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Posted in: Oscars show to include 007 tribute See in context

Daniel Craig Rocks!

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Posted in: Women can tell which men cheat just by looking at them: study See in context

Evreybody cheats! In one form or another, Now if your talking about actual penetration....

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Posted in: Bonds, Clemens, Sosa head Hall of Fame ballot See in context

Marvin Miller, Father of Free Agency, died a couple of days ago! The Primary reson why Major League Baseball has no integrity and went down hill for the last 35 years! And thats Why Japanese Baseball is whats happening in the 21st century!

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Posted in: Sex counselor seeks explanations for waning co-ed promiscuity See in context

Why look a gift horse in the frigun mouth!

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Posted in: Sex counselor seeks explanations for waning co-ed promiscuity See in context

This is japan' s hidden treasure! 50% Virgins, How sweet is that! There will blessings of good marriages, jealthy children, and lack of spousal guilt! Nooo Abortions! Really sweet!

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Posted in: Why Asia is being most impacted by climate change See in context

The increase in the incidence of natural diasters due to climate change are in most part attributed to weather ochestration by governments and private interests in the use of chemical additives to the atmosphere! (Cloud Seeding)! When 1 area is affected or should I say infected there are equal and opposite reprecussions that happen in unexpected areas! Weather Management is a common practice in the States! I have seen tremendous change in the soil for the last 40 years!

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Posted in: The 'downgraded wives' who make hubbies squirm See in context

Woman was made for man as a companion, not the other way around according to the bible! Any seviation from that will cause emotional pathology!

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Posted in: Africa: the next economic tiger? See in context

Economic Tiger for who? The colonial powers all over again. The biggest Natural Resource that Africa produces is the people itself! The mysteries, the rituals, the spiritual practices! When the Industrialization of Africa takes place they will in fact lose all their identity! And so will the earth! Can you imagine African people living in row housing, making minimum wage, and laws being passed not to smoke in public places! The only animals they will come in contact is a lap dog in every home. It will be Colonialism imposing their idea of a lifestyle. Slavery will make a round trip!

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Posted in: Twitter comment starts online debate on working overtime See in context

You work to live in this world not live to work! Overtime should be compensated 1,5 times per hour after 40 hours. There were people that lost their lives in Labor Protests in my country to secure that right!

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Posted in: Folic acid doesn't cut risk of colon polyps: study See in context

I dont know why your preaching to the choir, Japanese people dont get it there!

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Posted in: Brad Pitt blasts U.S. war on drugs See in context

What pair of underpants has Brad Pitt been sniffing? This guy does not know what the heck hes talking about! First of all drugs and the media affect all stratas of society! I wouldnt target the black communities only as victims! The incarceration of drug offendors has a purpose. If they were let out in the general public they would produce mayham and chaos throughout society. They are for the most part incorrigable and would produce a serious danger to the public.Mr. Pitt is part of the problem not the solution. His proffession as an allusionist contributes to the problem of mass control of the masses and individual communities by governmental and corporate entities!

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Posted in: U.S. ambassador pledges full cooperation over alleged rape on Okinawa See in context

This story sounds very fishy, seems like something similar a couple of years back. Could be some political propaganda! You think the last time the US generals would warn their people to be carefull, It spurred an international crisis years ago. This seems like crap!

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Posted in: Obama under heavy pressure in debate rematch with Mitt Romney See in context

This debate is full of crap, a charade. Obama has the election won. Romney is pandering to the law and order, trickle down theory, America love it or leave it, constituency! Capitalism as we knew it, is not working! Deceptive advertising, hoarding precious resources, Unbalanced Supply and Demand Forces, Corporate Control of the Media, Laise Faire lack of regulation on Business Practices, Environmental and FDA, Military Industrial Complex instead of Alternative Energy Development. Medical Status Quo corruption all account for a Romney affirmation! The American people are not so stupid to fall into the pitfalls again!

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Posted in: Japan should apologize for wartime aggression: N Korea See in context

Havent the world emasculated the people of Japan enough! Mostly evreyone who was invoved in that conflict are pushing up daisys! Please people get over it,. Apologize? Is Japan a person! Its like me personally apologizing for slavery in America! Its absurd! Lets get on to peace and consideration!

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Posted in: How companies go about forcing employees to quit See in context

I suggest to break the tension get some comic relief. Deficate on the floor in the lavatory. Order takeout in the bosses name and have it delivered! Place a gay mens magazine prominantly on your least favorite coworkers desk so evreyone can see it! Do this discreetly! The company will think twice about not firing you! You can collect your unemployment compensation and leave with a clear head!

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Posted in: German customs seize Stradivarius from another Japanese musician See in context

How ridiculous is this to split hairs. Its just a freakin fiddle anyway!

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Posted in: Why they don't want us dancing at nightclubs See in context

Sounds like an illumanati thing, Control of your soul! On the other hand I find one of the most freakin annoying thing is if Im in a place having a drink and two people start dancing near me and theres no place to dance; usually there tanked up, they dont give a hoot who they bang into and a fight could break out. There should be dancing only if the place is made for dancing!

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Posted in: 9 things that make an ‘ikemen’ (hot guy) See in context

How bout being brash enough to break wind and belch without apologizing for it! Thats impressive!

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Posted in: At 82, relaxed Clint Eastwood throws another curveball See in context

Personally all his charachters are the same, hes got no versatilility! Never played a gangster or a closet homosexual. Never a doctor, or a mental patient! He is what he is! I wouldnt call him an Icon!

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Posted in: Many mysteries remain as Alzheimer's epidemic looms See in context

Yo Cleo, you sound like your defending some saprophitic proffession, You have to understand that the elder probably believes in ghousts! You have to respect that and sometime entertain that!, It has nothing to do with the television it has something they did most of their young life, The physicallity, the spirituality, the flux of energy, THE MEMORIES must be living. The orientation comes! Jn alot of cases your dealing with despair, guilt, and reget! Smell the Coffee Cleo!

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Posted in: Many mysteries remain as Alzheimer's epidemic looms See in context

Alzheimers, Senility and Dimentia are progressive conditions! You must iclude in the culture, memmories, and not rev the environment up with fads, fashion, and the latest non-essential technology! When a person would watch television 50 years ago they would get up off of their couch, walk over to the television turn it on or off and turn the knob to change the channel, and sit down. One must not take that option away. The tendency in the human condition is to believe in ghousts. The person afflicted with this pathology should be helped by the proper authoritive entity. The political thing to do to generate all sorts of expenditures is to hire psychiatrists, implement more Nursing Homes, and propagate the accelerated use of toxic medications!

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Posted in: Recreational drug use is not a human right See in context

This stuff upsers the natural Aquarium balance. For evrey thought there is a reaction, especially in the general population! One person has the capability to start a riot even in a temple!

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Posted in: What Japanese women discreetly check out when on a hunt for a husband See in context

But the big question is what can a woman do for a man! Remember God created woman for man as a helper as a companion. In the case of Adam and Eve! Can she cook, can she clean, is she an enthusiastic partmer in the bedroom, will she raise her children well, will she always be god fearing!

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Posted in: 5 worst relationship mistakes See in context

Have coitus before your supposed to and see all the troubles individually come your way!

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Posted in: Japan sees surge in aspiring adult film actresses; 6,000 said to debut each year See in context

The response to this article and the addiction it creates is the sign of a depraved culture, there are definite consequences to all parties concerned! Alot of this activity lies in latent homosexual fantasy! You wouldnt see this kind of big business in Africa!

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Posted in: Japan panel favors relaxing U.S. beef import limits See in context

Your freakin politicians arnt playing with a full deck! The beef you get from America will cause you to grow an extra limb! Already birth defects and cancer are at epic proportions in the USA. I wouldnt care if Japanese steak will let you light up like a Christmas tree! Eat Australian beef if you have to, I wouldnt touch that crap!

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Posted in: It’s expensive being a woman See in context

What expenses? A little stick deoderant, and powder on the crack and you should be in business!

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Posted in: Politics - American wives vs Japanese wives See in context

Most American Women are taught to wear the pants in the nuclear family. There is always a struggle for power. American feminization is identified with lesbian acceptance, abortion tolerance, extra-marital affairs, one parent households, soap opera mentality which inevitably leads to social kayos.

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Posted in: Romney vows to restore 'promise of America' See in context

Promises of America sanctioned by the Republicans! The total destruction of the environment all in the name of construction and housing, the reinstitution of slavery and the annhilation of Labor Unions for a worker to get a fair share! The increase of no-holds barred manipulation of the commercial media by those who could afford it to practice tyranny on the citizens who try to live an upstanding life! To manipulate the established laws by lobby efforts and campaign contributions in order to favor the Corporation rather than Joe Consumer!

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Posted in: Darvish gets 10 strikeouts as Rangers edge Rays See in context

The guy has got terrific command of his pitches when he is in the groove, when he is not it affects the whole team particularly!

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