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Are you seriously comparing pre-covid and post-covid stats as if nothing happened in between?

(Bearing in mind early 2022 was still under partial lockdown for a large part of the world....)

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Someone mentioned upthread how a former PM is less well protected than a cult leader.

This is not surprising at all. These are predators. They make a living of milking every penny out of "believers" in exchange for something in the afterlife. They ruin lives and tear families apart.

They need protection from their disgruntled victims, as do the mafia bosses they are so similar to.

This wasn't a religiously motivated crime, or a terrorist attack. It was a common law murder, a revenge crime against an ancillary target by an angry, misguided, and miserable man.

As a result of which the sympathy for the church and the LDP which he so hates will inevitably be bolstered, as he observes from death row.

This murder was a pure tragedy for absolutely everyone, supporters and detractors of Abe alike.

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Exactly, it's their problem. Since when did it become yours?

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Someone misunderstood the instruction "You must be wearing a mask when you take public transport"

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