto aims for real-life starring role See in context

Hideo “Sonomamma” Higashikokubaru was a comedian who wasn’t exactly famous for family-friendly humor, but he pretty much put Miyazaki back on the map.

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Posted in: Actor-turned politician Taro Yamamoto aims for real-life starring role See in context

Yamamoto had a hopeful start, but degraded into an attention seeking populist. His “you said that, so I’m gonna say the opposite” (as seen in his refusal to sign the document to recognize ISIS as terrorist organization) approach has its limits.

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Posted in: Japan's top bar association urges authorization of same-sex marriage See in context

If Abe pushes for gay rights, it might just give him the popularity boost from the left leaning public to change article 9.

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Posted in: As a general rule, you can tell a lot about people's personalities by the way they treat restaurant or store staff. Do you agree with this? See in context

In my experience, middle aged upper class women were the worst culprits when it came to treating service staff poorly. Something about having never worked and being provided everything makes for poor character development.

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Posted in: 2020 Olympic organizers test heat countermeasures in sweltering Tokyo See in context

As other posters have mentioned, the Olympic committee originally proposed the game to be held in October, however US and European TV networks demanded it be held in August so as not to clash with professional sports events.

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Posted in: China's Sun wins 200 free via DQ; gets shunned on podium See in context

Even if he isn’t doping now, some performance enhancing drugs make it easier to gain muscle mass and strength, which can be maintained easier than doing it the hard way, even after the drug’s effect has worn off.

Dopers should be banned for life.

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Posted in: Election of gay lawmaker in Japan spurs hopes for same-sex marriage See in context

I’m more interested in the “Destroy NHK” newcomer.

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Posted in: What is your understanding of the expression 'cultural appropriation?' See in context

That said, there is some truly horrendous “sushi” overseas. Especially in trendy areas like LA, Seattle, SF...

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Posted in: What is your understanding of the expression 'cultural appropriation?' See in context

Non Japanese Asians operating Sushi establishments in overseas countries 

If they have been properly trained and undergone apprenticeship with a certified sushi chef, I don’t see the big deal. Isn’t there some TV show that goes around documenting the daily lives of foreigners in Japan striving to become certified sushi chefs, craftsmen, martial artists, etc so they can bring the art back home.

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Posted in: Quasi-milliwave radar device recognizes slowly walking people See in context

No, the auxiliary sensors will detect you as a stationary object. Enabling detection of slower moving objects improves the AI calculating whether a moving object is on a collision course.

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Posted in: Surfers test waves ahead of sport's 2020 Olympic debut See in context

The venue choice was a result of a lack of cooperation and traditional rivalry between Kujukuri and Katsu-Ura surfers. Generally speaking, for a big event or tournament, several venues with varying conditions will be secured and the final decision made on the early morning of the day or the night before.

Seeing as Ichinomiya has virtually no accommodation or commercial facilities, Katsu-ura, Onjuku, or even one of the Izu islands would have been a better choice.

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Posted in: SoftBank's Son says Japan is AI 'developing country' See in context

Japan develops AI technology is perhaps what he meant to say? Japan does possess the technology, but is slow to implement it due to the permeation of previous generation infrastructure.

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