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Bernard Maisel comments

Posted in: A mother leaves Japan so that her teen son can stay See in context

I'd be curious to know what employment she has done over the past 20years. If she has been paying taxes, then kicking her out seems very unfair and hypocritical.

There is a thing called "amnesty", and Japan could offer such things to illegals who have been in this country and supported this country in various forms.

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Posted in: Pizza Hut Japan asks customers: 'Don’t you hungry?' See in context

It's pure Laziness and another case of being cheapskates. OMG, there is no excuse for this. This is elementary English in Japan, and taught again when they get to jhs and used over and over again. No matter the age of this person... This is pathetic.

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Posted in: Restaurant ordered to pay Y58 mil damages over employee's suicide See in context

In Japan, if you quit then you'll find it harder to get hired again. They don't want to hire people who quit. It's a sick system, one that needs to die. People are working themselves to death for little to nothing.

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Posted in: Why does 'Engrish' happen in Japan? See in context

No it's more like trying to cater to the foreigners while absolutely not giving a rip about actually learning English. It's nothing to do with Japanese being different than English, because that's obvious, but it is in fact more about their attitude to learning English and shows how important it is to them.

I'm not saying Japan should be an English speaking nation, but wth are we teachers wasting our time teaching them English every day when they fail to make even basic English sentences by the time they graduate school.

Their English is a total joke. I can and do see the humor in their mistakes, but at the same time it is like an itch you can't scratch.

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Posted in: Obuchi resigns over misuse of political funds; justice minister also resigns See in context

I'm probably the only one that sees it as funny and a little coincidental that the financial and industry ministers resign, leaving the two most pressing issues TAX and NUCLEAR REACTOR RESTART open for someone to come in and make radical decisions. Hmm

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Posted in: Japan overwhelmingly favors CDs to digital music See in context

For their*

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Posted in: Japan overwhelmingly favors CDs to digital music See in context

Japan has a filthy way to overcharge forthwith CDs and dvds.

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Posted in: The ugly truth of 'gokon,' Japan’s group blind dates See in context

Easy to blame repressive when the actual problem is just you missing a fn spine.

I am not defending the douche bags for their behavior...they good guys a bad reputation. The main point is where people today need to get wasted in order to relax enough to have a conversation.

So many issues unspoken here.

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Posted in: Step in See in context

This is the problem when you use an innocent word and then use it as a derogatory term.

Some people don't mean it as a negative term, while other do. It's context and situation dependent.

Honestly, it just a poor choice of word(s). But in all serious this not so bad. Grow the hell up, people. Get angry when it's actually meant to be an insult.

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Posted in: All you need is Cruise See in context

Cookiecutter? If it works it works.i like his films, not him but him as an actor.

I loved the movie!! It was great

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Posted in: Fukushima governor wants 2020 Olympic torch relay to go past nuclear plant See in context


sangetsu03 at Jun. 18, 2014 - 08:28AM JST

but I think its clear that area is no longer suitable for human habitation, agriculture or fishing ever again,

The same thing was said about Nagasaki and Hiroshima back in 1945, but by 1946 these cities were already being rebuilt and reinhabited, weren't they? People are living in Nagasaki and Hiroshima now, aren't they?

You are missing the important fact that the bombs detonated above the ground. They never hit the dirt. Thus the top layer was easily done away with. In this case, the radiation has basically seeped into the ground, deep down.

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Posted in: A look at life on death row in Japan See in context

Laws are there to be followed and the punishment should be a deterrent, not a welcoming party. Severe punishment is there to deter people from doing it. If prison wasn't a hell, then why would it be bad to end up there?

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Posted in: Five things about male friendship that confuse Japanese women See in context

I actually quite liked number 3. About the liver part.

We don't get hung up with the 'I won't date again' part cause it's stupid and wastes time.

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Posted in: 905 students, 41 staff suffer food poisoning at Hamamatsu schools See in context

OKay, speaking from current experience as i live and teach in Hamamatsu and know a couple of people who work in affected school, the notion that this stuff only happens in Japan is naive.

Yeah, it's pretty darn obvious that it's the school lunch as it was from the same supplier. SO it's pretty clear what caused it, but not what ingredient(s) were the cause.

As for the "not washing their hands" part - This is a problem in ANY country, developed or not. People walk out toilets without washing their hands or using soap. That said, the kids themselves all wash their hands and use alcohol to clean their hands before they touch any of the food containers and start dishing out.

Over all, Japan is clean and safe, but not more or less than many other nations.

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