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Posted in: West warns Russia against 'illegal' invasion of Ukraine See in context

There is such a thing as legal invasion?

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Posted in: Woman arrested after 5-month-old son dies in car while she plays pachinko See in context

It will get worse when the casinos comes. The government needs to establish education, signs etc around these gambling locations...

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Posted in: Waitresses at Colorado restaurant carry loaded guns See in context

I consulted with my christian friends... Well then its alright then, and thank god they were christian...

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Posted in: Hope for abductees' families See in context

Similarly to when i always see insensitive post from people always telling SK

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Posted in: Pop singer ASKA released on Y7 mil bail; trial to start Aug 28 See in context

So a man has been caught taking drugs, what is there to extract or confess about? Sure theres the supplier but as a celeb with the shame attached why would he protect them. Not sure why people keep carrying on about that..

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Posted in: Australian activist takes dolphin slaughter town to court See in context

Logically if a museum or any establishment that feels someone who is impeeding on their business or causing problems would contact the local law enforcement to remove them, especially a museum you would imagine, if they/girl did something wrong?

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Posted in: Bodies of 3 missing Israeli teens found in West Bank See in context

The irony, despite praying in the holiest place in juadaism, they were still found dead. Ahhh in the name if religion, we just never learn...

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Posted in: Sporting Lisbon snap up Japanese striker Tanaka See in context

Is that yen or euro?

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Posted in: Is a penalty shootout the best way to determine the winner in the knockout stages of tournaments like the World Cup? See in context

How can players back up next game if they are made to play until next goal in a tournament? Injuries and fatigue etc will impact the quality of next game where the people have paid a lot of money to watch. Its a cruel system but its a big enough reason to try and score during regulation time to avoid pks..

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Posted in: Record-breaking teen Shaw joins Manchester United See in context

What a waste of money! No LB or any defender is worth that much money, especially when you have not achieved anything

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Posted in: Early World Cup exits a lesson for Asia, says AFC head See in context

@tamarama: while i agree that our Australian youngsters performed galantly and gained plenty of praise against the Dutch, we desperately need someone to replace Cahill. With almost certainty that was Cahill's and Bresciano's last WC, with their retirement immenent and despite the valuable experience our youngsters got from this WC we are still way off from where we want to be...

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Posted in: Suarez a scapegoat, says Uruguay coach Tabarez See in context

No wonder Suarez doesnt think he has done anything wrong. People around him that should be helping him are as in denial as him, all they worry about is Urugay not his welfare. He obviously needs help and first step is to accept his mistakes before he can rehabilitate...

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Posted in: England too insular for World Cup success See in context

Going overseas to gain experience should not be limited to English players only but English coaches also. The only english coach i can think of that has the immediate qualifications is Brendan Rodgers, he should be appointed as a long term strategy to work with the current young crop of players which is what he is known for. But being selfish i dont want him to leave Liverpool, ynwa!

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Posted in: FIFA bans Suarez for 4 months for biting See in context

Liverpool came out worst in this case. They pay him £200k a week so thats over 3million for next 4months. Sure what he did was crazy but i dont think its more dangerous than Zidan's headbutt, but people still worship Zidan. Maybe Suarez will fit right in at Real Madrid, with Zidan and they have Pepe already who is a maniac and a repeat offender who should be in jail for assault (repeatedly kicking a player whilst on the ground).

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Posted in: Asian soccer power Japan suffer reality check on global stage See in context

Football evolves quickly. Spanish tikitaka football enabled and aspired Asian players to adopt this style which suits small fast skillful players, its no coincidence that as teams are starting to figure out how to beat Spain and their tikitaka, sees the downfall of Spain and teams like Japan who benefited from this style. Teams like the Dutch, France, Germany, Brazil with their power, speed and directness will dominate going forward..

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Posted in: Zaccheroni quits as coach after Japan's World Cup flop See in context

Why do people always think that the grass is greener with a new coach? It doesnt always improve the team automatically, players, staff and coaches have to start from scratch and an adjustment period can take time. Be careful what you wish for as you can also get a real dud of a coach next, just ask Kagawa and Manchester United...

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Posted in: Sayonara See in context

The team under performed but talk about laying the boot in folks. After being knocked out of tournament and covering over 10km in 90min who cares about what angle or if Honda bowed.I am not a big fan of Honda but what is he suppose to say? As one of the leaders in the team of course he is going talk their chances up and hopefully spur on the younger players. The media was equally guilty of predicting Japan to get thru their group so the public had high expectations as well.As an Australian it was a shame that Japan was knocked out, was hoping for any of the Asian teams to do well to lift the profile of Asian football.

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Posted in: FIFA charges Luis Suarez for biting in World Cup See in context

It was clearly a shoulder charge to suarez's teeth, that dirty italian! Ynwa

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Posted in: Scoreless draw keeps Japan and Greece alive See in context

Japan lacks a striker up front, always relying on honda and kagawa.

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Posted in: We must fight against a tendency of looking at children as sexual objects, and allowing them to be taken advantage of, sexually and commercially. See in context

@Thehedonist - couldnt agree more! It would be impossible given the size of this industry and its obsession with girls in school uniforms here in Japan.

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Posted in: Chile send Spain packing with 2-0 win; Dutch hold off Australia 3-2; Croatia rout Cameroon 4-0 See in context

It was a proud day to be an Aussie. We may have lost but didnt hurt our reputation and the this young team gained valuable experience for next WC. Timmy's goal was just sublime, one that he will always be remembered for.

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Posted in: Obama considers special forces to help in Iraq See in context

There are always critisism about US and war, but deep inside we want them to go in and put a stop to all this evil madness. Who else is going to do it??

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Posted in: Rooney in pundits' firing line after loss to Italy See in context

Rooney should maybe used as a impact player from the bench. Sterling could shift out left (plays there for Liverpool) and Lallana start sitting behind Sturridge instead if Rooney. There is too much pressure on Rooney which is obviously effecting his performance..

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Posted in: Foreign interns pay the price for Japan's labor shortage See in context

I have come across and heard of Asians who often describe their mistreatment whilst working in Japan. Whilst i have only had good experiences myself I have though never heard or come across such negative cases from Westerners. I must say that i notice a lot of Chinese bashing where there is an opportunity and i guess they are easy targets. I can only imagine the bashing the Chinese would have received had it been the other way around, but this will probably only receive low coverage if any at all on local papers/tv. I take my hat off to Takahara who stood up for these women.

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Posted in: Do you think goal-line technology and video replays can help avoid controversial referee decisions in sports? See in context

Next is penalty technology, ask Croatia :)

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Posted in: High school student beaten, robbed by 3 men in Mie See in context

Metal baseball bats to rob a school girl and for ¥3000 yen?! Hope they catch them soon before they hurt someone seriously.

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Posted in: 26-year-old man arrested for beating 2-month-old son See in context

Kids having kids. There are just too much news about parents inflicting voilence on kids or their own kids lately. Very sad and unfortunate for these kids..

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Posted in: Should you put your child on a leash? Japanese mothers weigh in See in context

Comes down to safety vs looks and image isnt it.

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Posted in: Documents show Japan complicit in WWII sex slavery: activists See in context

Ch3cho: your conclusion that that these women are motivated by greed in this matter is from this? Mmmhh... What about non Koreans? I haved lived in peaceful friendly Japan for so many years, so its surprising to continously read comments by the same suggesting these women are driven by greed and voluntarily agreed to become prostitutes is downright showing lack of respect. sadly it is the very same reason why this continous to drag on unfortunately..

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Posted in: Documents show Japan complicit in WWII sex slavery: activists See in context

Joebiggs: thats not convincing. If these women are doing this for financial gain why would they not accept if Korean gov't told them not to accept? Why would they care about korean govt if money is offered to them? Your logic does not add up..

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