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Posted in: U.S. looking for ways to reduce nuclear risk with China See in context

U.S. looking for ways to reduce nuclear risk with China

Easy... get rid of the Democrat regime in the US!

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Posted in: Cherry blossoms set to bloom even earlier in Japan this year See in context

Every year these stories say the same thing. Yet it blossoms around the same time as usual.

Winter is far from over. You can't wish it away by saying otherwise.

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Posted in: Could video games bring NFTs to the masses? See in context

NFT is a scam like modern art.

It's all money laundering!

Unless you've tried it, you're in no position to say such nonsense! What's your basis?

They said the same about Bitcoin too.

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Posted in: Fauci says early reports encouraging about Omicron variant See in context

I haven't even had a sniffle since covid hit. Suppose it could have something to do with my masking, sanitizing, social distancing, and getting all my vaccinations? Hey, science. It does a body good.

I wear a mask occasionally, sanitise my hands no more than I always did, don't bother with social distancing given that if we're all wearing masks and sanitised then it's not necessary, and haven't had/won't be getting, any of the 'vaccines', and I "haven't had a sniffle since covid hit" either! I guess my immunity system is just doing its job! Isn't science weird?

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Posted in: Woman arrested over attempted murder-for-hire of husband See in context

Revenge? For what - pointing out that you're useless with money?

Glad he survived and I wish him a long and rich life while she rots in prison!

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Posted in: Knife-wielding man arrested at Miyagi childcare facility says he intended to kill children See in context

Violence will only produce more violence!

My stepdad used to beat the crap out of me when I was a kid.

Not once have I ever felt the desire or need to do the same to someone else or worse, my kids.

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Posted in: Knife-wielding man arrested at Miyagi childcare facility says he intended to kill children See in context

The only thing I fear in this country is some lunatic going to my children's school and harming them or others. Glad this lunatic was taken down before he could do any harm. But I hope he gets the help he needs, too.

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Posted in: Train driver sues JR West for ¥56 deducted pay over one-minute delay See in context

“So you can reduce someone’s salary by one minute, but you can’t pay overtime in one-minute increments as well?”

Agreed. When I worked for a car company here, I once put in many hours of overtime that went unpaid. It wasn't because I was asked to, I just wanted to do a good job for the company. Then one morning, I turned up 3 minutes late because of a traffic accident blocking the road on the route to the company, and I was chastised for being late, in front of everyone, and had ¥10,000 deducted from my next salary. I quit the month after.

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Posted in: Elon Musk sells $1.1 billion in Tesla shares See in context

It's pretty funny seeing the poors complain about his success and smarts. Then again, it's hardly surprising given how many of you out there hate to see anyone being obviously more successful than you are!

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Posted in: China expanding its nuclear arsenal faster than anticipated: Pentagon See in context

 China ...hasn't been involved in any wars for decades]

Except for the fighting along the Indian border between Indian and Chinese troops, which has been going on for some time, on and off.

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Posted in: In the middle of a crisis, Facebook Inc renames itself Meta See in context

Glad I left Facebook a long time ago and I won't be joining Meta, pieces of garbage and I would prefer to keep my privacy private.

Likewise and I don't miss it whatsoever!

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Posted in: Australia proposes laws requiring voters to prove their identity See in context

If you have a problem with needing an ID to vote, then you're clearly part of the problem with fraudulent politics!

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Posted in: Has the shift toward remote work during the pandemic been good for the environment? See in context

I worked from home for most of the past 18 months.

Used the air-cooling system, kitchen items, shower, and TV more than I normally would, and my utility bills have been double their normal amount. So given that, I'd say probably not.

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Posted in: Taiwan has no right to join United Nations: China See in context

Taiwan has every right to be in the UN. China, given it's appalling human rights abuses, does not.

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Posted in: Former Princess Mako says marriage was a 'necessary choice' See in context

It's great to see these two relatively young people, who know exactly what they want, stick it the press and the watching world in general! I wish them every success and a lifelong happy union together!

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Posted in: Mako's marriage casts shadow on imperial succession debate See in context

It's simple...Japan may have to return to having an Empress on the throne as it was in old times. Public opinion isn't relevant although I get why they didn't want Mako to marry the man bun.

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Posted in: LDP loses one of two by-elections in blow to Kishida See in context

Free day care for all children.

Couldn't agree more! The local LDP government are sucking us dry for $600+ a month just for pre-school for our 2 year old! My 20 year old son is at college and it costs a LOT less to put him there!

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Posted in: LDP loses one of two by-elections in blow to Kishida See in context

Not really a difficult win for the LDP here in Yamaguchi. People haven't been bothering to vote as much as usual, as nothing changes and taxes just keep increasing despite the usual promises to lower them from every side. Plus it's a farmers' paradise out here so the Status Quo rules the usual.

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Posted in: New Zealand sets 90% vaccination target to end lockdowns See in context

I think it's a great incentive to get people vaccinated - play their part in the community - and at the same time protecting themselves.

Protecting themselves from what exactly? Unvaccinated people who don't have the virus? Or vaccinated people who (as recent data is showing) do have it?

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Posted in: Do you believe China will try to retake Taiwan by force one day? See in context

There will be no "try," they simply will. No one is going to stop them.

There are plenty of allies backing up Taiwan.

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Posted in: Vaccines, masks? Japan puzzling over sudden virus success See in context

Normal life? I been living a normal life since COVID took the world by storm...Been tested monthly for over a year now, and been negative everytime. And this is even after traveling around. It also helps that I drive everywhere and am not on a crowded train.

Agreed! Been doing the same (except the testing part). People have lost their freaking minds over the man-on-the-tv-said-so-so-it-must-be-true hype!

Interestingly, my sister is a Care Worker back in the UK and she had both jabs, collapsed in the street just 3 hours after the 2nd one, and 3 months later, was suspended from work for a month for contracting Covid! Go figure - someone best tell those vaccines to start working before the unvaccinated start spreading the virus they don't have everywhere!

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Posted in: Princess Mako visits palace for her last imperial rite See in context

Personally I'd like to see her turn around and call the whole relationship off and remain a princess.

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Posted in: Trans Netflix staff plan walkout over Chappelle special See in context

Netflix trans staff plan to walkout.

See ya!

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Posted in: 11-year-old boy dies after falling from 10th-floor apartment balcony See in context

Logic (not lack of compassion) makes me doubt very much that an 11 year-old boy would fall from a balcony.

My friend was 22 when he fell to his death through nothing more than thinking he'd be safe to sit on the edge of the ledge. Your logic is flawed.

And where are the moderators? So many ignorant comments suggesting opinions that are unwarranted.

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Posted in: Australia wants Facebook held liable for anonymous defamatory comments See in context

The world wants the Australian government held accountable for abusing the rights of free expression of its citizens.

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Posted in: Man arrested for fatally abusing 2-month-old son See in context

Big man hitting a 2 month old baby! I'm sure jail will be a good alternative to seeing your son.

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Posted in: Hopes grow Kishida may pave way for talks with N Korea See in context

What he ^^^^ said.

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Posted in: Japan to see price hikes in food, tobacco products from October See in context

How would you suggest they do that? Japan has very limited natural resources and useable land for crops so they have to try on importing things like gas, oil, wheat..

Japan has plenty of viable land for growing ones own food. Or make planter boxes and grow it. We didn't buy a single tomato or cucumber this year because we started to grow our own. Saved a substantial amount of money so far!

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Posted in: Do you think tech giants like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Amazon and YouTube have too much control over what people see and read? See in context

The searches I do on Google, never show the same results as I get on other Search Engines. Google hides way too much info.

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Posted in: China clamps down on pop culture in bid to 'control' youth See in context

If the CCP disappeared tomorrow, the world and of course, China, would be a better place for it.

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