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And as other posters have mentioned, almost all movies that include a dramatic scene of a character firing a gun will capture that image from the front. The DOP and Director are usually directly behind the camera.

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Apparently a large portion of the crew was replaced by non-union locals a few days before the incident.

That would create multiple possibilities as to why there was a live round in the gun.

Maybe a new crew member supplied a gun that was not properly checked. Maybe some crew members were fooling around and shooting live rounds in their free time with prop weapons and forgot a live round….

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Posted in: Sheriff: Alec Baldwin fired shot on movie set that killed woman See in context

The gun used in Brandon Lee’s death was a .45 revolver. The gun was loaded for a close up scene, with bullets that had the powder removed, but the projectile intact for realism. Someone forgot to remove the primer as well, and the primer had enough explosive energy to dislodge the projectile and leave it stuck in the barrel.

When the gun was used with blanks in a later scene, the bullet lodged in the barrel was propelled by the blanks with the same force as a live round.

Brandon Lee’s death caused a massive re-examination of prop safety regulations in Hollywood, but accidents still happen.

Automatic and semi-automatic weapons that use blowback pressure to recoil require a blank firing adapter that is aesthetically unsuitable. Instead bullets with paper, wax, or other disintegrating wads are used to create the recoil and allow the weapon to cycle properly. The paper wads in particular are known to cause injuries at close distances.

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Posted in: Police crackdowns fast making hot-rodder spectacles a fading memory See in context

The actual Bosozoku gangs are pretty much non-existant, or have evolved into Han-Gure type street gangs.

Chiba, Nagoya, and Okinawa have a large amount of “Kyusha-Kai” however. They are mostly middle-aged former hotrodders who are reliving their glory days. The do ride the noisy straight pipe exhaust bikes, but they wear helmets and are very careful to stay within the legal modification and noise regulation parameters.

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It was an unscheduled forced port call due to an onboard Covid outbreak.

Must’ve been a real emergency. The deep water channel looks frighteningly narrow for a carrier, and there are visible reefs all around.

The drop off from the shallow reefs to the channel would make for some good fishing, however.

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That port also looks awfully small to handle carrier support operations.

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Sailors and Marines who refuse the vaccine while forgetting the dozen or so vaccines they already had, then go chugging 5 Monster Energy cans and 2 packs of Marlboro Reds a day, then finish with a 12 pack in the squad bay…. But at least they show up for 0430AM PT.

We must’ve been the most physically fit alcoholic chain smokers, ever….

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That's no substitute for the real thing.

I know, but it’s at least an attempt.

I went to high school with a red Mohawk, pink tutu and leather biker jacket…

Maybe if I kept it virtual, I’d have had more friends.

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*You lose your individuality that way. Just get rid of the damn things and let kids be kids. Let them (and their parents) figure what they truly are, with what they where.*

School uniforms were introduced to eliminate class-discrimination. Such as affluent students expressing their LV “individualism” on other “Uniqlo” or, god forbid, “Shimamura” students.

Some Tokyo schools introduced “virtual fashion” clubs as a way for students to express their individualism.

The students are free to use the school computers to create renderings of whatever attire they prefer.

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Uniforms here are a racket. A monopolised shafting of hard working people by the "recognised" uniform supplier. 

Originally it was intended to keep local tailors and merchants in business. You know, the hipster thing that’s popular in the west, now.

Most schools have a stockpile of uniforms for underprivileged kids; from graduated students who donated their uniform, or surplus from the tailors.

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If Suzuki San wants to identify as male, without overhauling the undercarriage, I really don’t care.

But yes, there will be issues of which onsen, changing room, etc to use.

As long as men and women are not comfortable showing their no-no parts to each other (some are not even comfortable showing them to the same sex) these issues will exist.

Many foreigners complain about the cleaning ladies at the onsen. How would they feel if a trans-woman, frank and beans swaying in the breeze, was in the same onsen with their young daughters.

Women are more objectified in the media, but in general society, their dignity is more respected. When I was in high school, de-pantsing another dude was a common prank that usually only ended with some laughs. Imagine what would happen if the same prank was done on a girl.

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Just wait for the self-entitled “influencers” to sue for damages….

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Posted in: Pivotal bridge from Winnie the Pooh series to be auctioned See in context

Gift it to Xi.

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Posted in: What do you think are some of the main differences between the way Japanese and Western media report the news? See in context

In the UK, we have a satirical magazine called Private Eye, the likes of which would never ever be allowed to be published in Japan.

You obviously haven’t read any of the Jitsuwa series magazines, that include cartoons of politicians, celebrities, etc in very NSFW situations.

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Posted in: U.S. lifts post-Fukushima import restrictions on Japanese farm products See in context

If the tested radiation levels are below those set by the FDA, (which they are) I don’t see a problem.

However, there will be the issue of name association, such as when Corona Beer had to suspend production because of a certain Chinese virus.

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Posted in: N Korea slams U.S. over submarine deal; warns countermeasures See in context

warned of unspecified countermeasures

Launch more expiration date missiles into the Sea of Japan? Real mature…

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The issue with using biological or chemical weapons is you lose control once they are unleashed. The direction of the wind changes and your up a creek without a paddle.

True, chemical and biological weapons are intended for use in localized small scale warfare.

Mass scale CBRN warfare is “scorched earth” take’em down with us tactic.

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Posted in: GSDF troops begin nationwide drills for 1st time in 30 years See in context

A total of 12,000 personnel and 3,900 vehicles from two GSDF divisions based on the northernmost main island of Hokkaido and in the Tohoku region of northeastern Japan as well as a brigade in western Japan's Shikoku region will start an expeditionary mission to the Kyushu region in southwestern Japan next week.

During the Cold War, under guidance from the US, Japan concentrated armored brigades and heavy artillery regiments toward the north, to defend against possible aggression from crazy Ivan.

Now the main threat has shifted to the southwest and this looks to be a rapid deployment readiness exercise along those lines.

Over the past decade, Japan has adopted a more mobile “tactical dispersion” of troops. However these mass concentration of force exercises are necessary, even if only for the purpose of maintaining the capability to do so.

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It’s interesting that these “vloggers” are predominantly male, and not of the *ahem… traditionally attractive type.

Could there be some honey-pot persuasion going on here…

That was a joke, but would categorize these “evidence” videos in the same section as flat-earthers taking photos from airplanes and saying “you see! No curvature. The world is flat.”

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Posted in: Japan warns citizens of possible attack in 6 Southeast Asian nations See in context

All those countries have an active Muslim insurgent element.

If or when a terrorist attack does happen, the same critics will be quick to criticize Japan for lack of hazard management, and heiwa-boke…

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Posted in: Japanese singer and musician Gackt takes indefinite hiatus due to vocal and neurological disorder See in context

If I remember correctly, his father was in the JSDF marching band in Okinawa, and also taught Karate to kids on Camp Foster.

Gackt himself also won a few regional karate tournaments.

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Posted in: Takaichi joins race to be next PM; outlines 'Sanaenomics' policy See in context

Japan has been attempting to play both sides for too long. Trying to appease rival nations who want nothing less than to see Japan annihilated hasn’t worked, and has further emboldened them.

Perhaps a drastic swing to either side, complete capitulation, integration, and cooperation (left), or refusal to bow to emotional blackmail while strengthening national defense (right), is what it takes to shake Japan out of its doldrum.

If she is a metal fan, she would be familiar with the phrase, “we’re not gonna take it anymore.”

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Posted in: Mural of murdered Japanese doctor in Afghan capital erased See in context

Places like this are best left to continue living in the stone ages.

Well that’s the thing… Afghanistan was actually considered to be one of the more liberal and modern ME/CA countries in the 70’s.

The Taliban, although they adhere to a primitive religion, were the pioneers in incorporating IT in their terror operations. They have been using the Internet and social media for communication and recruiting, hacked cellphones for detonating IEDs, GPS beacons and SatCom phones before ISIS even existed.

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Hmm, I wonder why would you blame the evil deeds of TTP on the Taliban.

I’m not blaming it on the current “new Taliban,” however, they are just rival factions of the same ideology.

Why do some people blame all conservatives for the white supremacists, or all black people for the gangbangers, or all chinese people for COVID and the CCP…

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Posted in: Mural of murdered Japanese doctor in Afghan capital erased See in context

Tehrik…. Damn autocorrect.

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It wasn't the Taliban that killed him.

The mastermind of the ambush that attacked his aid convoy was Amir Nawaz of the Theron-I-Taliban-Pakistan.

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Posted in: Mural of murdered Japanese doctor in Afghan capital erased See in context

The Taliban are not against Dr Nakamura. Their ideology forbids idol worship in the form of pictures and statues.

Tell that to the faction of Taliban who killed Dr Nakamura.

Even the strictest of fundamental Islam only prohibits images/idols for the purpose of worship.

Pictures and illustrations for educational and informational purposes is ok.

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Since when has a mural that has been painted over made news. Nonsense

The mural itself may not be a big deal, the man depicted in the mural, however, probably did more to help the people of Afghanistan than the entire coalition forces did.

The “new” Taliban govt are saying they want good relations with Japan and continued support from Japan, while their actions show a complete lack of respect and gratitude to a Japanese man who did help them.

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Posted in: Man with pickaxe attacks vehicle carrying Beat Takeshi See in context

He should’ve used a plastic squeaky hammer.

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Posted in: Osaka smashes racket in U.S. Open loss; says she is considering taking break from tennis See in context

Tennis players do tend to be more diva and tantrum prone, perhaps due to tennis having always been a bourgeoisie sport, and the lack of teammates to check selfish behavior.

I’m not saying that “ghetto” sports like soccer and basketball aren’t without their share of problem cases, but those tend to be thugs on the other end of the spectrum.

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