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Posted in: Palestine becomes member of UNESCO; U.S. cuts funds See in context

is it too late to take back obama's nobel prize for peace? it seems like winning a re-election is more important than finding real solutions to the mid-east peace talks.

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Posted in: Nice offer See in context

betcha the bloke got more "hits" than the blonde.

but i just might swing by harajuku next weekend to see if she's there again.

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Posted in: Michael Jackson is world's top dead earner See in context

i hope none of MJ's millions went to his "live-off-my-fame" family. the jackson brothers need to finally earn a living by themselves by actually working.

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Posted in: Nuclear radiation from Fukushima twice more than estimated: report See in context


a "lie of omission" would have to assume that the j-govt knew the global data on c-137. even now there isn't concrete data on c-137 as the researches noted.

did the j-public even care about the global data? heck no!! they wanted and only needed info pertaining to their particular area. the people of fukushima, and most of japan, could have cared less about the amount of c-137 blowing over the ocean in the first weeks after 3.11. Which question was more important, "Mom, can I swim in the middle of the pacific ocean?" or "Mom, is it safe to go outside?"

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Posted in: Softbank profit surges on iPhone sales See in context


you are so right! they should change their name to SOFTSIGNAL, and also turn off that crappy and spotty wifi. even at the hint of a weak signal, my phone will want to switch to wifi. and then when it does, the wifi doesn't work. soooo dis-satisfied with them.

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Posted in: Nuclear radiation from Fukushima twice more than estimated: report See in context

PLEASE READ WHAT SQUIDBERT POSTED! and quit posting that the j-gov't was lyings. as he so eloquently put it, they released info based on the data they had. they didn't have the inclination, time nor the ability to quickly process data from all of the world.

yes, the j-govt was BSing on a lot of stuff but they actually didn't BS about this. sheez, people, give the j-bashing a rest some time and read the article carefully.

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Posted in: Man claims he was pushed off train by six drunk cops See in context

they are NOT public servants 24/7, and our taxes don't pay for their time off duty, so they can do whatever the heck they like off duty if it doesn't break the law. although police officers are held at a higher level of decency than joe six-pack, their behavior did not constitute anything illegal or morally offensive. so what if they were doing somersaults and chin-ups on a train while off duty.

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Posted in: Man claims he was pushed off train by six drunk cops See in context

it kinda annoys me when oji-chans and oba-chans attempt to enforce these hidden rules that you can't do anything on a train besides riding it in silence. in every other country i've been to where there's a subway, people are always talking on their phones, chatting to each other and actually having a bit of fun on a train. but in japan, it seems like a huge faux pas. times change people.

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Posted in: NHK to reduce monthly subscription fees See in context

nhk shoukd ask the bbc how they make people pay. i think most brits pay the tv licensing "tax," and those who don't are hounded until they do pay.

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Posted in: Police to get tough on sidewalk cyclists See in context

sorry giuliano, i meant "ride on the street."

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Posted in: Police to get tough on sidewalk cyclists See in context

@giuliano yes, you're supposed to ride on the sidewalk.

when i first came to japan, i always thought we HAD to ride on the sidewalk because i saw everyone else doing it. but i hated it because it was so crowded and packed. it was almost better walking. i doubt if this law will change anything, but i'm all for it. people belong on sidewalks not bicycles.

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Posted in: KARA's new album to go on sale Nov 23 See in context


i totally agree with most of what you said except for the "music for adults part." i'm not sure how adult the theme of "jet coaster love" is.

but yeah, they are way better than akb-48.

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Posted in: Brigitte Bardot urges Japan to stop whaling See in context


please research before you speak

In 2008 Bardot was convicted of inciting racial/religious hatred in relation to a letter she wrote, a copy of which she sent to Nicolas Sarkozy when he was Interior Minister of France. The letter stated her objections to Muslims in France.

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Posted in: Brigitte Bardot urges Japan to stop whaling See in context

bardot is a racist and a fearmongerer. she's been fined numerous times for inciting racial hatred againsts muslims, who she claims is invading her beautiful france.. and yet she wants to care for all the animals of the world? puh-leaze!

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Posted in: Oita town uneasy over 3 unsolved crimes See in context


me thinks you watch a lot of CSI :)

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Posted in: Why some mothers 'sell' their children for dirty deals See in context


uhhh, it's not a question at all. It's part of a defining relative clause: the reasons why mother some mothers 'sell'...

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Posted in: Farmers launch campaign to promote Miyagi rice See in context

well, at least the rice is bacteria free.

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Posted in: Japanese woman sentenced to death in Malaysia for drug smuggling See in context

i'm all for the death penalty but for smuggling drugs? what?!?! a big "maybe" if she was a dealer, but still, you're only supplying a product that people want.

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Posted in: Olympus ex-CEO pursues the $687 million question See in context

that should be 4th paragraph

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Posted in: Olympus ex-CEO pursues the $687 million question See in context

the 3th paragraph states an incorrect amount. it wasn't 20 bilion, it was over 2 billion. hence the big blowup over the compensation being 1/3 of the total value of the takeover.

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Posted in: Tochigi man busted for stealing school girls' uniforms, underwear in 3 prefectures See in context

why steal when you can just find a vending machine that sells "used" panties? oops, this might be off-topic.

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Posted in: With eye on Asian market, LinkedIn launches in Japanese See in context

i still can't figure out the advantages of using linkedin. fill in all your info and bio and then?

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Posted in: Mao Inoue, Arashi to host 'Kohaku Uta Gassen' See in context

do any gaijin watch this show anyways? i mean barely enough japanese watch this anymore. but tradition trumps common sense again.

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Posted in: Mail me See in context

i wonder if she has my address.

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Posted in: Japan beats France on three-star restaurants, Michelin says See in context

let's clear it up right now...no, many of the judges are not japapense so get that nonsense out of your head. there are two japanese and 3 european judges. please research before you bash japan.

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Posted in: 3 youths arrested for bludgeoning mother of female friend See in context

the best part is that these idiots stayed in the apartment where the crime took place.

on another note, their parents should also be imprisoned. how could they raise such callous children? the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, me thinks.

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Posted in: Watch me See in context

i imagine both would be expensive to upkeep

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Posted in: Woman prostitutes daughter to 72-year-old man for years before discovery See in context


why bash the japanese here? you think all westerners are so caught up on the well being of others? this lack of empathy is a universal thing, dude. get over it.

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Posted in: Would you go bananas for Y877,000 an hour? See in context


uhhh, like all of them. in fact, most "serious," and non-serious, businesses are on FB and twitter. whre have you been the past 2 years?!

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Posted in: Wendy's to be relaunched in Japan in December See in context


these articles seems to suggest otherwise:



seems like zensho wanted to pursue their more profitable brand which is sukiya. smart move b/c sukiya is the #1 gyudon joint in japan now.

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