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Posted in: Japan beats South Korea 3-0 to claim soccer bragging rights See in context

Ah yes, a real "clash of the Titans" match! lol

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Posted in: What are some of your favorite cherry blossom-viewing spots in Japan? See in context

My garden.

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Posted in: Many Japanese celebrities have no burning desire to be involved in torch relay See in context

How long before Johnny's drags out some washed-up SMAP member or other has-been?

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Posted in: The importance of higher education for women in Japan See in context

Most Japanese women want to marry a well-off guy and be a housewife. And Japanese society largely expects nothing more of women anyways.

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Posted in: Renesas fire threatens to deepen global chip supply woes See in context

TSMC will likely be willing and able to plug the gap.

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Posted in: Man gets 7 years in prison for fatal abuse of girlfriend’s 3-year-old son See in context

It's too bad prison in Japan is safe and boring. He won't see real justice. In a US or UK jail, he'd receive some very swift justice from his new block friends.

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Posted in: Japan asks IAEA support for Fukushima tank water release See in context

This is such an easy decision to make.

1) Is the water radioactive or not? Yes or no?

If "Yes", can it be treated properly to make it safe? Yes? Then release it into the ocean.

If "No", leave it in storage.

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Posted in: Japan's car makers assess impact of Renesas auto chip plant fire See in context

"We will firmly try to help the Naka factory achieve swift restoration by helping it quickly acquire alternative manufacturing equipment,"

Even if you had not told me the original language of this quotation, I would have guessed "Japanese".

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Posted in: After the insurrection, America's far-right groups get more extreme See in context

When VP Harris becomes President and screws most of middle America, the Republicans will easily be able to return to power at the next election. Only a few more years to wait.

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Posted in: Japan temporarily sets higher tariffs on U.S. beef imports See in context

Japanese beef is fatty garbage from cows that spend their entire lives standing up to their knees in their own manure. I would rather have beef from free-ranging cattle who aren't insanely obese and full of fat.

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Posted in: Japan household assets hit record ¥1,948 tril See in context

I think the pandemic has made lots of old foreigners in japan lose their obs and hit rock bottom on welfare due to being age over 45 or so.

All the foreigners I know who lost jobs or who had their wages cut back are in English teaching. Anyone aged over 30 teaching English in Japan is playing a very dangerous game if they think they can stick it out in the long run. I even know some guys who are the sole breadwinner in their family while working as an English teacher! There are a few truly good jobs, such as getting tenure at a university, but these are few and far between. After 30, eikaiwa companies and dispatch companies basically don't want you anymore, in favor of someone younger and fresh off the boat. Glad I was able to see the writing on the wall, thanks to seeing way too many 50 year old English teachers drinking heavily in the local "gaijin" bar night after night.

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Posted in: Deer hunter arrested after mistakenly shooting friend in Tochigi See in context

Can foreigners own guns here?

Yes. Have done for over ten years.

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Posted in: Deer hunter arrested after mistakenly shooting friend in Tochigi See in context

Happens every year. One reason why I refuse to go deer/boar hunting with my local hunting club here. Those old guys are way too shaky and trigger-happy. I only ever go alone or with non-Japanese friends who have proper gun experience.

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Posted in: Why do dozens of U.S. states want to ban transgender women from sport? See in context

Because it makes sense.

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Posted in: Georgia massage parlor shootings leave 8 dead; man captured See in context

What's with the bumfluff on the chin?

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Posted in: Japanese YouTuber Shelly talks candidly about sex education with funny anecdotes See in context

I can count on one hand in two decades the number of Japanese girls who have been the one to suggest safe sex to me when getting down to it. This country must be rampant in STDs.

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Posted in: A sobering strategy for pandemic times - brewers bank on alcohol-free beer boom See in context

Japanese non-alcoholic beers gave gotten so much better in recent years. My favorite is the Asahi Dry Zero.

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Posted in: Sharp admits sales padded at subsidiary amid pressure to hit targets See in context

Curious if they had passed their annual external audit. Did they manage to hide this from them or did the auditors miss this?

Japanese companies don't have external audits of any meaning.

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Posted in: Sharp admits sales padded at subsidiary amid pressure to hit targets See in context

There is no effective corporate governance in Japanese companies. This is why I refuse to invest in them. Their P&Ls and balance sheets are pure trickery/outright lies.

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Posted in: 2 arrested after man dies following street fight in Tochigi See in context

Back home, if you continue kicking/punching someone once they are on the ground, you're very likely to get a beating yourself for not playing fair. Not here in Japan. I've seen people on the ground here trying to protect themselves as they continue to be kicked and punched; men and women.

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Posted in: COVID-19 numbers in Tokyo area creeping up, health minister says See in context

If Japan has instigated a true state of emergency or "Lock Down", like in the UK, things wouldn't be so bad. Their version of a SoE was laughable; just "no bars after 8pm, okay?". What a farce!

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Posted in: Mississippi becomes first U.S. state to ban transgender athletes from women's sports See in context

Excellent. The world is not totally devoid of commonsense just yet.

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Posted in: The big problem for the Japanese is that they're simply outnumbered and outgunned. See in context

Well, it won't be the first time America has killed innocent civilians.

We all know that veritable bastion of human rights, China, would never entertain such an idea!

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Posted in: U.S. warship transits Taiwan Strait after admiral's China invasion warning See in context

The US would send China back to the Stone Age if the latter were foolish enough to attack Taiwan.

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Posted in: Japanese company develops life-sized reactionary anime girl hologram store guides See in context

What's wrong with using a real human?

You have to pay them, and deal with annoying things like health insurance.

This is like a weeb's wet-dream!

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Posted in: 12% of Fukushima town still a no-go zone See in context

Minus the weeds, this structure doesn't look out of place in any Japanese town or city anywhere in Japan, given how the Japanese never perform maintenance or DIY on their buildings.

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Posted in: Rush to bitcoin? Not so fast, say keepers of corporate coffers See in context

Bitcoin is due for a huge correction, and when it happens, lots of people will lose a lot of money. Much like the idiots still holding their GME, despite having lost thousands.

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Posted in: Suga gives Koizumi new role as minister in charge of climate change See in context

That's a juicy non-job with a nice salary! Well played!

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Posted in: Biden names two women generals to lead military commands See in context

I think we all know why they were chosen.

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