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Posted in: Parents referred to prosecutors over death of baby left in bathtub See in context

Life in prison is too good for them. Neuter the pair of them.

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Posted in: Memories of Fukushima crisis rapidly fading, warn civic groups See in context

That tends to happen when you have a government and media that covers up the reality of it all!

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Posted in: Employee being fired fatally shoots 5 co-workers, wounds 5 police at Illinois plant See in context

Smithinjapan - guns don't kill people, the people using them do. Gun control ain't going to make a difference to someone who wants to kill someone else. Chicago is a prime example of that!

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Posted in: 13 same-sex couples file suits for marriage equality in Japan See in context

For what it's worth, marriage is a wonderful thing between two people. And that's regardless of sexual orientation. Government officials here are close minded and ignorant. God forbid two people should love each other, regardless of sex! Obviously these officials don't know what love is! To deny people who love each other the right to marry, is abhorrent. There should be no restrictions between consenting adults! Someday this pathetic old boy government will be gone and Japan can move forward from the dark ages!

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Posted in: Tokyo to ban parents from physically punishing children See in context

A lot of comments from those who don't believe in physical punishment, just come across as "my kids are angels".

My now 18 year old son, at 7, got an ass whooping from me, once. Right in the middle of the supermarket, when he screamed the place down and threw candies he wanted, but I said no to, on the floor. The entire place stood still like a scene from a cowboy movie where a stranger walks into a saloon. He never did it again and grew up fine.

For the most part, physical punishment is not necessary, but on rare occasions, it can make a world of difference.

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Posted in: Man stabbed in convenience store after road rage incident See in context

There are a lot of reasons to get angry when driving.... 

No, there aren't. If you get angry whilst in control of your vehicle, it's your choice to do so, no one else's, and you're not being very mature.

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Posted in: Ex-policeman gets 22-year prison term for fatally shooting boss See in context

The question of his mental capacity and attitude is moot. He clearly knew what he was doing. Should have been the death penalty or at least life without parole!

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Posted in: Cold wave grips Hokkaido See in context

Was there a year ago and - 4°C was average, and enough to put a chill through the bones. The amount of Chinese tourists that weren't dressed for snow was unbelievable.

Our hotel owner was from Hiroshima, not far from us, and his description of the milder summers and less humidity, pretty much sealed the deal for me.

Hoping to one day move there and live.

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Posted in: Renault probes gift from Versailles chateau linked to Ghosn's wedding See in context

The irony is that while Saikawa is finger pointing everything to Ghosn, he's playing victim himself. It's only a matter of time before prosecutors turn around and spank this little snitch hard!

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Posted in: EU rebuffs May; says no-plan Brexiteers deserve 'place in hell' See in context

Toasted Heretic, 1.7 million more people voted to leave than those who voted to remain. Hardly a small number.

I voted to leave - I've watched my country and my own family, suffer as rights were denied to British people, jobs lost, benefits gone, NHS destroyed, because of the EU's effects on our great culture and way of life.

Deal or no deal, it's good bloody riddance!

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Posted in: EU rebuffs May; says no-plan Brexiteers deserve 'place in hell' See in context

A special place in hell is still going to be better than a crappy place in the EU membership list!

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Posted in: U.S. sends aid to Colombia-Venezuela border; Maduro rejects help See in context

Sickening how you liberals just can't help yourselves by slandering Trump in every single thing he does as a humanitarian. He could give you millions of dollars and you'd STILL find a way to berate him.

Venezuela needs help and he's offering it.

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Posted in: Barbara Ehrenreich tweets about Marie Kondo widely condemned See in context

Ehrenreich is a prominent liberal 

Says it all really.

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Posted in: Nissan's second thoughts on UK-made SUV add to Brexit worry See in context

The people of Sunderland who voted for BREXIT, 61% of them, cannot blame anyone but themselves.

Try reading the article and then do more research than the media did. Jobs in Sunderland are fine. Nissan's factory in the area will continue to make cars, just not X-Trail. Your scaremongering media buddies love people like you that fall for their hype!

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Posted in: Abe cabinet rate support rises to 45.6% despite data scandal See in context

Less than 520 responses on each side. Hardly a voice for the entire nation. If anything, I'd say the serious lack of respondents speaks volumes!

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Posted in: Game over for gamers? UK studios count Brexit costs See in context

buzzyboy - it's all about perspective.

I play games because I don't want to play in the real world. I drive hundreds of miles each week with my job, and love sitting in my comfy chair, glass of my favourite drink next to me, not having to talk to anyone or spend money!

I certainly don't see it as a waste of time!

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Posted in: Russia to pull plug on nuclear arms pact after U.S. does same See in context

It's going to take America generations to fix just two-years worth of Trump

Buwahaha! Yet Trump fixed in 2 years what demonrats destroyed in 40! Live with it!

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Posted in: Game over for gamers? UK studios count Brexit costs See in context

This article is a load of tosh!

The gaming industry won't be affected by Brexit in the slightest, given that most consoles are PS4 and PC's built for online games.

Brexit can't come quick enough!

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Posted in: Same-sex couples to file suits for marriage equality in several courts on Feb 14 See in context

I have no problem with couples of the same sex wanting to get married, but when one of them expects me to accept they're not the gender they're obviously born with, then it becomes laughable, and I don't give a crap about all the gender identity BS.

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Posted in: Japanese crab fishing boat seized by Russia See in context

Russia = pot calling kettle. They think nothing of encroaching into territories of other nations.

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Posted in: Japanese police to use new holsters to prevent disarming of officers See in context

Japanese police with guns is a waste of resources. Given the number of police that shoot themselves or colleagues, they need more training in self control, mental health issues and safety.

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Posted in: Gov't data show exodus to Tokyo from other parts of Japan continues See in context

Screw Tokyo!

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Posted in: Ghosn tells Nikkei arrest due to plot, treason within Nissan See in context

At least Ghosn is charged for what he did wrong,

It has yet to be proven that he has done anything illegal.

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Posted in: Apple opens new chapter amid weakening iPhone demand See in context

Thousand dollar phones are just obscene. As soon as my iPhone 6S dies I'm off to Android.

My Galaxy S8+ was $1200. Worth every penny.

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Posted in: Japan to survey 200 mil gadgets for cyber security See in context

The researchers will survey gadgets with the consent of internet service providers and will mostly examine products that use physical cables to access the internet, he said.

But they don't have permission from the gadget owners! This is typical Japanese beaureaucracy and government working against the plebs of the nation!

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Posted in: Japan dismisses Macron's concern over Ghosn's lengthy detention See in context

"We understand that the investigation into the criminal case has been conducted by highly independent investigative organizations in accordance with due procedures through strict judicial reviews, including warrants issued by a court," Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga told a news conference.

And there's the problem - the Japanese government thinks its legal system is flawless and humane! It is clearly neither.

Obviouirsly, the French president had read the article by Ghosn's wife but never has been in a Japanese jail.

Have you Akie? No, you haven't. You continually persist in glossing over facts and yet you simply don't know reality.

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Posted in: Abe vows to tackle economic, diplomatic challenges ahead of summer election See in context

Abe took the 10 Year Difference Challenge :

2009: "Blah blah reform blah blah economic change blah blah stability."

2019: "Blah blah reform blah blah economic change blah blah stability."

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Posted in: Trump agrees to end government shutdown without border wall money See in context

Anyone who supports Pelosi and Schumer are as despic as they are.

Way to go Trump for doing what was necessary for people to be paid! Pity the Demoncrats don't give a crap about America or its people the same way Trump does.

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Posted in: Man gets 16 years in prison for Osaka road rage murder in 2018 See in context

So one guy gets just 16 years for taking 1 life, and the guy gets just 9 years for each life he took?

Japanese justice is a JOKE!

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Posted in: Man arrested for killing 22-year-old ex-girlfriend in Saitama See in context

Clearly a nutter. I hope he gets the full brunt of the law!

R. I. P. young lady

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