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PM Kan closed his eyes while votation is going on. Perhaps he doesn't want to see those who will vote for him or against him. He looks tired! This "no confidence" motion is just a waste of time instead of helping on how to speed-up the reconstruction and recovery.

While his critics have been badmouthing him, never did I encounter any article that says... he badmouthed them in return. Kan us a good man! This is also one of the reason why this "no confidence" thing didn't materialized. The opposition are just afraid that if Kan succeeds in rebuilding this nation, LDP will never taste to rule this country again.

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It's a shame to those who continually criticize PM Kan, they don't even have tha "BALLS" to step- up when Kan asked for their cooperation to rebuild the Tohoku region and no concrete plans what to do with the mega disasters. Instead, they are too busy finding faults... what else is new? "Empty can strikes loud indeed!" Kan is not only a PM for the Tohoku region but as a whole... the country of Japan! The G8 meeting represents PMs and Presidents of member countries, so it would be improper if he can't attend! Stay focus PM Kan!

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Here we go again, it's easy to criticize PM Kan but "these so called JT experts" can't even suggest a better PM at this time. I still believe PM Kan is doing his job the best he can compared to his critics. Oh yeah, "empty can strikes loud!"

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Nice gesture PM Kan! I wish all politicians especially those critical to him will do the same thing.

"JT know-it-all" commentators are calling for PM Kan's resignation, however they can't even present alternative politicians who have balls to take responsibility in handling big crisis like what we have right now. While there may be opportunists for the PM position but their hearts are far for the people. They aim for the premiership only for personal selfish agenda.

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american_bengoshi: Opposing the US military bases is a requirement for running in the gubernatorial election. It is actually in the documentation that candidates have to sign and submit."

What??? Is that really part of the requirements for running to Public Office in Okinawa even if their lives is at risk? If this is part of their law, then it must be revised!

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Who will protect you Okinawan's in case of an attack by bad neighbors??? Don't be hard-headed and selfish!!! Okinawa is still the best place for U.S. military bases and you can't do anything about it especially at this time. May it be DPJ or LDP led gov't, I believe the U.S. presence in your area still remain not until J-gov't have the capability to stand on his own or perhaps you may request our gov't to built a strong military like the U.S- I guess this will not solve your problem either because whether you like it or not, a strong military presence will still be stationed in your region.

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"Now the free app can be installed on the iPhone."

None yet in Japan Iphone. When will we have the application available for download here?

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