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Ben Yoshida comments

Posted in: 69 foreign technical interns died in Japan between 2015 and 2017: Justice Ministry See in context

69 deaths. 69 people who came to this land, seeking a better life, now lie at rest, with their grief stricken loved ones.

forsaken by the very land they wanted to call home.

No nation is perfect. Because no one can be perfect, because perfect is just a word, much like a number, is just a number. - when people start treating people like numbers, that's when you realize, you are but apart of the very numerical machine that drives the world.

I can only respect those who come to this country looking for hope. To let go of familiar lands, to leave behind loved ones, whether out of reasons out of their control, or of their own volition, I can only respect them.

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Posted in: Japan pledges to tighten nuclear safety measures See in context

name a Japanese institution with transparency.. aside from the board of Audit, which is constitutionally above political control, well if one considers the SDF with the 9th article, it means nothing in reality, nonetheless.

the world has already forgotten about fukushima. if one believes in democracy. If the government governs, on behalf of the people, representative of their, thoughts and ideals.. nuclear power would have little headwind when it comes to government policy on promoting nuclear energy, alas.. aside from Germany, (even with its phase out, it gets nuclear generated power from the French grid), most nuclear powered countries are either phasing out dramatically, or, revitalizing (korea), or enlarging (US) its nuclear industries.

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Posted in: Japan pledges to tighten nuclear safety measures See in context

isnt this what they said after the..

March 1981 INES level 2 Tsuruga incident?

June, 1999 — INES Level 2 Shika incident?

September 30, 1999 — INES Level 4 Tokaimura incident?

.. the government must think the IAEA looks out for sheep.. wait it does, nvm..

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Posted in: Japanese firms need more women board members, outside directors and foreigners See in context

how can westerns preach such issues.. when they themselves do not adhere to the principle of capitalism. If a corporation is deemed to fail from mismanagement, then let it fail, so that from its ashes a new, more efficient system arises.. yet Western government, utilize eastern money to essentially save such corporations, on the simple basis of socio-economics, too big to fail.

It is not that Japan requires more foreigners, more intellectuals endorsing equal gender management, if one looks at the west closely have they, themselves endorsed equal gender management? .. western society in this 21st century understands, that Asia is the key, to western survival. Everything that they own, everything that their society exists upon is fundamentally attuned to Asia. the clothes they wear, the food they eat, the electronic components that run their industries, and medical components that allows their hospitals to function, most if not all are imported.

and it is not, an understatement to say, that this system of economic, industrial co-existence is the model that allowed Japan to enact its miracle.. so are the systems in Hong kong, taiwan, and korea.. and all these nations the west cannot live without..

basically, perhaps rather then preaching a failed model.. that the west itself no longer believes in.. why cannot we learn from one-another..

alas for human hubris..

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Posted in: The deeper agenda behind Abenomics - constitutional change See in context

the Americans have wanted an constitutional amendment since the korean war.. a war that Japan profited, by supplying the Americans with war-materials. Due to the nature of our times, even if there is an amendment, the Yoshida doctrine will still remain, so its unlikely that the 50,000 odd US troops will leave anytime soon.. therefore even if the SDF is formally recognized as the worlds 9th largest military, military independence will not be given.

After-all, Kishi`s greatest legacy, was his ramming tactics.. as tens of thousands of people protested outside parliament, hundreds of thousands of people across the nation.. hundreds injured, and the opposition party thrown out.. the United States-Japan Security Treaty was rammed through parliament.. although it cost him his career, even today his called 昭和の妖怪。.. if kishi shaped modern day japan.. its no wonder his grandson wants to have a legacy akin to that..

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Posted in: Obama wants to end 'war on terror' but Congress balks See in context

of course congress bulks, the iron triangle can only exist.. with war.

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Posted in: Japan's wartime brothels were wrong, says 91-year-old veteran See in context

if most people agree, are we to call them the silent majority? speak up !, .. even if this nation has yet to spill a single drop of blood in the name of democracy, a democratic system exists, even if it is flawed, even if it goes against the grain.. if you do not act in accordance with your beliefs like Mr Matsumoto, then that does not mean you are agreeing, it means you are condoning the actions of a few.

..the dead will weep, if they knew that the world they died for, is still a contentious place, only because, of the hubris of a few, and the apathy of the majority.

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Posted in: The grave of Christ – Japanese town solves many of world’s mysteries See in context

next they will be teaching children that Japan was made from the tip of a spear.. as the water droplets fell to the world.. and from it was born Japan. wait they already doo..

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Posted in: Shares close down more than 7% See in context

it does not matter, whether the current monetary and fiscal reforms fail or succeed, without structural reform, the harvest this year may be ripe and plentiful, but down the road.. the sky darkens. We are, first and foremost human. Our world may be driven by computers and social structures, but in historical hindsight, human emotions are capricious.. as such, uncertainty will only create a world of perplexing fears... filled with cautious actions towards perpetual indemnity. That, has been this nations path, for decades now...

and the people who will suffer the most will be the working class, and the people who will reap the benefits will not be the working class.. but those in power, and influence, naturally acting in accordance to their own interests.. after all, politics, is all about maintaining the appearance of satisfying the constituency.. even if, that constituency is defined by asking a thousand individuals, through automated systems, their opinions.. and the media, heralds such opinions as, right.

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Posted in: Rules are made to be broken See in context

rules are so supposed to be broken. So are promises.. one must wonder aloud, when a fellow human being laments of the societies, ill will.. yet in truth, its a matter of conscience more then anything else..

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Posted in: Slain Japanese journalist given World Press Freedom Hero award See in context

I bet she`s laughing, .. the superficiality of Japans media, illuminated by the fact, that it lacks a critical press. Of course, the term critical, is a matter of perception, as well as, individuality.

So let us be proud, of an individual, above all else, who decided not to conform to the rudimentary media persona, and decided to risk, and in the end, gave her life, so that society, can at least see her vision, her perception of reality, and of the world.. that more often then not, is hardly represented.

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Posted in: Inose under fire for comments on Istanbul Olympic bid, Islam See in context


Etymologically, the name İstanbul (Turkish pronunciation: [isˈtanbuɫ], colloquially [ɯsˈtambuɫ]) derives from the Medieval Greek phrase "εἰς τὴν Πόλιν" (pronounced [is tin ˈpolin]), which means "to the city". - Wiki

Islambol (lots of Islam) or Islambul (find Islam) were folk-etymological adaptations of Istanbul created after the Ottoman conquest of 1453 to express the city's new role as the capital of the Islamic Ottoman Empire. - Wiki

If the information above does not clarify, please contact Wiki and change it.

If Istanbul is chosen, then it will be the first Islamic city to host the olympics. .. hmm, historically, 1940 was supposed to be the Tokyo olympic games..

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Posted in: Inose under fire for comments on Istanbul Olympic bid, Islam See in context

The Modern Olympics was created, as a forum, for the world to come together peacefully in the mutual enjoyment of universal sport. It is, a forum to endorse, peace, prosperity, and posterity, through the notion of a common good. Regardless of politics, religion or.. for that matter ideology.

If the Governor of a city, as international as Tokyo, as the chairman of the bidding committee, I simply ask, does he even understand, the purpose of the Olympics? Nations across the world, join hands, as the 5 rings symbolizes the Continents, to tell the world, its people, all peoples that live under the one blue sky, that we are capable of cooperation and co-existence. .. perhaps I am been selfish, but the Olympics is a symbol of an individuals prowess, and an entire nations hope, the individual represents.

Put simply, I hope Istanbul, for the term Istanbul is actually Greek, Is tan Poli, and Poli means the city of all. A city that joins the peoples of the east and west.

And surely, the people of the middle east, require hope.. a hope, that peace, through mutual understanding can be gained from it... after so much suffering, for over a century, of colonization, of sectarian violence..

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Posted in: Japan posts Y777.5 bil trade deficit in February See in context

nuclear power used to contribute 30% .. so 30% more fuel costs. I wonder what will happen, when all the fuel and resource hedging wears off in the coming 12-24 months..

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Posted in: Japan-China dispute: little islands, big problem See in context

why bother going to war, when people in all three nations are suffering. Its called political expediency, nationalistic fervor to blind the masses from the chronic problems the nation faces. The falkands war, was just such an example. Wars are stupid, but a deceptive peace, is far-worse..

Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding - A.Einstein

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Posted in: Ainu eye political power See in context

The Ainu were only recognized as a indigenous group in 2008.. in terms of Japanese aggressive expansionism, be it militarily or politically, Japanese militarism, must be discerned through the political maelstrom created through the implementation of the Imperial Japanese constitution. It was either be a colonial power, or be a colony of another.. The nations of the Orient, had already become a colonial estate, by the time Japan began its Japanese militarism. Certainly, by WW1, this ideology was becoming old.. But in terms of the Ainu population.. it reminds me of the indigenous Aborigines, the black arm-band history, conjured up by political expediency.. I only hope, that people remember their past, though its beauty, and not our own self-deduced barbarity.

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Posted in: Japan's jobless rate down to 4.3% in June See in context

I hear that, they only include people who are on unemployment insurance ? Therefore, since the UEI only lasts from 3 - 12 months, people who are not on the UEI are not listed on the unemployed and seeking work statistic.

Thus, can it be said that the unemployment rate is actually.. more then 4.3% ?.. Whats more, what percentage of the Japanese workforce is doing part-time work, and is that actually above the subsistence level..

Also, does this statistic actually involve the Tohoku region.. or NEETs.. or those people who have not associated themselves with Hello-work or any other government organization. ..

So, what exactly is the Japanese unemployment rate, or more importantly, unemployment rate for those under 25 of yrs.. in Spain its 53%.. but even their statistical models, are vague.

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