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Posted in: Does J-pop really suck? See in context

I think there are some fine J-pop artists fortunately. However,overall it dosn't seem as good as K-pop for some simple reasons. 1)Population- it is about 3 times of S. Korea and has self-sufficient fans to support the idols whereas K-pop idols have to work harder overseas by being more catchy, more international with more promotions. 2)Culture- It is neither western or eastern in Japan. It has been overinfluenced by wester cultures with its its unique strong "Japanese appearance" which is totally altered due to the melting pot period. Thus, most Asians feel closer to Korean movies and music than those of Japan which might be very closer to western culture than the eastern one. 3) nationalism or laziness?- unlike American and Korean pop stars, Jpop idols are not so much interested in oversea promotions and concerts. Most fans have to go to Japan to attend their live concerts instead. Perhaps, they are not interested in making more money since they got enough or simply don't want to sing English songs.

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