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Well written and very interesting article.

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Mr Bonds, you do not have to pay for driving lessons to get your license. You can teach Mrs Bonds yourself with her obtaining a paper license from the police station then take the practical and written exam at the accredited police station for about 7000 to 14000 yen depending on the license. Should your teaching be good enough, she should have her license.

If you 'hate' driving so much in Japan but you are an automotive journalist based in Chiba, you definately have made the wrong career choice. Ride a bike, catch a train, stop driving!

Irrelevant article.

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Bushlover: Which international law are you talking about exactly? The 'law' of the high seas? Or are you referring to agreements/treaties signed?

Australia's claim to these waters, as identified in the Antarctic treaty, not privvy by Japan or US, is legally binding in Australia, NZ, France, etc. Japan chooses not to recognise this. Greenpeace does.

In an International court of law, Australia's right to impose Australian law on non-nationals is a contentious issue in which there are conflicting international laws (right to defend territory VS recognised territory).

Just as Japan sees fit to 'expel' Chinese boats from Senkaku and Russia sees fit to shoot at Japanese fisherman around Kuril Isles, Australia and Greenpeace can claim intrusion by Japan. This is a territorial dispute legally.

Greenpeace is encouraging Japan to whale in its own waters, not in waters claimed by someone else.

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Posted in: Greenpeace protests anti-whaling arrests See in context


Australian Whale Sanctuary: http://www.environment.gov.au/coasts/species/cetaceans/sanctuary.html IWC's overlapping Southern Whale Sanctuary: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Southern_Ocean_Whale_Sanctuary

Under Australian law, it is illegal to 'fish' for whales, dolphins etc.

Under Australian law, they have every right to send in the troops, but not internationaly. Diplomatically it would be extremely counterproductive too, although it is the Australian Governement's duty to uphold its law.

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Breaking into and stealing? Like Japan breaking into the Southern Protected waters (not recognised by Japan, but claimed by Australia) and 'stealing' whales? Much of a muchness.

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Posted in: Man arrested over hit-and-run death of 82-year-old cyclist in Funabashi See in context

And his death could have possibly been avoided if he were wearing a helmet...

nuff said

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Posted in: Unsuspecting passenger returns cannabis after sniffer dog test botched at Narita See in context

What I don't get, is assuming the dog was able to locate the dope, only the guy who planted it 'knew' where it was, so the guy holding the bag would have been subject to a search and perhaps, unjustly interrogated by other customs officials. Is this what the officer was planning to do? I don't understand the point of his 'training exercise'.

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Not meaning to get too technical, but the sign says 'Within the park...'. He is on the bridge before descending to the gate to entering the park so technically speaking, he isnt even in the park and I think he can amp his pipes as much as he wants.

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