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Posted in: Do you think suicide is an honorable way to atone for a crime or scandal? See in context

I'm definitely in the minority and think it's okay. Not all the time, but it's not something that I think should never ever be considered as appropriate.

First of all, if every effort is made to clean up the mess you've caused, then suicide is definitely something that I think is okay. Clean up the mess, and if you know you're prone to making the same messes over and over again, then if you want to kill yourself, I say, "Go for it!" Some people just repeat their mistakes over and over, even though they know it's wrong and feel terrible about it. Breaking the cycle is just too hard for some people and never erases the guilt over past mistakes. Clean up your mess and then off yourself.

There's also the fact that not everyone has a support system. Some people just will not be missed by anyone. That's a simple fact of life, and to pretend otherwise is silly.

Did anyone shed tears over Ariel Castro's suicide? No. Granted, he committed suicide because he thought prison was too hard, but it still doesn't mean that he's missed or pitied. I don't think anyone batted an eye, so saying that you'll always hurt someone else with your suicide is nonsense.

This is going to sound morbid, but even if you leave behind loved ones (and I don't recommend that you do), they'll eventually move on from you. Have a wife? She'll remarry, and she'll probably love him more. It's just a trade-up, you know. There's you and all the shameful baggage attached, and then there's Mr. Right over there.

I've only known one person who remained loyal to their spouse, and that's an old woman who lives in our community. Her husband died in his 50s and she never remarried. She still talks about "Johnny" quite frequently; her phone number is still listed under his name in the phonebook, and it's his name that appears on the caller ID whenever she calls someone.

Most people, though, have a healthy period of grief and then move on. My grandfather was flirting with women within months of Grandma's death, and many people start dating again after the customary year is up. Heck, I've even heard of people who were scoping out new love interests while at their deceased husband's/wife's funeral!

It sound horrible, but no one is irreplaceable. With criminals, depending on the crime, it's even more-so. I really wish it weren't the case, but people are fickle.

It's harder on your parents, siblings, children, and grandchildren, I think, but sometimes your death will bring about peace for them.

Now, these scenarios are all in extreme circumstances. Do I think the guy who accidentally hit a kid who unexpectedly ran out in front of him should go kill himself? No. But if you killed someone intentionally, for which there's no way to clean that mess up, and wound up with a guilty conscience, would anyone really cry and grieve at the loss of your presence? Probably not.

I'd also like to point out that suicide isn't easy. The people who have survived their suicide attempts have many different perspectives, but I've never heard anyone say it was a simple decision, regardless of culture or religious background. Your body fights you the whole way, and you have to be really dedicated to succeed.

This is also my opinion today. It could change tomorrow, but I tend to go through periods of cynicism.

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