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Posted in: Five U.S. troops die in Afghan chopper crash See in context

I think it's time to call it a day in Afghanistan an bring the troops home. Nothing we do will be good enough for the Afghan tribes and they really never wanted us there. I know, I've been there. Exactly the same thing happened to the Soviets and we thought we could just go in and take over... for what?? The fools in congress can't get the budget passed and the sequestration has already impacted my comrades and our operations. I call bull****.

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Posted in: China, S Korea envoys skip tsunami ceremony See in context

This was a serious diplomatic blunder by both China and South Korea, The earthquake and tsunami disaster was a humanitarian crisis where "developed" countries are expected to show compassion at the very least. It clearly shows these two are far from being "truly developed" countries in the advanced sociological sense. I can bet if such horrific disaster befell China or South Korea, Japan would send millions of $ in aid and send hig ranking diplomats to show their respects, like all highly developed countries should. I don't blame the people, but the governments there are despicable. I've been to both China and South Korea and I have met some decent people there, although there are harsh sentiments towards Japan from many people. Really, Japan is on a much higher level, at least that's the way I saw it, firsthand.

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Posted in: Crisis looms in U.S. as budget cuts hit on Friday See in context

For Christ's sake, these are the same bufoons who give themselves raises every year!! I'm sick of this crap!!

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Posted in: Japan scrambles fighter jets to meet Chinese plane See in context

Each time that China sends her ships into the Japanese territorial zone and Japan literally does nothing about it, it's consistently staking its claim to what they call the Diaoyus and they will not stop until Japan gets tired and finally gives up. This is one case where Japan really has to grow some cojones and show China that it will not tolerate Chinese infiltrations or dubious claims to these islands. Japanese ships wouldn't be let to within 20 km of a Chinese island for sure!! How about parking a couple of JMSDF destroyers there and order them to take whatever forceful actions as necessary to "defend" the Japanese sovereignty of these islands? Or is Japan scared?

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Posted in: DPJ discuss reinstating Ozawa's membership See in context

Senior party party members have found their scapegoat and put him out to dry. The Sgadow Shogun has spoken, and so it shall be done. Why doesn't he just become Prime Minister?

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Posted in: Fukushima advertising for police See in context

Oops, sorry about that, but I was gonna say it'sa drop in the bucket compared to what the corrupt officialssteal evry year!

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Posted in: Fukushima advertising for police See in context

How much salary are they offering?? I would do it if I had a guaranteed life insurance policy of at least $1M, at least, plus a salary of $500K a year, minimum. If I'm gonna lay my life on the line in this way, I want extensive returns. This shouldn't be probelm as it's only a drop in the bucket compared to the

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Posted in: Dissident Chen appeals to Obama to help him leave China See in context

I think the Chinese were pretty darned angry about this, and told the US to practice what they preach in legalities. Stay out of other countries' internal affairs. China is not a weak country like Iraq or Afghanistan or Libya. How long has China been around?? How long has the USA been around??

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Posted in: Australia delays fighter jet project to save money See in context

The JTF is a white elephant already. Technology and techniques to counter it's stealth capabilities are already active in Russia and soon in China. The costs keep going up and the plane hasn't even been close to operational. Perhaps Australia should buy a different plane, since the JTF will be even more expensive two years from now and who knows if it will be ready for production at that time. The F-22 is good, but even it has it's quirks with the skin and oxygen generator problems. Stealth is effective only when taking on capably inferior adversaries, probably not so effective against more sophisticated, full spectrum air defense systems and techniques.

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Posted in: Korean idol enrages Japanese netizens by eating instant noodles from the pot See in context

It's a commercial people!! This is just stupid , why does JT post this to begin with?? Oh, and by the way... Japan, you are not the only country in the world....Yes, there really are other real countries out there!!

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Posted in: Over 25% of Japanese in their 20s have considered suicide See in context

There is a serious flaw in the Japanese psyche. I've lived here for 18 years and is clearly evident to me.... why isn't it obvious to the J- gov. They need to address this and many other things in their society. Why is it that in other much poorer countries people aren't disheartened to the point where they have to resort to suicide?

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Posted in: Smelt in Gunma lake four times over new legal radiation limit See in context

This only the beginning I'm afraid. We'll hear of more contaminated food and water as the months and years go by. The unlucky children will develop Thyroid cancer, and only then, when it's too late, will the J-gov issue any warnings to have compulsory testing of the population and make Fukushima prefecture off limits.

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Posted in: Water containing strontium leaks from Fukushima plant into sea See in context

Why don't they just encase this in a concrete sarcophagus and call it a day? Seal the whole mess up for good! The area around the Fukushima dai-ichi is permamnenlty radiated and should be off limits. When is the J-gov going to make a good decision finally!?

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Posted in: Russia's Medvedev tells Romney to 'use head' See in context

That, ladies and gentlemen is a true professional politician and world leader putting the smackdown on little kid Romney who pretends he knows about international relations. Way to go Medvedeb!! By the way, Ukraine will never be allowed to join NATO while Russia exists. My friends there tell me they don't want to be under the Russian yoke, but neither do they want to be the West's puppet. When it comes down down to it, Russia and Ukraine are historically and culturally linked as the home of Slavic civilization, and Russia will never allow to be separated.

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Posted in: Obama hits back in Russia 'hot mike' row See in context

President Obama clearly showed his professionalism and skill as a world leader, acting responsibly and pragmatically. He clearly understands what is going on the world, and knows Moscow is expremely upset about a great many things. It's the US who is acting as the agressor, surrounding Russia with whole army groups and missile defense radars and interceptors. With its military might and economic power, the US has reached a point where our forces are now inside the Soviet "backyard", and Russia because it has been weaker, wasn't able to counter the US moves. But now, as we get closer, Russia is drawing the line, and our President clearly doesn't want another cold war, much less an active war does anybody? Russia is the other superpower, and President Obama's conversation with Medvedeb clearly shows the respect the superpowers have towards each other, no matter what rhetoric gets pushed in the media. To be the leader of the strongest nation on earth takes a lot more than just brawn, especially when dealing with the 2nd most powerful country on the planet. Let's not forget, the bear can still put our lights out for good. These two guys, are showing they're serious about finding a compromise... as true leaders should.

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Posted in: Obama visits Demilitarized Zone, warns N Korea not to launch rocket See in context

Obummer!! Warning North Korea is like warning China.... they're really scared!! ooh!!

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Posted in: Medvedev: Annan's mission is Syria's last chance See in context

There will not be a repeat of Lybia in Syria. Hope Assad will step down, because Russia just got him a freebie!

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Posted in: Japan to cut Iran oil imports after exemption from U.S. sanctions See in context

The grim reality is the US is proping up Saudi Arabia, UAE and Kuwait , and now Iraqi oil industries. They sell oil in dollars only because of a deal made long ago where the US guaranteed their sovereignty in exchange for the petro-dollar. That makes the US the sole long term benefactor of about 80% of the world's oil, equal to billions of dollars anually. The petro-dollar is what keeps America on war footing, as she will do what is necessary to keep the oil flowing to fill her coffers of greed and debt, and if you dare not sell in dollars, you get invaded, and the oil ends up being America's oil and your country a puppet state. Iraq and Libya wanted to lose the dollar, and they got invaded for it. Iran also is not selling in dollars so now they are the next target.... it is a chain of events driven by America's thirst for power, and all it's so called "allies" are really nothing more than "slaves" to the "master". People need to wake up and smell the coffee!! Wake up Japan, but I really don't think this country has any balls left to make any decisions for itself, as it takes orders from Washington. A unipolar world is no good for mankind.

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Posted in: Japan down to one nuclear reactor after Niigata shutdown See in context

The J-gov, better known as Clowns Inc., needs to stop all the ridiculous paranoia and re-start the nuclear reactors. Or do they wanna be forever dependent on Middle Estern oil and make the rich richer, while Japan suffers?? Nuclear technology is proven safe and as clean s it gets if managed properly. Do you see France or Russia stopping their Nuclear programs?? Of course not!! Nuclear power is the only way for a country without any energy resources while they develop green technologies for the future!!

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Posted in: Japan wants cuisine listed as UNESCO heritage See in context

I think this just the typical Jaapanese"we are better than averyone else" syndrome poking it's ugly head through. Ciuld it be anti-semitic in some way? I love Japan and have lived here for 17 years, but the idiosyncracies she brings about sometimes are simply ridiculous. Food is food, yes, Japanese food is good, but is it the best?? Is there a best amongst foods? Wsohku is great, healthy and some is quite delicious, but I really don't think any food is deserving of UNESCO calssification. If anything, make all foods from all over the world as world heritage. Let's go to a French restaurant and talk about best tasting. I also second Chicken Kiev.

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Posted in: McCain calls for U.S.-led airstrikes in Syria See in context

McCain is a crazy warmonger! He had his day in Vietnam and now he wants to push his faulty and twisted policy around. You know, I'm in the military and an Iraq and Afghanistan veteran, boots on the ground, and have much respect for his service , but I don't agree with his stupid infantile remarks. Go chill out and enjoy your retirement!

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Posted in: U.S. urges probe into Putin's victory See in context

All of you need to understand, Russia does things a little differently, they follow the beat of their own drum. Remember The Soviet Union collapsed only 21 years ago and it will take time to establish more, democratic politics. We must never be fooled, Russian democracy will not be like American democracy. They will choose their own path, and in a country as enormous and ethnically diverse as Russia, which includes the largest muslim populations outside the Middle East, there will be challenges to reaching a smooth democratic style. In order to transform there must be a conducive economic and social environment where the whole population benefits from reforms and educates itself on the working politiks of the country, and not "educated" by outside intereference. All this must be achieved without the hassle and subvertive policies of the West, and that meddling is what the Russian power elite are careful to prevent. The West looks at Russia as a gold mine waiting to be raped of her resources, and people such as Putin are not going for it. That is the real difference here, Russia will never be anybody's lapdog, no matter how much the US and Europe try to swing it into their sphere of influence. The people who really know about geopolitiks, the government elite in Russia will never let it happen. We cannot forget that Russia has fought wars throughout her history and has a long tradition in higher learning, the arts, and technological achievement, and is a proud country. Do you really want to mess with the Bear? Not even the US does it directly. So let them have their elections and try to have a friendly relationship with them because after the US, they are the other superpowe and the only country on earth who can put the lights out in the US for good. They provide the balance in the force.

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Posted in: Fukushima residents seek immigration to South Korea See in context

Good for them, I've been to Korea several times and the situtaion has improved markedly each time... yes there are still hardcore people who don't like Japan, but they are diminishing. I only hope they like Kimchee and garlic!! I do believe they really need to think this through and be sure bfore they commit. There are similarities between Japan and Korea, but also huge differences.

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Posted in: Noda congratulates Putin; urges resolution to territorial issue See in context

Oh man, Putin is back at the helm? Better become friends with the bear than be an enemy. Surely there are legitimate spheres of cooperation in many fields between Japan and Russia. I believe even Russia is changing in this ever changing world.... and Japan needs to place itself with good partners to develop economical as well as security arrangements thta will benefit both Russia and Japan. I think Japan wants to cooperate in certain fields, but let's face it, Uncle Sam is the real boss in Japan, and as long as America continues to occupy it, Japan is forced to do it's bidding and cannot make foreign ploicy moves without Washington's approval. That is the grim reality.

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Posted in: Japan says it may cancel F-35 order if prices rise See in context

If Japan wants real "bang for the buck", they should buy Sukhoi Su-30 MK. It is a 4+ generation fighter and will outmaneuver just about anything flying, and it's as robust as it gets. Long range and firepower at will, but Japan will never buy Russian. The Eurofighter is too expensive and I don't see them buying the Gripen, although it's a very capable 4+ machine. They might as well start drawing up the contract to buy the ageing F-18 Super Hornet.

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Posted in: Quake researchers warn of Tokyo's 'Big One' See in context

My Japanese co-worker was telling me that if Tokyo has abig earthquake, that Japan would simplystop functioning. All the cell phones would stop working because hte phone companies' headquarters are in Tokyo... and pretty much everything else. I definitely support the second capital as Osaka... a capital running in parallel but at a lower functional operating mode until needed. It makes sense to me.

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Posted in: Ishihara agrees with Nagoya mayor's Nanjing massacre denial See in context

The J government needs to atone fore Japan's military atrocities during the war. If they ever want to be accepted as a real partner with the big players in the world, they should do so, instead of hiding it from their people. This creates a society who is totally ignorant and indifferent to the facts! These same people go about all their lives thinking how wonderful Japan is and how truly elevated they are. It's all lies and omissions on part of the J-gov.My wife is Japanese, I have a daughter here and she is in every sense a typical Japanese teenager, attends the local schools, and she is learning all the lies the education system here dishes out. I'm about to take her back to the US with me, because as much as I love Japan.... it's highly hypocritical stance on the war and current geopolitical views, along with the Japanese thinking they're the best, and everytthing Japanese is best, it's starting to turn me off. People like Ishihara and others who think the same way should be locked up. The only reason Japan is what is today is because the US has protected it since the surrender. Other wise this could be a Chinese province by now.

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Posted in: Japan demands concrete action from North Korea See in context

Japan should certainly be concerned and make inputs into Nort Korea coming clean with it's nuclear weapons program, but that's about it. The Japanese and their lofty heads always make the most ridiculous coments sometimes, except it makes them look like fools in the international arena. They have an inefectual government fool of crooks and a soceity of dreamers in wonderland. Wake up to the reality!!! Atone for your mistakes during your Imperialistic history like Germany did and join the real world!

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Posted in: Noda welcomes U.S.-N Korea agreement; seeks resolution of abduction issue See in context

Seeks resolution of abduction issue....hahaha!! No seriously......hahahhaha

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Posted in: 49 dead, hundreds injured in Buenos Aires train crash See in context

This Sarmiento and TBA owners need to be arrested!! How irresponsible on their part to not adequately maintain their trains!! The articel says they purchased the trains from Japan and I'm sure the Japanese engrained in them the importance of proper maintenance. The current operator needs to hang!

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