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Posted in: Eastern Australia warns of 'catastrophic' conditions amid heatwave See in context

This heatwave is clearly a myth, like climate change. It's clearly in Australia's best interest to continue dismantling its green programs and pumping out more coal.

Got to admire that political leadership.

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Posted in: Survey finds big gap in Japanese train passengers who want to sit next to someone of opposite sex See in context

There's no gap at all: no one wants to sit near men ;)

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Posted in: 7-Eleven penalizes 16-year-old part-timer for taking 2 days off due to illness See in context


I read it as they 'fined' her for the hours that she didn't work, and deducted that from the hours she did work. So she ended up working 10 hours for free before she complained.

Some scuzzy restaurant tried to do the same to my daughter, so she quit. It's quite common in yakuza businesses, they use it to keep control of the employees. Disgusting if you ask me.

If you don't come to work I won't pay you, but I won't demand you reimburse me.

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Posted in: Ambulances called 777,427 times in Tokyo last year See in context

Hospitals having the right to turn people away on weekends/after hours means that the only way to get seen then is to call an ambulance (or to be me and threaten the reception staff until they see my wife -sadly this works).

Create genuine ERs where people can go to under their own steam and it will take the pressure off the ambulances.

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Posted in: A messy march of folly to Brexit - and beyond See in context


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Posted in: Car driven by 83-year-old woman hits, kills man and woman See in context

My father in law was recently diagnosed with dementia, so we persuaded him to turn his driving license in to the police.

I was surprised that the following system is not in place.

person is diagnosed with dementia by medical professional medical professional reports this to the police (standard paperwork) police visit person and take their license, make sure they and their family know they can't drive any more

It all seems voluntary at the moment, which is why these incidents keep happening.

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Posted in: More than 2 mil retail power users switch to new entrants See in context

There are online comparison sites, but the plans are quite opaque and difficult to compare (like cellphone plans). I couldn't find a compelling reason to switch.

Ideally I would like to choose electricity from renewables, but I haven't found that option either.

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Posted in: 10 ways in which Japanese men want to outperform their girlfriends See in context

This list is a pretty good glimpse of the reasons for the low birthrate :)

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Posted in: No retiree left behind: Japan turns to riskier DIY pensions See in context

Check out for information in English about J401k, NISA, robo-advisors, etc.

I recommend saving at least 20% of your income for retirement.

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Posted in: 38-year-old man arrested on suspicion of kidnapping 4-year-old girl See in context

Yeah, I wouldn't dream of taking a young child I didn't know somewhere and removing their clothes in a private location. How could this be seen as acceptable under any circumstances?

If someone did that to my granddaughter (also 4) there would be hell to pay.

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