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The bases a tourist attraction? Don’t make me laugh.

The bases themselves are probably only a main attraction for military enthusiasts (of which Japan has plenty). But they do add an atmosphere of the exotic, and something mainlanders don’t have a chance to see much.

I know some girls who go to Okinawa for the express purpose of hooking up with “Macho US Marines” (their words, not mine).

The “American vibe” I mentioned earlier is also undeniably an attraction for some as well.

While you choose to engage in a more holistic style of tourism, it’s not everyone’s cup of Sanpincha. Some tourists go for more carnal reasons.

And I’ve also seen the bus loads of camera-snapping Otaku taking the Base drive-by bus tours mentioned by Commodore.

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Korea and Germany pay a much small % of the costs (I think Japan pays 70% and the ROK and German pay 30-40%). Is the US asking for more from these countries too?

Yes, in fact they are. The US is frustrated that Germany does not commit enough of its GDP to it’s NATO obligations, and US pressure on SK to take more responsibility for its defense and cut out the anti-Japan indoctrination is causing SK to lean toward friendship with NK and China.

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To those who claim the money being made from the US presence can be substituted with tourist money, Okinawa is already (pre-COVID) at a saturation point for tourism. Fully booked hotels every holiday season. Part of the tourism allure is also the “American vibe” that is a result of the US presence. On the other hand, how many people do you know who actively avoid visiting Okinawa because of the US military?

30,000 Marines blowing their entire paycheck on the overpriced Y number car dealers and American village, Koza street, Kokusai street, etc; officers living in overpriced real estate, compliments of Uncle Sam… Losing the bases won’t increase tourism, it’ll rob the 20,000 locals who work in base-related jobs, and the countless others who cater to the servicemembers.

The whole Henoko fiasco started because Futenma land owners didn’t want Futenma to relocate as they would lose literally millions of dollars in lease money. The communist activists jumped on the bandwagon and made it their issue, but during the Koizumi administration, in the early stages of relocation negotiations, there is a video of a landowners association meeting where they are demanding the govt guarantee them reimbursement for money lost when Futenma closes.

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As long as it’s cheaper than building and maintaining 3 air wings, 1 carrier battle group, 2 fleets, 1 MAGTAF, 1 MEF. To a total of 30,000-50,000 personnel.

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During the Rio Olympics, Cosmopolitan magazine ran an article titled “Best Olympic Bulges” with photos of male athletes in speedos, spats, etc.

Pole vaulter Hagita became an Internet sensation when he knocked down the bar with his penis. News channels and internet GIF memes played it repeatedly and in slow-motion close-ups.

These were laughed off, but imagine the outrage if the genders were reversed.

If a female vaulter knocked down the bar with her breasts, or if Sports Illustrated ran an article focusing on female Olympian camel-toes.

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UFOs are the Jeff Bezos, Bransons, and Elons from other planets. Lol

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Are they saying that propulsion from small explosions in a vacuum can be way more efficient than traditional fuel burns?

If applied correctly, yes.

In the 60’s NASA had a project that examined the use of small scale nuclear explosions to launch a vehicle into space. The initial study showed that it was more efficient than traditional rocket propulsion.

The project was discontinued however, for obvious reasons.

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ironic that a country that abhors street skateboarding has two gold medal and a bronze champs! 

I wouldn’t say Japan “abhors” skating as much as certain parts of the US. There are sings that prohibit skating in some public roads and spaces, but the police (and Kens and Karens) are no where near as aggressive in harassing skaters.

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The photo caption, lol.

Luczak had left competitive rowing and taken a real job

Playing sports professionally is not a “real job.”

If someone is willing to pay you to do it, isn’t it a real job.

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I find most of these problems to be a result of a lack of language skills, and understanding of western values.

I remember in Okinawa there was a bar that had the “Japanese Only” sign, but it turned out the owner just meant to say the staff only spoke Japanese.

This Elevator probably would not have been an issue if it was worded “overseas visitors” and “local residents” and the overseas visitors applied to Japanese nationals who reside or recently spent time overseas.

Discriminatory still, but not as “offensive.”

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Stealing these cars seems about as difficult as hacking a Japanese website or app like Line -- not at all. Surely they can up the security on such overpriced vehicles, even as a paid option.

Newer model keyless BMWs and Mercedes can be stolen wirelessly. What’s your point? Anything can be stolen and the manufacturers are by nature of the game, always one step behind the thieves.

As others pointed out, these guys already had a detailed knowledge of the security systems, and most likely were insiders or had inside information. Also a few (relatively) inexpensive security upgrades could have sirens howling and automatic text message alerts sent to owner the moment anyone even touches the car.

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Otherwise, let's be thankful for the thousands of jobs they created, and taxpayers that derive from that.

Ahh yes. Amazon workers who are paid below-poverty wages and wear diapers because they don’t get bathroom breaks. And even if they did, the bathrooms can be more than half a mile away, depending on where in the warehouse you work.

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Matsuda (Mazda) stealing a Toyota… lol

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Duke “Golgo 13” Togo, the protagonist hitman was originally a analogy for Jesus. Golgo as in Golgotha, 13 for the day Jesus was crucified. On the back of the original cover, there is drawing of a skeleton that looks out of place, but upon closer inspection, is wearing a crown of thorns and holding a wine glass.

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The people on the ground need to learn to take care of themselves.

Because arming and training the happy local fighters and friendly militias worked so well in Afghanistan, Iraq, Columbia….

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Posted in: Once people were gone, the boar took over. I think the pigs were not able to survive in the wild, but the boar thrived in the abandoned towns — because they’re so robust. See in context

The Pig-boar hybrids or “Inobuta” are a menace in the southern US as well, especially Texas.

The hybrids are generally bigger and bolder than pure boar, and have more fatty meat with less “gamey” taste.

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Posted in: Man being chased by police jumps from elevated bridge at Tokyo’s Shibuya Station See in context

Japan police have no sense of the level of danger a suspected criminal can impose. To them, a voyeur and a murderer must be treated the same.

Absolutely. J-cops need to learn from US-cops and shoot suspects dead for holding iPhones, or asphyxiate them to death for stealing cigarettes.

Two months on we'll be reading how his lawyer obtained compensation from his victim for arousing him, from the citizen who reported him, from the cop chasing him, from JRE for not having a safer bridge and from the City Council for not having softer pavements.

Thankfully Japan is nowhere near as litigious as other countries.

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Aside from the political nonsense, Afghanistan was an even bigger mess on the ground.

Unmotivated and poorly trained Afghan security forces high on opium, no clear objective or plan other than “patrol from FOB A to secure MSR B.” 180degree policy changes every time there was a change of command. Severe lack of trust between US forces and Afghan forces. When ordered to give the initiative to the Afghan forces, as they would have to take over after the US left, some infantry commanders took that as a sign to basically use the Afghan troops as human shields… Afghanistan is a strategic nightmare and I’m glad the US is leaving.

Let the warlords and tribal elders duke it out like they have been for the last 1500 years.

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Are there not any tales from Latin American culture for Disney to ruin with their sugar-coated happy endings, and corny sing alongs….

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Poor thing was shot at least three times by the 'sharp shooter'.

Well all his shots did hit the intended target. It more often than not takes more than one shot to take down a bear, even with a high powered rifle.

And for the people saying the SDF gate guards should have shot it, a NATO 5.56mm rifle would probably have taken about 10 shots to kill a bear, and even more with a 9mm pistol.

Camp Okadama is in an urban area, with the main gate facing a busy national route. Do you really want soldiers opening fire with “assault weapons” in that environment? The hunter that killed the bear was using was appears to be 30-06 or larger caliber rifle. Such a caliber has about 3 times more stopping power than 5.56mm “assault weapons” and even then it took three clean hits to take it down.

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Didn't know Piracy still happening these days!

Piracy, either for the purpose of ransom for hostages or to sell goods on the black market reached a peak during e late 90’s, particularly in the Gulf of Aden and Malaka Straits, and is probably more common today than in ye olde tymes.

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Neve mind. I Wiki’d it. It’s a budget-conscious Asagiri class.

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I wonder what class warship this is. It looks pretty well armed with as far as I can tell 3 CIWS, and a torpedo launcher, and probably more of both on the other side. Can’t tell if it has vertical tubes or helipad though...

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In my opinion, UFOs are either natural phenomena, misidentification, or classified prototypes.

The “flying wing” and “rocketship” UFOs of the 50’s and 60’s bearing a striking resemblance to stealth aircraft and high speed reconnaissance aircraft is no coincidence.

The govt is playing along with the UFO explanation to draw attention away from its top secret projects that we’ll probably see in 20 or 30 years.

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They have foot the bill for his studies, and he plans to take the New York bar exam, which means he most likely will stay in the US. So what did they get for their investment?

A Japanese lawyer who can handle legal affairs in the US.

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There's a blond woman presenting a Trivago ad speaking flawless Japanese, which I have always assumed to be AI. She looks too good and professional to be a gaijin talent.

That is actress Natalie Emmons and that is her speaking.

She has lived in Osaka since 2008 as a singer for USJ.

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He was 77. She should of just waited a few years.

“Don” was considering divorcing her, as she would spend most of her time in Tokyo and rarely came home to Wakayama.

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 I don't get the Winnie the Pooh reference.

After a photo of Obama and Xi walking together was published, Chinese netizens were quick to compare Xi’s portly figure with Obama’s slim, fit build.

Memes comparing the photo to Pooh and Tigger went viral on Weibo, and “Winnie the Pooh” became a code word for Xi when expressing criticism of the CCP on heavily censored Chinese SNS sites.

Winnie the Pooh imagery and merchandise has since been banned in China, and any mention of the tubby, little chubby, all stuffed with fluff, willy nilly silly old bear, is immediately deleted from SNS, and possibly warrants “re-education.”

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Unless you put your own soldiers/Marines on the enemies territory you don't win the war. That aspect of warfare has not changed.

Very true, in fact, one of the first things I learned in Infantry Leaders Course. “No major conflict has ever been won without boots on the ground.”

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Please read more carefully. The exact wording of the caption is: "A French army soldier take part in a joint military drill between Japan Self-Defense Force, French army and U.S. Marines"

I was referring to the smaller photo at the bottom of the article, of what appears to be a command post or something.

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