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Posted in: Mother, 1-year-old daughter die after apparent leap from apartment building See in context

By taking the child with her,the wife was looking to exert as much pain and emotional suffering to the husband as possible.Not necessarily through her demise,but through their kid's.

How very assumptuous of you.

Extreme depression? My male coworker friend was so stressed out after his first child from lack of sleep that he actually started crying at work. Raising kids is tough.

Indeed it is. We have a 1 month old and the lack of sleep is very real!

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Posted in: Democratic candidates blame Trump, NRA for inaction on guns See in context

Sure, blame Trump, he's only been president for 3 years, and no one blamed Obama for the 169 shootings on his watch. Typical democrat idiocy.

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Posted in: Students take stand against sexual violence at Japan's universities See in context

Why assume sexual assault is only something that happens male to female? There are aggressive females out there too. Then there's homosexual rape.

Informing students about the right behavior is good, but an aggressive attacker isn't going to care about rules.

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Posted in: Protesters chant as Trump visits Dayton, El Paso See in context

When will the Republicans deal with the rot in their party?

Just as soon as you democrats acknowledge there's an infestation of mold, rats and liars in your own party, far far greater than anywhere else!

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Posted in: Typhoon leaves 1 dead in southwestern Japan See in context

Just blustery wind and rain here in Yamaguchi.

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Posted in: Moon calls for 'peace economy' with N Korea; slams Japan See in context

30.0 is close enough to 25.4, 

Not even close, especially when you are talking about trade impact.

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Posted in: Moon calls for 'peace economy' with N Korea; slams Japan See in context

It is only a matter of time before the Koreas are united.

The economic benefits of a reunification would be massive.

President Moon is correct, North Korea allowing citizens free access to China and Russia by road would be a massive step forward and would invigorate both Koreas.

Japan would be at a competitive loss with an ascendant Korea.

Clearly you haven't the first clue how economics, politics and cultural interests, work.

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Posted in: Japan rout Tonga 41-7 to continue impressive World Cup build-up See in context

Yeah, if they were solely Japanese players, they'd have been crushed!

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Posted in: At least 20 dead, 26 wounded after shooting at Walmart store in Texas See in context

This gun-crazy country can only be cured by a woman able to lead the nation toward sanity. Warren is that woman.

Warren has already proven herself a liar. Terrible woman. And criminals don't care about gun laws!

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Posted in: Heat wave claims more lives in Japan See in context

The parents of the infant who died in the car need to be charged with murder. How stupid do you need to be to leave a child in a car on a hot day!

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Posted in: S Korea says it 'won't be defeated again' by Japan See in context

People are very quiet here in Japan. Japanese people may have lost patriotism. They want to forget about South Korea anyway.

When the baby cries for no reason, it's best to just let it whine. No one's losing patriotism.

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Posted in: Traffic reduction falls far short of target in Tokyo highway test See in context

New Olympic event : Highway Dash

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Posted in: 1 dead, 11 others shot near Brooklyn playground See in context

Mocheake, your comment is as benign as it is obtuse.

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Posted in: Traffic reduction falls far short of target in Tokyo highway test See in context

Paying road tax and tolls is bad enough. Increasing prices for the Olympics? Total absurdity!

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Posted in: Stalker mixed urine into face lotion of object of his affection See in context

I seriously hope he's in custody. What a sick and twisted pervert!

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Posted in: Outrage as Trump brands mostly-black Baltimore 'infested mess' See in context

Baltimore is run by Democrats.

Trump never mentioned race or colour, the democrats did. He was referring to the high crime rate and low employment.

Gotta love how the left continues to play the racism card.

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Posted in: Death toll in arson attack on Kyoto anime studio rises to 35 See in context

If he's smart enough to know how to use a VPN to hide his tracks, the mental health argument just became weakened. He knew what he was doing and had been thinking about it for a long time. He deserves nothing less than the death penalty.

R. I. P. to all 35 victims. I hope there will be no more.

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Posted in: Nissan to cut 12,500 jobs globally after Q1 profit drops 98.5% See in context

Nothing to do with Brexit.

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Posted in: Survivor of deadly arson attack escaped by jumping out of building See in context

In 20 years here, I've worked with a few companies for several years and none of them have had a fire drill for all employees, only the few who are trained to deal with a fire.

Again, this happened so quickly that there literally was no time to think. Fire drills may have saved lives and we don't know if they had them or not.

This whole attack was senseless and the perp needs to feel the full force of the law. No pity for him whatsoever!

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Posted in: Boris Johnson chosen as Britain's next prime minister; now faces Brexit test See in context

Typical hate comments from liberals here.

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Posted in: Man shot after pub fracas in Tochigi See in context

However, rival gang violence is not rare in Japan.

Yes it is.

It's a lot more common than you think.

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Posted in: LDP set to retain majority in upper house election See in context

The whole election smells fishy.

LDP popularity is down but they get the most votes? Pffft

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Posted in: Anime studio boss at loss for words as he mourns bright, young staff See in context

The bonus is de facto a right rather than a privilege in Japan AFAIK anyway, so paying it doesn't mean anything than him doing the standard thing. 

This is only partially correct. Bonuses are only usually paid after the first full year of employment, in the 2nd year. He paid them a bonus as a reward for good work. Sounds like a good boss to me.

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Posted in: Anime studio boss at loss for words as he mourns bright, young staff See in context

So many of you blaming the boss and the building designers. Yet none of you have the first clue just how violently quickly gasoline combusts. It sticks and water does not kill it so easily. The carbon monoxide and other gases would have been overpowering very very quickly!

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Posted in: Anime studio boss at loss for words as he mourns bright, young staff See in context

Why mention paying out bonuses to the poor deceased?

Because he was letting us know how talented his staff were and just how much he appreciated them.

If he's at a loss for words, let me help him out. Water sprinklers in the ceiling. That would have been nice. Maybe don't cheap out by using a building that wasn't intended as an office. The list goes on. Enjoy counting your money.

This is just repugnant, ignorant and below disgusting.

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Posted in: Japan rock group Dragon Ash member nabbed for marijuana possession See in context

Rena Matsui, it's a plant, and far less harmful than beer. The cops wasted hundreds of thousands if not millions of yen, on a raid for marijuana possession. If they were really interested in looking good, they'd go after the sellers and not the end users. It's a pathetic waste of money! And again, it's a plant. Get over it yourself.

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Posted in: Iran says it has confiscated British tanker in Strait of Hormuz See in context

@chip star, funny how Iran was blatantly ignoring the deal set in place by producing over their agreed weight, and how Obama gave them a billion dollars. Or has your liberal mind chosen to forget the facts, again!

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Posted in: Iran says it has confiscated British tanker in Strait of Hormuz See in context

Thanks for unnecessarily exacerbating the situation, Donny. All because you are racist and obsessed with Obama.

Oh purleeze! Get off this bandwagon of blaming Trump for everything! Or do you believe that Iran is a nice regime and Obama did nothing wrong? Yeah, you probably do.

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Posted in: Reports say suspect in deadly Kyoto arson attack had grudge See in context

Really?! A guy that sets fire to a building with a lot of people inside has a grudge? That's a shocker.

He could have done it for any number of reasons, so your belligerence is not needed.

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Posted in: Knife crimes soar to record in England and Wales See in context

Knife crime in London has risen over 2000% since Sadiq Khan took office as mayor. He's not fit to be in such a noble position!

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