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Posted in: Do you enjoy spending Christmas in Japan? See in context

I prefer Christmas and New Year at home, but won't be going back this year. Christmas here is okay, and New Year is only okay because it's usually with friends. I'm looking forward to celebrating it this year, as the last 2 at home were alone. My younger brother passed away December 26th, 2016 and last Christmas and New year was with my mother. She went to bed early on New Year, and passed away in April. So yeah, Christmas in Japan this year will be solemn but not without some cheer.

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Posted in: Christmas tree growers combat popularity of artificial trees See in context

Used to have real trees as a kid, but eventually we swapped out for a fake one. The tree we have up now is fake and we love it! I don't see the need to kill a perfectly good tree just for the sake of tradition.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

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Posted in: Nissan probe into Ghosn turns to 'CEO Reserve' fund, Dutch unit See in context

According to one of the people, the team is reviewing "a mountain" of receipts and other financial records to see if purchases of residences in Rio de Janeiro, Beirut and Paris as well as expenses such as a yacht club membership and a donation to a college had been approved and paid for properly.

Surely that responsibility will be on the finance departments concerned?

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Posted in: Town hosting wrecked Fukushima plant may allow partial access in 2020 See in context

Several years ago, there was a documentary, which showed some elderly residents had returned to their homes, to collect belongings. The upshot of it was, none of them trusted the government, all citing broken promises, lack of caring and ignoring the needs of the people who were affected.

This is nothing short of too little too late, and does nothing to help anyone.

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Posted in: Ghosn family removes items from his Rio apartment See in context

Ex-res, I think you need to learn what sarcasm is.

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Posted in: Body of newborn infant found floating in river See in context

They don't know where the baby came from, who the mother is, or how this came to be. So how have you come to the determination that it was one of the parents who did this, and that they just 'tossed' the baby into the water, and that it wasn't one of the infinite number of other possibilities?

The umbilical cord was still attached.

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Posted in: China urges Japan to ensure rights of 2 detained in shrine protest See in context

Oh the irony of China even using the words "legal rights"!

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Posted in: Ghosn family removes items from his Rio apartment See in context

Japanese jurisdiction does not go beyond the national borders of Japan.

He was being sarcastic.

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Posted in: Trump ex-lawyer Cohen given 3 years in prison; blames 'blind loyalty' See in context

Easy to see how you Trump haters twist this man's (Cohen) lies and BS, to fit your own continual gender of finding negativity in 100% of anything Trump says or does. Laughable.

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Posted in: Man arrested over vocational school student’s death See in context

Let him rot in a small cell.

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Posted in: Google accelerates Plus closure after another privacy lapse See in context

I switched to DuckDuckGo earlier this year. Its growing on me, and it's growing in popularity too. Certainly not the best but doesn't track my activities, and my data is secure.

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Posted in: Group sues over next emperor's enthronement funding See in context

The plaintiffs are also seeking damages of 10,000 yen each for emotional distress over the issue

Just as I thought there was a glimmer of common sense in their actions, they try this.

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Posted in: Ghosn planned to oust CEO before his arrest: report See in context

It seems like Saikawa thought Ghosn would be unable to fight Japanese laws, possibly due to a lack of understanding of the language.

What he didn't take into account was, Ghosn is smarter - hence why he and not Saikawa, was No.1.

Plus Ghosn has the stamina to last the distance and prevail through interrogation, because he knows he has nothing to hide.

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Posted in: May says Brexit deal defeat could topple British government See in context

The British need to admit that their initial referendum was plagued by a lack of full disclosure and even misinformation, and that a sizable number of voters say that they would have voted differently if they knew what they do now.

No we wouldn't. 17.4 million decided.

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Posted in: Law enacted to create 10-day holiday around 2019 imperial succession See in context

So running the holiday through another holiday, and weekends which many have off, and they market it as 10 days straight?

I've got some tartan paint for sale

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Posted in: Prosecutors to indict Nissan as well as Ghosn: report See in context

Seems Saikawa has been half hearted for some time:

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Posted in: Kevin Hart out as Oscars MC over anti-gay tweets See in context

It's ludicrous in this day and age when you're not allowed to dislike the way someone is in their sexual preferences , but you can disagree with the person who dislikes those preferences, to such an extent that you deny them their right to freedom of expression! Nuts.

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Posted in: Nissan to recall 150,000 cars due to improper checks See in context

I drive a 350z. The Z range of sports cars are the best selling sports vehicle of all time, outselling all others.

My only problems with the Z have been with service and repairs carried out by the $tealer$hip. Nissan once tried to add on extra work such as "A fresh coat of bitumen paint." to the tune of ¥90,000, and "Your vehicle needs a completely new wiring system!" - ¥380,000 plus tax etc. Neither of which I allowed and my Z is just fine.

I'm currently refusing to pay them ¥400,000 as part of a deal we had, on a new clutch and radiator replacement. I've paid for the latter, but the clutch is screwed after just 4 months and they're refusing to accept it wasn't installed correctly.

Saikawa is also duly noted for his half hearted apologies on last year's inspection fiasco, as well as Nissan's denial of bad parts on my gfs LEAF, here:

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Posted in: U2, Coldplay top Forbes list of highest-paid musicians See in context

Yet Bono wants the common man to fork out money for charities.

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Posted in: 'Black Panther' poised to become an Oscars heavyweight See in context

Reverse colours and this movie would never have been shown. I stomached less than half of this racist claptrap before watching something else.

Storyline is dull.

Racial overtones - highly obvious.

CGI - good.

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Posted in: Relatives of victims mark 6th anniversary of Sasago tunnel disaster See in context

After this happened, tunnels throughout Japan were inspected and repaired. Too little too late.

I hope the victim's families get justice.

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Posted in: 4K, 8K ultra-high-definition broadcasting begins in Japan See in context

Clearly thumbed down by someone who paid their NHK fees! XD

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Posted in: Japanese prosecutors say they will detain Ghosn as long as needed See in context

Message to the prosecutors : you'll hold him within the confines of the law.

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Posted in: 4K, 8K ultra-high-definition broadcasting begins in Japan See in context

*is, not "I"

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Posted in: 4K, 8K ultra-high-definition broadcasting begins in Japan See in context

Anything NHK puts out is total garbage, so no amount of 4k or otherwise I going to make any difference!

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Posted in: Lawyer: Nissan exec arrested with Ghosn asserts innocence See in context

To me Ghosn sounds like a greedy SOB

You were doing so well until you said that.

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Posted in: Man sentenced to 11 years for fatal drunk driving crash See in context

Japan has a zero tolerance policy on drinking and driving, not a "ridiculous drunk driving limit"

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Posted in: Kansas stops issuing license plates with offensive term for Japanese See in context

So I said it's getting ridiculous that butt hurt liberals complain about initials and get thumbed down?! As others said, seeing derogatory things in someone's initials and refusing to believe it could be anything else, shows a narrow mindedness only a liberal could have. It's pathetic.

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Posted in: Kansas stops issuing license plates with offensive term for Japanese See in context

It's getting ridiculous!

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Posted in: Father arrested over death of 2-year-old stepdaughter See in context

Never in the history of raising a child has shaking and beating one, caused the child to want to stop crying!

This POS deserves solitary confinement for life!

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