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Posted in: Abductees' families urge gov't to make greater efforts to resolve issue See in context

just got one word to say, "gettoverit."

and smithinjapan the issue of abductees has never "shut down" the talks. it's always been the intransigency from the north. if you honest believe that then you need to open your eyes.

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Posted in: Toyota to halt Camry exports to North America See in context


i agree with some of what you said, but your digression about "performance " is wildly off topic. When a society reaches a certain level of economic success, performance doesn't decrease. Japanese products are still regarded as high quality and technologically superior to most other products. Yes, the Japanese desire for more consumer goods increased as they advanced economically, but I don't see this affecting their "performance."

And whil SK may be ascending currently, their low birth rate and aging society will stifle their economic success within 40-50 years.

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Posted in: Noda appoints Kan, Hatoyama as advisers See in context

my level of disgust with hatoyama increases with each passing day. hatoyama must be the only PM in recent history who has resigned but still remains in the news. most others vanish into political purgatory. i wish he would crawl back under the rock that his momma bought for him and leave everyone alone.

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Posted in: Police urge citizens to decline offers of help from yakuza at festivals See in context

stamping out organized crime is a waste of time and resources. you can arrest hundreds of them and another hundred will pop up the next day. so if you can't beat them, just tax them. at least then society in general can benefit.

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Posted in: Taiwan busts massive drug smuggling ring See in context

looks like someone missed a payment to the triad.

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Posted in: Roberto Cavalli to open 1st Japan flagship store See in context

cavalli is a pretty cool designer, but 15,000 yen for a t-shirt is a bit much. i'll stick with katherina hamnet, p. smith and burberry black label.

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if they stream american tv shows then i'm signing up!

hulu hoop? come on!!

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The "P" tablet seems like a novel idea. Like one poster mentioned, it's like a large NDS, but one side could be quite functional as a keyboard.

Who says Sony can't make a tablet to compete against Apple? I don't think Apple has perfected the tablet yet (e.g. lack of flash, computing power/memory and low resolution cameras). You people have been too caught up in the Apple mystique to recognize any of its defficiencies. Yes, it's a stylish product but not perfect.

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Posted in: Aya Sugimoto reveals she remarried in April See in context

she is one of the hottest 熟女 [jukujo] out there! fell in love with her when she started doing those exercise CMs. but marrying a twice divorced husband doesn't bode well for her future.

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Posted in: Rice shipped from Fukushima Prefecture See in context

the rice should be used to prisons in japan and all over the world. consider it an extra incentive for people to not break the law.

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Posted in: Husband, wife die after falling into pit on Ishikawa beach See in context

what kind of a birthday present is a pit in the beach?

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Posted in: Parody of Girls Generation song proves big hit on YouTube See in context

i totally agree, gox3. 2 miilion hits isn't exactly viral.

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Posted in: American man, Japanese wife settle dispute over son, 8 See in context

did someone cut and paste this article together? it's like a hodge podge of ideas.

lots of unanswered questions from this article. like how long had the father "abducted" his son? and why did the dad take the boy to china? that's bizarre.

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Posted in: Comedian Shimada quits show business over reported ties to yakuza See in context

as much as i detest this a**sehole, it's completely absurd that he is being forced to resign because he had a few yak friends. i just have three words for this, "come on, japan!!"

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Posted in: Suicides add to despair in Tohoku disaster zone See in context

to be honest, only 16 people committing suicide in june is a surprisingly low number, considering the national average per day is about 82 people. i think this actually shows the resilience of the people living in the affected areas. "ganbarre" says it all.

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Posted in: Kan farewells cabinet; tells them to get ready to resign See in context

while i admire mr. kan's idealism, he lacked the necessary political skills to achieve anything substantial. granted, he was up against ozawa and a sprawling beauracracy, but dreams without a plan will always be just dreams.

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Posted in: City in Fukushima declares August Decontamination Month See in context

"decontamination month?" don't they mean "decontamination DECADE?"

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Posted in: Japan says Tokyo may drop 2020 bid See in context


what do you mean by a "tax burden on japan?" taxes aren't being raised to host the olympics. funds are already in place and being used for infrastructure (take a look at shinjuku station) since ishihara tried to get the summer olympics last time. if you look around tokyo, it's a constant construction site because the city was preparing for 2016. yes, host cities usually create white elephants that are costly, but tokyo already has most of the venues built. very few new venues were planned. security costs means new jobs for thousands of people. loss of public space in tokyo? can you name one that will be lost? locating the summer olympics in a small town in tokyo would create white elephants. that's the problem with small cities hosting a big events. only large metropolises could possibly re-use the venues.

i don't condone tokyo going for the 2020 olympics, but I can see why ishihara wants to though.

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Posted in: Japan says Tokyo may drop 2020 bid See in context

you have to look at this from an economical standpoint. it costs over $100 million to present a viable presentation to the IOC, but the economic benefit to Tokyo and Japan are over billions of dollars in infrastructure, tv revenue and tourism. yes, ishihara is a madman for trying to get the summer olympics again after 2 failed bids, but the boon to the economy would benefit many.


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Posted in: Ichihashi admits to raping, strangling Hawker, but denies intent to kill See in context

there is quite a large gap, in the eyes of the law, between homicide and manslaughter. Ichihashi is admitting to manslaughter, which bascially equates his acts to a mistake, an unintentional murder. You drink and drive and kill someone with your car line of defense. I doubt if the lay judges will buy this defense but you never know what will happen in japan.

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Posted in: Sapporo Beer doubles sales target for non-alcohol beer See in context

i will never, ever, ever drink non-alcoholic beer. what a waste of money!

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Posted in: May the horse be with you See in context

he's just horsing around.

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Posted in: Chiba man held for allegedly beating girlfriend to death See in context

yes, people who have a "bad attitude" deserve to die. what a maroon!

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2 wars, tens of thousands of civilian and military deaths, hundreds of billions of dollars just for one guy. was it worth it?

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Posted in: Anna Tsuchiya performs at candle-lit dinner event See in context

i agree with the above posts. she seems like a cool person but can't sing to save her life. but different strokes...

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Posted in: TV, entertainment industry facing major crunch See in context

well, at least we can still play pachinko for our entertainment :)

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Posted in: Morinaga starts 'summer time,' calling employees to work at 8 a.m. See in context

“I am better organized and use my time more wisely now,”

how can starting an hour earlier make this person a more efficient worker? the logic baffles me, as do some other things.

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Posted in: Have it your way at Burger King this spring See in context

i don't understand how these burgers represent "hav(ing) it my way?" shouldn't that mean that i can design my own burger instead having the burgers already named and filled with meat and veggies?

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Posted in: Jane Birkin performs at free charity concert in Shibuya See in context

is she famous?

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Posted in: Jenny Periman sparkles in NHK's 'Eigo de Asobo' See in context

i don't like it that she is fine with the term "hafu." many parents resent this phrase, and I too despise it. there are better ways to refer to oneself, and she should begin using them.

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