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So, prosecutor could not prove Trump broke the law. There is no allegations. But prosecutor states, that it doesn't mean Trump is clear?! Really? Now it is prosecutors job to make clearing?

Reading some commenters.

Are those fron the same people who empasized Ghosn's innocence before proved the opposite?

P.s. was the investigation ran clean and clear? I guess noone would want to be investigated like this and then get the verdit "2 years of investigation does not clear you". But what do I know - people are much more into politics than into common sense and the right of people for justice.

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if there's a shortage, the price should go up in order to even the disbalance and fill the hole. If you take a look at job postings they offer the same wage/salary the offered for years, meaning no one actually needs the workers. Which means 163 positions for 100 seekers is FAKE. In reality there is much less positions open.

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I wish good luck to investors of these companies.

You are investing in the companies with most incompetent management in the industry.

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Posted in: Nissan scraps rule that gave Ghosn power to decide executive pay See in context

I don't quite understand the thing that 43.5% owner of the company has to ask for permission to have the board meeting, and needs some approval from the management of the company.

If they treat the biggest shareholder in such a way, why would anyone in his right mind to buy even one share?

P.S. I have no idea what could have been done worse for Nissan and Japan international business image than last actions of Nissan management

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