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Benjamin Ignacio comments

Posted in: China summons G7 diplomats to protest South China Sea statement See in context

Politics and diplomacy go together in pursuit of peaceful process in foreign relation of a member nation in international or world organization. A nation member is to follow the rules. Not dictate in the highest order breaking international norms. In June, the Court which said has jurisdiction render judgement on the Philippine case filed against China's altering the natural sea and land scape of South China Sea. Then, the Japanese ambassador to China and those #2 G7 ministers summoned will realize China, an outlaw fugitive nation, thus, deserving expulsion, or the world future beholden to Xi Jimg Ping, it's acclaimed leader. A leader of a nation or state is supposed to represent its people wishes not his whim. China a nation state?

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Posted in: Indonesia scraps fiercely contested rail project in favor of slower train See in context

Rebid? Purchasing work this way. The original requisitioned spec is "high speed railway". The bid or pro-forma invoice betray trade secrets on price design. Most likely, THERE IS A WINNING BID after the bid deadline. It follows that if the project was cancelled in lieu of a slower railway, then, there is a BREACH. Therefore, a rebid is be A TRAP. There needs, first, a "FIX" on the BUYER's procurement procedures, INDONESIA. The supplier, JAPAN, need not re-bid. A TRAP. Let the Chinese "FIX" the deal. Warranty none on Chinese Toy e-commerce retailing, their one view of their customers. YKK good. Wear last.

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Posted in: Woman, four children found dead in Aichi home See in context

I have a broken heart.

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Posted in: 25 U.S. lawmakers urge Abe to reaffirm war apologies See in context

****Let the prime minister speak his mind. He knows better.

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