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Posted in: Asian firms challenge Apple with snazzy new smartphones See in context

HTC is a Taiwanese company...

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Posted in: Silent protest held in Tokyo against Gaza bloodshed See in context

I was there and it was a nice gathering, I especially enjoyed seeing the Jewish and Muslim religious representatives talking side by side about peace. Wish the world was a simpler place, this problem in the Middle East is so deep rooted it looks almost impossible to solve. I lived in Dubai for 3 years and heard a lot about this whole Arab-Israel issue, obviously only heard the Arab side of things but am trying to understand them both. If you put yourself in their shoes, either side can be understood.

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Well done to Ayana! Nice to see she Is just as happy if not happier for the bronze than others for gold. I guess her goal was a medal which she got. Good on her!

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Posted in: Japan to donate $10 mil to Philippines; 106 Japanese unaccounted for See in context

What is going on with all the people dumping on Japan for "only" ten million dollars? That is a darn good start. If the JSDF can lend material support then go help, please. It will take years to clean all this up, just like it will take more time to clean up after the tsunami and even more time for Fukushima Dai-Ichi. Heck, the US is still cleaning up New Orleans. Japan is doing well sending this aid and I think people should be pleased it is being done rather than writing churlish comments. Sheesh.

Spot on!

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Posted in: Man arrested for riding brakeless bike in first such case See in context

You just stick your shoe between the rear tire and the chassis and you come to a stop rather quick. These dudes are a lot less dangerous than ojiichan riding all wobbly on a perfectly fine Bridgestone. Nevertheless ignoring police is just plain stupid

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Posted in: Japan to donate $10 mil to Philippines; 106 Japanese unaccounted for See in context

Sorry meant to say some of the comments.

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Posted in: Japan to donate $10 mil to Philippines; 106 Japanese unaccounted for See in context

I was going to share this article on social media but then I saw the comments above and went nah...

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Don't quite understand the reason for installing dummies and publicly saying so. There are 3 better options. 1. Install real ones and say so, 2. Install dummies and say they are real or 3. Don't do a thing.

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While I agree that things should be reported in a transparent manner, it is indeed funny TEPCO just started releasing all this information when the Olympics is to be decided. As if they have some sort of an interest in Japan not getting to host the games.

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Posted in: Fuji climbing fee likely to be Y7,000 See in context

@laguna - that's funny :)

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Posted in: Gov't cautious over yen's spike but says no need to panic See in context

I was just looking at the rate yesterday and saw the spike, didn't want to believe my eyes. I was transferring USD to a bank out here and saw something was wrong. Dang...

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Posted in: Man shoots himself dead in front of children at primary school in Paris See in context

Poor kids. What a "picture" they need to live with now. Hope they'll get proper care. At 7 they actually might just understand what happened...

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Posted in: Mom chases down child abductor in New Mexico See in context

I'd say it isn't exactly a safe neighborhood. Two abductions in just 2 weeks... Good on the mom and the boys! Well done for cornering that creep in

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Posted in: Super rapid mobile USB battery charger See in context

You must have missed the fact that it charges an iPhone fully in just 15 minutes...

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