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What i find ridiculous is that China and Honk Kong send each their own teams. Is kinda unfair for other nations.

Puerto Rico and Guam also send independent teams instead of being included into USA team.

And FYI there is British Virgin Islands..or British Bermuda, French Polynesia..

Looks pretty fair.

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It’s Japan. Japanese are good at doing something legal but tricky , to win.

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ronically the exact opposite view many people have of Chinese people. In my experience with Chinese tourists, they are noisy, not polite and do not think of others with their manners. They have no idea how to queue up and wait their turn.....it drives me mad.

Same behavior in US and Italian tourists, I have seen in Kyoto. I am fine with that though.

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Speech freedom is here in Japan, but quite many choose to say sumimasen, there is nothing I can do with it .

Speech freedom may not exist in China, but everyone has the willings to improve and to positively accept new technologies.

Actually it is quite common that as long as it is not attacking the CCP, people just express any disagreement to anything. Almost everyone around actually knows how to use VPN to surf US webpages, and many of them hold very interesting views on many controversial topics.

I hate it in a democracy system, that even those who don't understand any economics have the same vote to reject a bill drafted by economical pros, especially in a country like Japan where peer pressure exists everywhere that may even influence your choice of bento for lunch.

That’s just personal feeling ,after spending 5 years in the branch office in China.

Anyway, hopefully CCP will allow freedom of speech in China eventually in the future.

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I’d rather had a China company like Alibaba to build this system for them at some so-called risk of data privacy so that I could get vaccinated.

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