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Posted in: Australian swimmer who took 'misogyny' stance says it was worth missing Olympics See in context

Made the claim on social media after missing the team, when the President of swimming said, if this is true can you tell us what happened, we dont want anybody to go through this again, she said nothing. If she was hurt/abused tell us so we can stand with you and stop it happening again, but she has no evidence, no names, nothing to investigate. Just a rant on social media.

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Posted in: Brisbane tipped to be awarded 2032 Olympics See in context

Hi from Brisbane. We dont want it, nobody is looking forward to and there was a petition that got 150,000 signatures for the politicians in charge to NOT visit Japan. Its politics- an unpopular party in charge trying to keep in charge knowing they wont be blamed when the Olympics costs a fortune, as they will all have moved on to cushy jobs in the private sector.

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As someone who lives in Brisbane, we all hoping it doesn’t come. Everyone except the politicians thinks this is a bad idea.

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