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Posted in: It's time for Europe to stop holding referendums See in context

The outcomes of the majority of referendums have been more beneficial for the people than any politician will ever be.

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Posted in: Canadian YouTuber explains why she quit working on Japanese TV See in context

Japanese TV offered her exposure but did not pay. She was not happy. YouTube offers her exposure but does not pay. She is happy.

You are misinformed. Youtube pays about 1$ of ad money per 1000 views. Too much in my opinion, considering that most popular youtube channels are not any better than TV quality-wise.

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Posted in: Forest bathing: A mindful walk in the woods, no getting wet See in context

People are so disconnected with nature, it's sad that they can't find access to it without guidance.

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Posted in: Instagram lets users filter offensive comments See in context

The internet is not a safe space. Get over it.

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Posted in: Exhibition puts Japan's child prostitution in the limelight See in context

Just one word in case some Westerners might get on the high horse: Rotherham And yes, I agree that the Japanese police is not doing enough to protect women from shady agencies.

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Posted in: Kill drug lords, Philippines' top cop tells addicts See in context

Fascist states are very good at reducing crime on the day to day level but then commit the atrocities themselves.

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Posted in: Facebook sidesteps ad-blocking on desktop computers See in context

Facebook was never free, it comes at the cost of your privacy. A price high enough for me, I don't need to see ads. I for one will always block any ads on corporate websites.

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Posted in: More than half of British women sexually harassed at work: survey See in context

As for the definition of harassment Just remember, if you are an old, ugly and low-status John Doe it is harassment and if you are George Clooney it's not.

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Posted in: Amazon Japan offices raided in antitrust case See in context

And here I was told let the free market reign and everything will be fair, balanced and glorious.

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Posted in: Japan to begin nationwide sales of a tear-free onion this fall See in context

I prefer to think that it's a small group of rather well organized folks who like to play on people's fears of anything that science produces that will be bad for you, just like the homeopaths who play on the fears of the unknown too.

As cleo explained, there is no benefit, only potential for risk in GMOs. Just as 'useful' as a tear-free onion.

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Posted in: Merkel: Germany 'will manage' challenge after attacks See in context

That Chaplin lookalike from Austria destroyed Germany and Merkel is putting the last nails in the coffin.

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Posted in: How stressful is your workplace and how do you cope with it? See in context

I work from home ... I can recommend it. Beats going to work.

Well, if only we had a choice...

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Posted in: Failed coup strengthens Turkey's president See in context

They probably thought the rest of the military would go along with them and the people would be out in the street tearing up pictures of Erdogan and giving roses to the soldiers of the coup.

I don't think the mid-ranking military is as naive as you seem to be. Everybody knows that Erdogan has like 80% popular approval in Turkey and that most of the military leadership supports him.

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Posted in: Turkey quashes coup; Erdogan vows 'heavy price' for plotters See in context

a coup is no way to advance democracy.

Hitler was democratically elected. We all know how that went down.

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Posted in: Spice Girls trio hint at reunion See in context

Thins the world doesn't need right now.

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Posted in: How health-boosting crops could benefit 1 billion people See in context

using conventional plant-breeding techniques


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Posted in: Enraged 28-year-old woman stabs boyfriend after split talks See in context

"Seems to" or "does"? If you are going by the number of articles you read in the news paper, that's about as scientific as religious faith.

Well, it's not scientific, that's why I wrote "seems". This is purely based on my own experience and impression. I believe in relation to other crimes, Japan has a disproportionate number of stalking and related crimes. I wish there were statistics on that which were comparable across countries, but their aren't any.

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Posted in: Enraged 28-year-old woman stabs boyfriend after split talks See in context

Japan seems to have a disproportionate share of women (and men) like this. It's scary. Bad parenting and lack of treatment exacerbate this.

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Posted in: Microsoft readies Windows 10 update, answers critics See in context

Seriously considering Linux for the first time, despite its terrible usability.

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Posted in: British PM David Cameron to resign after Brexit humiliation See in context

This referendum doesn't change anything. You're still the poodle of the US and ruled by the corporations.

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Posted in: Japan's porn industry apologises over coercion claims See in context

By googling her name, you can get numerous cheerful, hot, inviting nude images which make one hard to believe coercion.

That doesn't prove anything. Actors are paid or in this case possibly forced to act. Have you never smiled when you felt like crying?

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Posted in: Police use tear gas to break up fights in France See in context

"local youths"

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Posted in: One percent of world's population holds almost half its wealth See in context

fxgai, I'm sorry to inform you that wealth in capitalism is not endless and not for everybody. Assets are limited, meaning when somebody becomes richer, many other people become relatively poorer in comparison (if just in natural resources or quality of life). So that fairy tale about everybody being able to get rich through hard work is just a convenient myth put forth by... the rich.

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Posted in: One percent of world's population holds almost half its wealth See in context

The lowest of the low are not rich people getting richer, but the poor people defending them.

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Posted in: Uber finally makes inroads in aging Japan See in context

As long as Uber undermines the minimum wage, taxi insurance/safety regulations and corporate taxes it should be banned!

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Posted in: Luxury brands struggle to attract Internet generation See in context

And this won't happen when you sell the same boring stuff everywhere.

Good point! Every luxury strip mall in the world looks basically the same, with the same brands all over. Furthermore, Luxury brands have lost their appeal. Replicas are much cheaper but similar in quality and people realize what a rip-off luxury brands are.

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Posted in: Japanese swoon over Canada's 'hunky PM' Trudeau See in context

It seems many readers on JT are also blinded by his looks.

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Posted in: Johnny Depp's wife files for divorce See in context

Why do famous men marry at all? It just makes no sense and only works in very few cases (when the wife accepts all the infidelities).

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Posted in: American man gets 18 months for dumping woman's body in bay See in context

Gumo is a well-known con-artist and fraudster (just check on google). I guess he conned his way out of this charge.

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