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Posted in: Japan rolls out 'humble and lovable' delivery robots See in context

Reminds me of a hitchhiking robot that travelled Europe and Canada for two years, but was destroyed on day one in the US…

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Posted in: Why the U.S. is overhauling its Marine Corps on Okinawa See in context

As I pointed out elsewhere, the realignment of the U.S. Marines Okinawa into dispersed units of MLRs mainly employing drones and missiles will make the building of a replacement for Futenma in Henoko literally superfluous and unnecessary.

If you actually understood what the purpose of an MLR is, you’d understand that it requires more airlift assets than an amphibious assault battalion.

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Posted in: Ex-SDF member says misconduct routine in her unit See in context

If they really think men are so awful, why do tiresome women such as Miss Gonoi so obviously aspire to look and behave like a man?

Nowhere in her interview did she say anything to suggest she is a “man hater.” It’s clear she only wants the perpetrators to face justice.

Her “dude haircut” and ears are because she is a Judoka, and has little to do with what you are suggesting.

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Posted in: Ex-SDF member says misconduct routine in her unit See in context

So the male soldiers should be sexually harassed too? Or only the women? Also, if we take your logic to its conclusion, this also means we should torture members of the military - after all, if they can't stand a little torture, how will they hold up in war?

There are training programs in the military that involve physical, mental, and sometimes sexual abuse.

These are, however, very exclusive training programs that special forces and select personnel attend, and sign multiple waivers for. It is not at all something the average soldier, marine, airman or sailor should expect to experience. The military will make you tough, and there are ways to do it without abuse.

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Posted in: Ex-SDF member says misconduct routine in her unit See in context

@Desert Tortoise

Just curious when the JSDF says someone was "fired", does that mean they were convicted at a courts martial and given the JSDF equivalent of a Bad Conduct Discharge, or just handed their last paycheck and told to get lost?

The SDF has no courts martial, and can only discharge an individual as the maximum penalty. The perpetrator is then subject wherever is sentenced by a civilian court.

In the case of Ms Gonoi it is not clear whether she wants to pursue a civil suit or settle for compensation.

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Posted in: Hokkaido care home requires sterilization of mentally disabled couples See in context

The article seems a bit sensationalist.

The noontime news were saying that no one was forced to undergo birth control surgery, and the procedure was only suggested to residents who wished to live as a couple within the facility.

Over the past 20 yrs only 8 couples, with the agreement of their legal guardians, had undergone the procedure.

The concurrent investigation is being conducted to determine whether any individuals were coerced or lied to.

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Posted in: Drunk Japanese politician in trouble for doing pullups inside moving train See in context

If he’s good at his job, and if he’s not hurting anyone or damaging property, I really don’t care where he does his cross-fit.

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Posted in: Report: TikTok promoting posts about eating disorders, suicide See in context

TikTok, a Chinese app alters its algorithms for Chinese and Western users.

Chinese user’s algorithms are designed to show videos of science experiments, engineering marvels, academic and arts achievement and such.

The algorithms for Western users are designed to show twerking, “challenges,” and stupid stunts.

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Posted in: China, Japan must be careful of 'zero-sum game trap': Wang See in context

Zero-sum my rear-end. It is not “cooperative prosperity” or even a zero-sum game that China wants. What China wants is a “China takes all” game.

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Posted in: Japan considers buying up to 500 U.S. Tomahawk missiles until FY2027 See in context

@Desert Tortoise

Indeed, the CENTCOM region had the terrain and players for the biggest tank battles in recent history, as they also staged some the largest scale cavalry battles in ancient history.

Although I was a young teenager at the time, I do remember the “lucky dude on the bridge” video, and also the Highway of Death FLIR videos very well.

In Iraq war part2, tanks played a smaller role, but 2d tanks did do some pretty innovative maneuvers, improvising the use of tanks in close quarters and literally shooting point blank into IED factory windows and clearing routes in force and such.

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Posted in: Japan considers buying up to 500 U.S. Tomahawk missiles until FY2027 See in context

**73 Easting

stupid fat thumbs…

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Posted in: Japan considers buying up to 500 U.S. Tomahawk missiles until FY2027 See in context

@Desert Tortoise

Thank you for explaining the concept of EABO. One which the Marines, for better or worse, are bargaining their future legitimacy on.

While I agree with your points on combined arms in ground warfare, the last great tank battle was the Battle of 72 Easting, and the terrain and conditions of that could never be replicated in an invasion situation of Japan.

Combined arms is the rule of ground warfare, but it also depends on what “arms” you are combining. In the case of Japan, given the terrain, while tanks certainly do have a role, I would say it would be second-place to light IFVs and man-portable GATMs.

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Posted in: Japan considers buying up to 500 U.S. Tomahawk missiles until FY2027 See in context


Some good points there. But the US Marine Corps, the gold standard of amphibious forces, retired their last tank 2 years ago in preference of a lighter, more mobile force with less logistic requirements, and opted for more asymmetric means (ie: dude in the bushes with a Javelin) to take out tanks.

Many tanker Marines couldn’t stand being “degraded” in their eyes to LAR infantry, or AAVs so they lateral slid into the Army tankers or straight up quit.

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Posted in: Japan considers buying up to 500 U.S. Tomahawk missiles until FY2027 See in context

Tanks aren't very useful. Same for artillery, unless it can have pin-point accuracy to hit landing craft and protect Japanese ships and boats at sea. That seems to be the main mission for new weapons systems in Japan - along with air defense. Tanks don't exactly live long with an attack aircraft overhead.

Very true. The main mission of a tank is to destroy enemy tanks. And US armored doctrine is to never commit tanks without air superiority.

An MBT weighing at 50+ tons is impractical for an invading force on an island, as the tank itself would require the same logistics as 200 infantrymen.

If the invaders don’t have tanks, maintaining huge massed armor brigades is an unnecessary drain of manpower and money.

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Posted in: Break it down: Dancers begin charting path to Paris Olympics See in context

This is one reason why the Olympics has become a joke.

I don’t see the “joke.”

Competition level break dancing requires just as much athleticism and skill as gymnastics.

Is it just too “ghetto” and not aristocratic enough for you?

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Posted in: Smoking cannabis may be more harmful to lungs than tobacco: study See in context

Although I am for the legalization of marijuana, it is important to realize that smoking pot is still just inhaling smoke from burning plant matter.

It does not take a genius to figure out that inhaling any smoke is bad for you.

Also given the fact that marijuana is usually smoked unfiltered, inhaled deeper and then held in the lungs for a while before exhaling.

I occasionally smoke cigars and cigarettes while drinking, and will smoke a joint where it is legal, but I view the pot-extremists who boast pot as the savior of modern society the same as hardline vegans. The two of which coincidentally have a significant overlap.

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Posted in: Sale of beer with alcohol banned at World Cup stadiums See in context

Bummer…. There’s no fun but a lot of damn and mental in fundamentalism.

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Posted in: Born this way: Rats move to beat of Lady Gaga, Japanese study says See in context

Question....Who is paying for this kind of research ? After all those years of study .....this is what they come up with !!!! 

It’s thousands of research projects like this that, even though they seem meaningless and ridiculous, give clues to the evolution of cognitive development. Such as why humans find certain music attractive, why humans are capable of abstract thought and art, etc.

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Posted in: Toyota unveils new Prius hybrid with more power, range, style See in context

Even though I am partial towards gas cars, I did have the opportunity to drive a few hybrids and a Tesla X once.

The acceleration from 0-60 is uninterrupted by clutching and gear shifts, and is very torquey.

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Posted in: Toyota unveils new Prius hybrid with more power, range, style See in context

If anyone stands over 185cm getting into or out of a Prius and actually driving one, is in for a painful experience! 

It has a higher roof and more leg space than most American muscle cars.

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Posted in: Biden says missile that killed two in Poland may not have come from Russia See in context

Blunders happen in war.

The US mistakenly bombed Switzerland several times during WW2.

More so, the unmotivated, poorly trained and undisciplined Russians are capable of some pretty mind boggling oopsies.

However, there are also reports that it was fragments from a missile that was intercepted.

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Posted in: Tom and Jerry have been given an ultra kawaii redesign in Japan for a new animated series See in context

Continuing infantilisation.

Because the original Tom and Jerry was a paragon of mature intellectualism?

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Posted in: Osaka bus driver flunks alcohol test after eating steamed bread See in context

Some people also have auto-brewery syndrome, in which the gut flora contains yeasts that ferment sugars and starches into alcohol.

A lady once made the news in for consistently blowing a 0.45, which is considered a lethal overdose, but showed no signs of intoxication.

it turned out she had ABS and unknowingly developed a crazy high alcohol tolerance.

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Posted in: Japan to triple number of civilian transport ships for Self-Defense Forces See in context

It’s common practice for Navies to contract civilian ferries in wartime or national emergencies. It was called the Merchant Marine in WW2 and they transported the bulk of troops to Europe.

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Posted in: British minister tells gay World Cup fans to 'be respectful' See in context

And I can give you a nearly 100% guarantee that no same-sex couples visiting Qatar are going to do something so stupid as to hold hands or kiss in public - we are well used to keeping our sexuality under wraps, 

I’d like to agree with you 100% but, humans have a propensity for doing eccentric things. Especially when it is some thing they are emotionally or morally passionate about.

We see this from all sectors of society. Gun-nuts walking around shopping with a AR-15 slung over their shoulder, eco-protestors throwing tomato soup and paint on artworks and luxury cars, storming Capitol Hill, burning down and looting the very neighborhoods they claim “matter” etc. Not to mention that the current generation of both red and blue have a very “in your face” and “my cause is above the law” attitude.

When homosexuality was a crime in the US, there were the “We’re here we’re queer get used to it” protest marches.

If people are willing to risk imprisonment for their cause, I hope they fully understand what it may entail.

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Posted in: 5 Japanese horror films to watch this Halloween See in context

Not exactly “horror” but I always liked the “Yo ni mo kimyo na monogatari” short stories. Similar to the Twilight Zone, and some very imaginative situations.

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Posted in: Japan sees sharp rise in drunken driving cases linked to e-scooters See in context

what's next, banning drunk cycling?

It has been banned for a long time now.

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Little tiny wheels and tires just make no sense !

More repetitions and more gasoline/ power to achieve the distance required.

It depends on the gear ratio and engine displacement/power.

Otherwise we’d all be driving monster trucks and penny-farthings.

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I’ve yet to find many Japanese willing to talk about the war or even admit to family having gone to fight.

Even the 15yr old “youth brigade” soldiers would be in their 90’s now.

Been visiting any retirement homes recently?

In the early 90’s when I stayed at a Shizuoka family’s home, the grandmother told me about how her brother fought in Northern China, and bought land in Manchuria to start a farm. His land was confiscated after the war, and he died of pneumonia in a GHQ prison in Tokyo when he was jailed for fighting with some GIs in Tokyo.

Her brother in law, who ran a nearby tea farm, fought in the South Pacific and his regiment was almost completely annihilated in Burma. He escaped with a few other soldiers and stowed away to Japan by train and freight ship. They were tried for desertion but were released after the war ended. In the 70’s, he revisited the town in Burma that hid him for 2 weeks, but none of the original residents remained there.

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Posted in: Climate activists throw soup over Van Gogh's 'Sunflowers' in London See in context

Why don’t these losers go throw tomato soup at a Saudi oil sheik, or the CEO of Shell.

That tomato soup they threw, however, was probably made from tomatoes grown Spain, with spices from Iran, and chicken stock from Brazil, and canned in Vietnam.

All transported in ships, trucks and trains powered by…. Oil

Produced on farms that operate oil powered machinery, processed in factories that use electricity generated with oil…

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