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Posted in: Webinar: Learn from expats who made the move to Japan what you need to know See in context

How about asking expats who have been here for a while?

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Posted in: Planet 'on the brink', with new heat records likely in 2024: U.N. See in context

You can literally fit every person on the planet on Manhattan island. No such thing as overpopulation on a global level. Yet we're expected to believe the leftist trolls, most of whom have never done anything to combat the issues at hand, that the world is on the brink?


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Posted in: McDonald's operations in Japan resume after IT outage See in context

This isn't the full story. It happened in many businesses across Japan and the globe. Shopping in YouMe Town this afternoon and shelves were almost empty because a software glitch (apparently) rendered deliveries useless as drivers were not able to see digital manifests. In store operations were also affected and item scanners and self-checkout tills were not operating as usual. The poor staff had to check baskets for items not given their labeled discounts. Something fishy here.

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Posted in: Female inmate who claimed she ‘wanted to die’ apparently hangs herself in cell See in context

the only person at "fault" was the prisoner.

Glad you're not a counselor. At least I really hope not!

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Posted in: Former Pakistan PM Imran Khan gets 10-year jail term for leaking state secrets See in context

Should have just stuck to cricket,

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Posted in: Potentially dirty and broken used shinkansen food/beverage carts on sale in Japan for ¥100,000 See in context

Although pricier on board than the convenience store, getting coffee et-al from the cart was always part of the experience of traveling here.

It's a service that'll be missed.

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Posted in: Central Tokyo condo average price tops ¥100 mil for 1st time See in context

Those traditional houses are dangerous. The heavy roof looks nice but not recommended. Also remote areas are not connected easily to necessities such as hospitals supermarkets and so on. Better to live in the city, especially as we age.

They are built to withstand whatever mother nature throws at them.

I live in the sticks, with a big house, very large garden, paid 15% of the price of the Tokyo condo for a 3 year old house, and all amenities are less than 15 minutes away in any direction.

Originally from London, you couidn't pay me to go back or move to Tokyo. Much prefer the peace of mind countryside living gives me as I age.

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Posted in: 47 buried in landslide in southwest China See in context

Due to climate change, landslides have increased by 50% in a decade.

No evidence whatsoever to support such a claim!

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Posted in: 'Friends' star Matthew Perry, 54, found dead at home See in context

As information trickles out, it seems the drowning is a result of unconsciousness due to the heart attack.

Regardless, we can all thank him for his service to putting a smile on our faces. Personally, I don't feel he was given the credit he deserved for his roles after Friends, but he's an actor none of us will forget anytime soon.

RIP Matthew Perry and thank you for the laughs!

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Posted in: Kishida unveils plan to tackle birthrate crisis See in context

How about telling kindergartens they can NOT ask us to prove we work every damn weekend?!

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Posted in: Toyota debuts hydrogen-fueled race car as auto racing begins shift away from gas guzzlers See in context

Hydrogen huh... good luck with that!

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Posted in: City legislator's son arrested after 4 killed, including 2 police officers, in Nagano Prefecture See in context

BofingtonToday  08:26 am JST

I can't wait to hear the apologies the assemblyman will be making, even though he wasn't involved. Sad that the entire family suffers for one's stupidity. They should be in mourning, more than anything.

Sounds like you're ridiculing his family as though they're going to make excuses for him.

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Posted in: City legislator's son arrested after 4 killed, including 2 police officers, in Nagano Prefecture See in context

Can we spare a thought of the absolute anguish and heartbreak his mother, and possibly his father, are going through right now? As a father to three boys here, my oldest being 22, I would be absolutely heartbroken that my boy did something like this. Not just for him, but for the victims and their families.

Safe to say, this guy has sealed his fate. RIP to all those who had their lives taken.

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Posted in: Kishida, Biden agree to step up advanced technology cooperation See in context

I like Biden. I think he did an impressive job after The Worst US President In History.

Wrong. Biden IS the worst President in History! Period!

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Posted in: Teacher moonlighting as bar host arrested in Nagoya See in context

The man is just trying to earn some extra cash. Teacher salaries are not great as it is, so you can't blame him for wanting to boost his income. If he knew the law pertaining to soliciting though, well, he only has himself to blame.

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Posted in: Suspicious object in bag halts trains in Hiroshima See in context

Police officials said there is a possibility of overreaction to something that may turn out to be harmless.

Given that the owner later claimed the package, I'd say so. But understandable.

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Posted in: Twitter begins removing blue checks from users who don't pay See in context

The current excuse for a POTUS also has his removed, too. Won't be seeing anyone bring that up, I bet.

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Posted in: Former Indian lawmaker slain live on TV while in police custody See in context

All of this is wrong.

No, it isn't.

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Posted in: Actor and UNICEF ambassador Orlando Bloom visits children's center in Kyiv See in context

Another woke actor to add to the list of "Don't Watch"

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Posted in: Kishida outlines plans to tackle falling birthrate See in context

It's expensive to have a kid here. And the rules for getting kids into kindergarten are ridiculous! Especially if you're a part time worker, you have to be working a minimum 60 hours a month. If not, your kid doesn't get in to school and you basically have to quit working. Then, if you make more than the average wage, you pay between $600 - $1k+ /month for fees!

Kishida needs a reality check, especially given how expensive everything has become on his watch!

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Posted in: 'Snip-snip! Hooray!': TikTok trend dispels vasectomy myths See in context

including vaccine... related falsehoods

Like all the doctors and scientists who spoke out about it being dangerous but being called conspiracy nuts? Lol

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Posted in: Record early start again for Tokyo's cherry blossoms See in context

Every year its the same story! And those are NOT cherry blossoms!

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Posted in: Kumamoto stumbles over plan to recognize foreigners as citizens See in context

Kyushu is not the most progressive part of Japan so I wouldn’t really hold it up as an indicative example.

Please, get out more.

As a PR for 24 years here, I think it only fair to have my voice with my taxes! But as it is, my Japanese wife never votes and let's me use her voting paper as "her" vote.

It's time for change.

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Posted in: Woman gets 3 1/2 years in prison over deaths of children left in hot car See in context

The prison term is a joke! She shouldn't be allowed out until her life is almost over!

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Posted in: Cathay Pacific giving away 80,000 return air tickets See in context

I used to like this airline a lot and used them frequently to go between Japan and the UK. But in recent years, stewardesses behave as if they're beauty pagent queens, are narcissistic and slow to serve. My last trip with them, they were extremely cold to the needs of my son, and the female passenger sitting next to him. You couldn't pay me to travel with Cathay ever again!

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Posted in: Twitter cuts more staff as Musk turmoil grows See in context

I have nothing but admiration for Elon Musk because he's not afraid to say what he thinks. When he took over you could hear liberal screams all over the world! It was awesome!

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Posted in: Man who says he made living by selling upskirt videos arrested See in context

My wife and I found a camera pen on a local beach a few years ago. When I uploaded the contents to my laptop (in an effort to see if there was any owner info I could use to return it), we found hundreds of upskirt videos of women on buses, trains, stairs and convenience store dressing rooms. The perp was dumb enough to have his face and work name tag in some videos. We gave it to the police and never heard anything about it. No idea if he was arrested or not.

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Posted in: U2 returning to stage in Las Vegas, minus one of quartet See in context

Loved U2 in the 80's and early 90's but Bono took the group down the Woke Path and they just lost that uniqueness they held so well. Couldn't pay me to watch or listen to them now.

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Posted in: Japanese Ferrari designer gets suspended term for speeding See in context

Oh and anyone owning a high speed sports car in Japan that does not have regular access to a private track is a fool.

Clearly you know nothing about cars and likely would be unable to control one above the speed limit!

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Posted in: Upbeat Biden urges U.S. unity and vows to restore blue-collar pride See in context

The facts don't care about your team spirit

Funny that you say that as a Democrat!

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