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Posted in: Foreign men share their reasons for divorcing Japanese wives See in context

I do all I can to make my wife and children happy and well taken care of and by all means, I am no angel, BUT, my Japanese wife is nasty, bossy, shows me no love or affection...hell, if I didn't ask for sex, it probably would never happen, and takes all my jokes as a personal attack. After 8 years of this, I would probably divorce her if it wasn't for my two kids...which, I am sure that if we divorced, she'd pack her bags and run back to Japan with the kids and I would never see them again! I couldn't bare to lose my kids!

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Posted in: Couple kept 3-year-old son in rabbit cage, starved him and dumped body in river See in context

Omg! Every time I see these stories about abusing or killing their own kids, I think of my own and tear up..how can anyone do this to a child, let alone, their own child. The one place a child is supposed to feel safe and protected is with their parents...and then, this!? Absolutely unforgivable!!!

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Posted in: Nagano onsen welcomes foreigners with tattoos, as long as they patch ’em up See in context

As an American with a tattoo on both upper arms and one on my forearm....I've been to Japan 3 times in different years and have been to many different hot springs with my Japanese in-laws. I've never been told to leave or cover up and never had any weird looks...and I was running around stark naked.

all I can say is, be as respectful as you can and don't try to look intimidating

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Posted in: Vagina kayak artist denies obscenity charges See in context

Leave Ms. Igarashi alone! We have statues of male genitalia considered art, penis festivals celebrating men's privates, many many painting and statues of women's naked bodies, etc., etc...all around the world!!! A woman's body is not obscene...IT IS ART!!!!

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Posted in: 70 years on, Japan, U.S. remember epic Iwo Jima battle See in context

I watched that Movie, "Letters from Iwo Jima and it was an absolutely heart-wrenching movie...Because I am married to a Japanese woman, I have the opportunity to really look at both sides of the story and it is sad for both

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