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Posted in: Beverly Hills hearse driver dies while taking body to funeral See in context

How ironic.

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Posted in: U.S. destroyer collides with Japanese-owned tanker at entrance to Gulf See in context

Human beings sometimes make mistakes. Maybe this is just one of those times.

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Posted in: Iran steps up relief efforts after quakes kill 227 See in context

However, I was in fact mistaken and Elbuda is correct that Iran has accepted US aid in the past. It was Israeli aid they declined.

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Posted in: Iran steps up relief efforts after quakes kill 227 See in context

The US offered and an Iranian official decline the offered. Iran has also declined offers from other countries (Switzerland and Russia) as well.

http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-08-13/iran-moves-to-distribute-aid-after-two-earthquakes-kill-227.html Earlier in the day, Interior Minister Mostafa Mohammad- Najjar said Iran had received offers from abroad and had declined them. “We will carry out relief work by relying on our domestic potential,” IRNA quoted him as saying.

As I wrote, hopefully they can handle the situation and rescue any survivors still unaccounted for.

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Posted in: Tourists film New York police shooting See in context

I also saw the video and this guy was not about to give up. Even when backing away, he was extremely confrontational. At times, he seems to turn around and start running towards the crowds of people that were behind him and in front of the police. Someone cannot be allowed to run amok with a weapon. It just should not be allowed. What would have happened had the police not stopped him and he had killed or seriously injured people? People would be complaining that the police did not do their jobs. Well, they did their jobs this time. The world is a bit safer because of it, too.

I bet if this homeboy was not black he would not have been killed

He would have been killed if he were white, he would have been killed if he were black, he would have been killed if he were asian, he would have been killed if he were hispanic, and he would have been killed if he were an alien. This is not about race. This is about a dangerous individual with a weapon running amok in a busy city center. This should never be allowed.

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Posted in: Tokyo police crack down on cycling violations See in context

Headphones are my favorite "infraction". Of course I can hear the cars around me.

You obviously have good earphones. I've seen lots of people riding with them on who were completely oblivious to the world of sound around them, including the horns honking at them.

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Posted in: Taiwan’s Weather Girls form girl group in Japan See in context

The weather from Taiwan looks fine!

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Posted in: Iran steps up relief efforts after quakes kill 227 See in context

I hope the USA and many other good countries can send help ASAP to IRAN.

Sadly, Iran would never accept such offers of help. I remember them turning down Israel's help in another earthquake years back. Hopefully, they can make do with what they have or countries they would accept help from do offer.

Let's all hope for all the survivors to be found and aided as soon as possible.

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Posted in: Tourists film New York police shooting See in context

The New York Daily News quoted relatives of the slain man Sunday saying that excessive force was used. “It doesn’t take 12 bullets to kill one person,” the dead man’s aunt, Margaret Johnson, told the newspaper.

I never understand this kind of comment by relatives. Would using one bullet to kill your nephew have been any better? He was running around a crowded place with a knife. Sorry, but it is better to prevent him from hurting anyone, including police.

“I think it could have been done another way.”

Yup, he could have not pulled a knife out in public and he could have obeyed the police when they told him to surrender. Amazing the family have no apologies for their relatives dangerous behavior.

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Posted in: Syrian rebels low on guns as regime strikes Aleppo See in context


You seem to be unaware that Jordan has had its own similar problems in its past. Jordan is also a country in which the minority kept the majority at bay much like Syria has done. Of course Jordan is worried because the King and his Hashemites are a minority in his own country.

Syria has kept its majority population at bay at the point of a gun and used that gun on its own populations several times in its history. I agree that a political solution would be the best one and the simplest for everyone concerned. However, it may already be too late for Syria to do this. Assad had a lot of time since taking over the reins to find a political solution and never actually went through with it. This is the reality. It is not like he was not aware that political changed was desired by a large section of the population. He knew this and yet did not make any significant changes. Then, when faced with protests about this, he reacted with deadly violence. It is hard to go back from that. It is easy for us to say the rebels should back off and find a political solution. Not so, when your family has been killed by the very government somone outside is telling you to talk with.

That says nothing of the Christians, Kurds and other minorities, though he mentioned land grabbing, etc.

??? You actually think there would be land grabs by these populations in Syria? Really? I find this highly unrealistic.

seeing as Turkey has already publically stated that it would NOT tolerate an independent Kurdish entity along its border with Syria.

Have you heard of Kurdistan? Anyway, do you actually think the Kurds in Syria are strong enough to grab and hold an area to create such a place in Syria? I do not think so.

I don't even know what the details of the Annan plan were, but it seems obvious that a simple majoritarian system would not suffice.

No one knows the actual details, however you keep writing this as if you are ignoring the fact that the minority in Syria has been forcibly ruling the majority for decades now. That is what got Syria into this problem in the first place. While I agree that a solution that serves all members of the population is best, if we are saying the solution is supposed to be up to Syrian, then the opinions of outsiders should not be relevant in this, right?

Syria is different from the so-called Arab Spring countries in that its population is more diverse. It is not the case that a homogeneous population is simply seeking to overthrow a tyrant.

???? Come on, it is not all that different than Egypt. It is the same type of situation as in Jordan as well. Syria is not a unique Middle Eastern country. It is comprised of a minority attempting to keep its majority at bay with violence and threats of violence.

Again, I am not in favor of outside military intervention. I do not think it is the answer. I am not confident in what kind of country the rebels want. We share this opinion. However, while it certainly would mean a more stable Middle East and would be more convenient for us and the rest of the world for things to stay as they have been in Syria, it hardly means the Syrian government has been acting correctly all these years. This is where I have a problem with many on here who seem to be touting the Assad government has being something wonderful. I mean really, read up a little on the government of Syria and the history of dissent and what has happened in the past to those who protested the single party rule by the minority in Syria. No, it does not erase the dire concerns I have about the real possibilty of an extremist government in Syria actually being worse that what they have now. By, it does not make the Assad government smell any more like roses either.

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Posted in: Lady Gaga still finds ways to be 'irresponsible' See in context

I just checked and it seems that the claim was about the tax added to the purchase of the items, something Lady Gaga would not have personally known about. Anyway, she settled and donated that money to Japan, as well. I think someone would be very hard-pressed to prove malicious intent on her part.

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Posted in: Lady Gaga still finds ways to be 'irresponsible' See in context

Nah, I highly doubt she stole anything. The article is from more than a year ago and the law office that made the claim has yet to give any proof of their claim. Lady Gaga also personally gave millions of dollars of her own money to the Japanese earthquake relief.

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Posted in: N Korea, Japan report progress on repatriating WWII soldiers' remains See in context

How about repatriating the kidnapped Japanese still remaining in North Korea while you are at it?

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Posted in: Rescuers dig for survivors after quakes kill 250 in Iran See in context

Yes, I also do not understand the thumbs down to Elbuda Mexicano. Any human being should hope that the rescuers can get to the survivors as soon as possible.

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Posted in: Lady Gaga still finds ways to be 'irresponsible' See in context

I don't get why people are so down on her. She gaves millions of dollars to Japan's earthquake relief. All she is saying in the article is that she manages to find a way to get some privacy.

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Posted in: Brazil women stun U.S. for volleyball gold; Japan wins bronze See in context

Yay, Japan! This has been a great Olympics for us! Lot's of guts and lots of effort. On top of that, great team spirit and sportsmanship! Woo hoo!

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Posted in: Syrian rebels low on guns as regime strikes Aleppo See in context

I don't know why you keep on hitting on this alleged comment by NeverSubmit about Hezbollah being terrorists.

It is not alleged. He called Hezbollah 'ruthless Islamic terrorists' on July 26th, 2012.

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Posted in: Syrian rebels low on guns as regime strikes Aleppo See in context

The Middle East is probably the area that suffers from the highest degree of religious intolerance in the world, and all I'm calling for are measures that relegate that propensity for intolerance and keep it in check under the watchful eye of the law, that is to say, the constitution, in a future Syria.

Okay, I agree with this. However, how are you expecting this to come about exactly? I personally never saw this happening with the Assad government. Sadly, even if he were now willing to actually do this now, I am not sure the people against him would believe it.

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Posted in: Syrian rebels low on guns as regime strikes Aleppo See in context

of any new political model that is more democratically open with respect to decision making processes that affect everyone in the society.

Did you know you could get shot for saying something like that in Syria under the past and present Assad governments? How's that for irony.

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Posted in: Syrian rebels low on guns as regime strikes Aleppo See in context

The only thing we heard from him were prepared talking points (in perfect media English, emotive buzzwords included) on the day of his departure and then nothing.

I don't know what perfect media English is, but what would you have him say now? Are you really surprised he defected?

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Posted in: Syrian rebels low on guns as regime strikes Aleppo See in context

I think that the fact that there is such a high degree of religious intolerance in the region

Not just the region, the world in fact, Why, did you know there are even people who will throw the word 'Zionist' in their discussions and seemingly have no idea what the words mean?

Let's recall that Israel holds the Golan Heights, which is definitely a source of tension, and adds yet another dimension to the regional dynamic afecting this conflict,

Gee, while we are not forgetting things, let's recall that Syria used to use that area to bomb and attack Israel. In fact, let's recall that Syria is still at war with Israel and refuses to make peace.

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Posted in: Syrian rebels low on guns as regime strikes Aleppo See in context

(not to mention Zionist)

Sorry, the minute I see someone use (or in this case, misuse) this word, I immediately get rather suspicious about their agenda.

There has to be reform that establishes constitutional guarantees of power sharing for the Alawites and other minorities.

Rather ironic that you are saying there should be no reforms imposed from outside and then in the next breath suggest what kind of reforms there should be. Incidently, you seem to be attempting to quick study about Syria, so you know there are been no power sharing up to this point and that Assad's political party is the only one legal in Syria, right? That is how this homegrown conflict first started.

I agree that the rebels are very worrying. I agree that there should be no military intervention in Syria. However, I think that might the end of where we agree.

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Posted in: Syrian rebels low on guns as regime strikes Aleppo See in context

This kind of comment is hyperbole.

Funny, that is what I thought of your above post.

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Posted in: Syrian rebels low on guns as regime strikes Aleppo See in context

As for Hezbollah, even Hillary and Western diplomats have noted that the rebels are anything buy a cohesive group and are

1) You did not speak to my question to you about your claim that Hezbollah, whom you have correctly called terrorists, are a part of the rebels. How is it then, that the rebels are holding Lebanese they are claiming are Hezbollah and that they want Hezbollah to apologize for supporting Assad? As you must know, Hezbollah supports Assad because Assad supports Hezbollah. So do you admit you were mistaken about that?

2) I have never ever seen Hillary and Western diplomats note that the rebels are "nothing more than a hodgepodge of various al Qaeda groups, mercenaries and Islamic militants". Could you provide a quote for that? I was unable to find one.

Thanks again.

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Posted in: Egypt arrests 9 militants linked to Sinai attacks See in context

Egypt arrests 9 militants linked to Sinai attacks


Officials said earlier that along with the offensive, Egypt is going after an elaborate network of underground tunnels used to smuggle weapons, militants and goods between Sinai and Gaza, the Palestinian enclave under a longtime Israeli-Egyptian blockade. Al-Ahram reported that 150 tunnels have been destroyed.


Residents in the area said the tunnels targeted were not the most active ones.

Hopefully they will destroy these next.

Speaking to residents in Sinai, Morsi vowed that the Bedouin, who have long been neglected and eyed with suspicion by the government, would be given full rights.

Very good. I am very happy to see how President Morsi is using his office. Hopefully this is the start of a more peaceful Middle East. President Morsi, you certainly have my respect.

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Posted in: Syrian rebels low on guns as regime strikes Aleppo See in context

The head of the Azaz rebels’ Political Office, Samir Hajj Omar, said Friday the prisoners would be released only if Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah apologizes to the Syrian people for supporting Assad.

Hey, Never Submit, I have a question for you. You have said that Hezbollah (whom you correct called terrorists) are part of the rebel movement in Syria. How is it then, that the rebels are holding people they are claiming the Lebanese they are holding are Hezbollah and that they want Hezbollah to apologize for supporting Assad, which they are doing?

Thanks in advance.

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Posted in: SMAP to end 5-dome tour on Christmas Eve in Sapporo See in context

I wanted to add to the fact that they get paid in yen that there is nothing wrong with what they do. I love it when people write how what SMAP does is sooo humiliating as if the people typing such comments would refuse to do concerts of the money were put in front of them. Fat chance. These guys are popular. They fill stadiums, not only in Japan, but all around Asia. What the heck is humiliating about that? They get paid in yen and they deserve it. Nobody is forced to go to a SMAP concert. Yet thousands do go. Don't like it? Tough luck. Their fans do.

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Posted in: Hong Kong tests babies over Japanese milk formula See in context

Which company though?

Good question. Hopefully, the authorities in Hong Kong will find out and prevent it from happening again.

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Posted in: Nadeshiko Japan win hearts in defeat See in context

Wow, some people woke up on the wrong side of the futon. Anyway, a silver medal is not a defeat. In fact, medal or no medal, these wonderful women are winners and heros in my book.

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Posted in: Nadeshiko Japan win hearts in defeat See in context

Nadeshiko Japan win hearts in defeat

They had my heart from the beginning. By the way, a silver medal is not defeat in any way, shape or form.

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