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Benny_the_Ball comments

Posted in: Japanese people aren’t happy with their looks: survey See in context

People who are really happy with their looks will not wear extreme clothes. Extreme clothes are a compensation for a need to look attractive. Women in Japan make a strong effort and most of the time look good. Men on the other hand typically have no idea. Almost all suit wearing men never clean their shoes, wear one suit constantly, carry women's bags, and more recently adjust their trousers so they 2 inches too short. The men who do try to take care of their appearance think that means directly copying women and look totally feminine.

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Posted in: Unfriendly relations See in context

has to make anybody feel physically sick to hear these prominent position Japanese ministers and company leaders pass off the terrible things the Japanese army did. But even worse is the fact that nobody speaks out against them. Too busy playing games on their mobiles or reading comics. What is the likelihood of history repeating itself under these conditions? Very high! We should all pray for those who suffered under these animals and at the same time we should be scared for our own future.

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Posted in: Man walks 1,400 kilometers home after getting mugged See in context

I have walked 100K for charity and even being fit and with good shoes it takes 20 odd hours and one will get lots of blisters and pain in the soles of the feet - even with shoes designed for the hike! Need lots of food, changes of clothes, that is just one day! Also, how did he know the route? I imagine he did not walk along the 高速 nor navigate using the stars. How many Japanese people, or anyone for that matter, keep 2000 yen inside their shoe?

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Posted in: Prison uses cuddly mascot in image makeover See in context

Very sad. Have a real issue and cover it up with something cute and childish. It is easier to do this than address the real problems. If you go to the police they also have a cute symbol but don't expect a cute solution to your issues. Dog fighting, outlawed and cruel in almost everywhere in the world is very popular in Kochi. Outside the arena they sell cute dog toys.

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Posted in: Osaka ward officially declares support for LGBT community See in context

Definately a step in the right direction, but it's a long hike. Every journey begins with a single step but it is peoples understandings generally which need to be enlightened.

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Posted in: What do you think of all those so-called energy drinks? See in context

Water, sugar and caffiene. An unhealthy waste of money. Better to drink some plain water with some good natural fruit like an orange or some grapes. These so called 'health drinks' are more in the trend of supplying modern societies addiction to sugar and salt. That is why there are so many fat people around, even in Japan now.

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Posted in: Police bust sex home-delivery service using overweight women See in context

Prostitution is not a victimless crime. The girls are victims. Many of them are forced into it through debt or other difficalt circumstances. Alot of desease in this business too. ****

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Posted in: The importance of social etiquette in urban Japan See in context

Most politeness is a reflection of rules and codes of behaviour, not much about common sense decency. Look at how much noise groups make in restaurants, shouting and laughing when a young couple are jammed in behind them trying to enjoy their meal. Look how nobody gets up for old people to sit down on trains. Look how car drivers never allow traffic from a side lane to filter in - they just drive forward with the attitude 'I'm in the lane'. That is why Japan needs so many traffic lights - there is no common sense to negotiate a sensible option.

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