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Berit Andersson comments

Posted in: U.S., Japan isolated as allies line up to join China-led bank See in context

This China lead banking will promote growth in the whole Asia. Can Japan really afford to stay outside? There is lot of export possibilties for the Japaneese companies if they join in. This China style investments are Always so big and there must be hugh profits when companies get contracts. Asia unite............................

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Posted in: Japan's recession worse than thought, data shows See in context

It is only in the USA the quantitavive easening booms the economy. This because US dollar is a World reserv currency. This qe program doesnt work for Japan. Due thje political tensions Booth in Europa and Asia we can se how this continents economies are slowing down. Now it is only the US economy that is booming. Thanks to US foreign policy there is now Heavy division among the Asian and European countries. The old idea that the Asian countries could have enough strong leadership to overcome internal historical disputes seems Moore and Moore as a remote Dream. If the Asian countries could have created an internal market fo their economies there could have been enough with possibilties for their companies to have an strong internal market. For now Booth Japanies, Korean, Chinese companies are moore or less suppliers to the US economy. Americans they dont produce anything else than weapons, films and dollars. Instead of a strong Asian internal market the Japanese companies are now producing mainly for the USA. This means that the americans are creating semi Colonial bondage to Japan. This is why Japan is going down. We have the same problem in Europa. Americans are designing lot of tension with Russia wich means that EU is becoming Moore or less a supplier to the US economy. There is no future in Asia or Europa if we dont break this semi colonila bondage to the USA.

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Posted in: China, Japan resume talks over maritime issues See in context

It should be very interesting for bothh countries to identify what common intresst they posses and build a new relation upon this commonn intresst. East asians are the only civilations that realy can challenges the west so what are they waiting for?

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Posted in: Japan's trade deficit surges to Y822.2 bil in June See in context

After Fukushima Japan stands in the middel of a energy crises caused by to expensiv energy bill. The economies in EU and USA cannot import Moore japanes god because of the overall recension from 2008. Now we can se that the deprcetion of the yen didnt improve the terms of trade and in contrary worsen it. Also political tensions in Asia worsens the export markets. Japanese government must take new grips in the energy market to make sure that the energy pricese will not ham the competivnes of the Japnese companies. Japans problems cannot be solved only by monetary police , but Moore by a new industrial policies to promote cheaper self sufficient energy and a foreign policy that promotes influx of cheaper energy. I am sure that Japan will recover when they find the right path of economics.

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Posted in: Japanese firms hurt by tensions with China, S Korea See in context

The Japaneese are still in the top of the food chain, one of the most develped countries in the World. How will Japan stay stay there? This is the cross roads. The old Colonial World from 1500 Century where the western Powers ruled the World oceans is slowly dying out, China and Rome was the ancient Powers of the old World. If Japan chooses to challenge China there will be great cost Booth for Japan and China but i guess that Chinas global influence will be bigger than Japans.If Japan choses to rely on USA for its security and longterm stability there will be a great danger if the so called western World is declining. If Japan takes a Moore neutral and pacifistic position the countrie will never be isolated in the Asia and the rest of the World. I know that Japaneese are a very competent people but somtimes they are to impulsive and they dont see the real danger.

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Posted in: Japan seeks talks with China at November summit See in context

I Think this will be a great opportunity both for Japan and China to restart their relations. To be honest, everybody knows that a bigger conflict between Japan and China is impossible without escalation into a third World war. The Asian markets will be the fastest growing part of the World and there will be enough of opportunitys Booth for China and Japan. Energy crises that did hit Japan after Fukushima escalated the conflict over the Islands because of the search for Moore energy in a energy hungry World. Now there can be a deal between Iran and P% wich can bring in Moore cheap energy into the Asian markets. Iran possese the biggest gasfields in the World. Sametime there will be Moore energy from Sibiria into the Asian markets. So there is no need for Japan to Challenge China, instead it would be much better to start a deeper cooperation in bussines and sciences. For longterm it is betteer for Japan to look for opportunitys elswhere than USA.

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