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observe an idea I discussed with myself in 1995 if I just train. I made a whole diet controlled by a nutritionist. After a year I'm afraid to be with angina principle, and the air is electric. And the probability of having more and more air lithium, fluorine air. This will elicit more electricity. The angina principle is by my carelessness? Both lithium as fluoride more electricity will act in cholesterin? This is a crime. After a crime of defamation and slander define the patient is careless. The patient is not to blame. The patient does not deserve the humiliation. Lithium was not he who produced, fluoride was not he who produced it. Electricity was not he who produced and end all ingested. The patient is not guilty. If it was forced died is murder willful or grossly negligent. If someone did not mean to be produced ingestion.

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blood circulation is what worries. That is, when will it stop the calling of air pollution. Particles of lead, sodium, lithium, fluorine, etc. With these values ​​in suspended particles, can not see someone with a normal blood pressure. That's what worries me. The problem is that if a doctor says that the system is bad, just what is said is that it is with the bad blood pressure. one takes the medicine, diet is made. But I wonder if it is fair to be sentenced to remedies without someone to stop the daily novel air values ​​of these elements. daily simulations of our speech? Or see to 30 people died and nothing to have something that these people accused of being with high blood pressure can defend against these elements too much in the air. How to defend? Complain? Ask to stop. Normal world? A nuclear explosion in 1945 nuclear tests after that. Only see one or the other nuclear leak by accident and the rest of humanity? And mutations in bacteriology. Who pays for antibiotics, the anti inflammatory? That's not fair. only fools saying that people are wrong or sentenced to remedies for something they have no way to prevent. When will punish all aerial nuclear dirt? Be afraid stations, and etc. And see people dying in fear of seeing something strange in the air, in the little study can not see because the indices have risen due to a normal world as write that everything is happening. In 1910 had air lithium in worlds below the quantum? Lithium is bad for the heart of humanity. those who have money to have a bunker to protect it?

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We just needed to know these fungi to at least be able to eat or not rice.

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"... government-wide spending reduction process known as “sequestration. ...” the expression is not intelligible: Sequestration". Of rest was good news.

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Due to many things that I studied (I studied geology at university formally in the 90s) I prefer that when I die I be cremated. For me and my family and I will be advantageous remanecesnte not give work for them in the future.

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I decided to take a tour and reviewing geology between Nishio and Toba. I think I can get some ideas in oceanography.

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A few recently talked about the need to contain the shock of forced hospitalization that led to the sadistic fun of seeing people forcibly hospitalized. Many people contributed to that patients had passive appreciation in society. Ie: it would be beneficial for medicine the existence of a majority in patients liabilities. Statistics demonstrates a reliable medicine to the population. Or rather the people see the value of looking at medicine. This news just shows a lack of success. See now by the side of medicine, for which there needs to force people to be their patients. That is negative. The total passivity is a positive and rewarding

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the decision is more than right. Events follow, until you can talk about all subjects, the risks are too great for children. he was a nurse had to have the responsibility to know which children are most vulnerable.

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many here are tired. In late middle age, everyone begins to exhibit the same cancer and the same medical explanations. The truth is always hidden with stories and many die. Too much use as an example the strongest. Everyone is getting tired.

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a month ago I heard people asking for depression, they were riding a car or vehicle. Virtual reality?

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Realizing that I only had to geological value. And would "walking" to the volcano ASO at coordinate 32 52 N - 131 11 L., and So I would be quiet with the Japanese ladies in the region of Kobe passed me this idea. And the other end of follow-up would be Miasaki from point 32 06 N - 131 29 L

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i agree. Technology Is a job Killer.

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I'm rooting for you Japan, the idea is good. The attempt is positive. Surprise!

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