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BertieWooster comments

Posted in: Paris film fans embrace 'Tora-san' as appetite for Japan movies grows See in context

The idea of Japanese people welcoming an itinerant wanderer without reservation is so far fetched.

They’d be more likely to call the police…

Well, they didn't and the Tora-san series is as others have pointed out, not only still popular, but one of the longest running on the planet. There are altogether 50 movies. There would have been more, but the main actor, Atsumi-san sadly passed away a few years ago.


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Posted in: Maybe it’s high time 'majime' Japan turned 'wagamama' (Part 1) See in context

The principle of shutting down people's personal opinions and any kind of self-expression - "wagamama" is going to take a LOT to change, if it happens at all. It's ingrained into this society. It starts with the mind control system that passes for education here. Students are taught to shut up and listen from an early age. There are no class discussions, not even essay writing. Examinations are multiple choice and students are very rarely given a chance to express or develop opinion.

A balance between majime and wagamama will only occur if and when the ghastly "education" system is put to rest and is replaced by something better than the rote memory of useless "facts." 

Mind you, the total failure of the education system to teach students how to actually use English gives an opportunity for me and many other posters on this site to make a living!

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Posted in: Paris film fans embrace 'Tora-san' as appetite for Japan movies grows See in context

“Otoko wa tsurai yo” is a brilliant series. I have watched them all, some several times. Each one a gem. I recommend any and all of Itami Juzo's films too.

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Posted in: Holes poked in mesh screen barrier at popular Mount Fuji viewing spot See in context


You saw the news today then did you?

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Posted in: 29-year-old woman goes on trial for killing 3 daughters See in context

Was she having psychiatric "treatment" before she committed this ghastly crime? Her husband's statement makes it seem so. If this was the case, there must be an investigation. There are so many instances of this kind of killing after or during mental "treatment."

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Posted in: If you work in Japan, how much Japanese-language ability is needed in your job? See in context

I'm curious.

I wonder why someone gave this a minus?

Did they disagree with this? Think I was lying? Just automatically dislike Bertie? What?

“Years ago, an American lady came to work with us. Wonderful person, she hardly spoke any Japanese, but with such an effusive, bubbly personality, with gestures, smiles and little dances, she communicated.”

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Posted in: Will AI-generated songs be the death knell for music producers, song writers and composers? See in context

No. I predict a backlash against it and a move toward more live, acoustic performance.

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Posted in: Scientists say they can make zero-emission cement See in context

Here's an even better one: Mycelium blocks. Amazingly strong blocks grown from fungi. Not a joke: https://www.certifiedenergy.com.au/emerging-materials/emerging-materials-mycelium-brick

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Posted in: 88-year-old man with dementia arrested over death of 84-year-old wife See in context

If he has dementia, this means he has had psychiatric treatment or is in the middle of it. It's about time there was more exposure of psychiatric failures. There are too many of them.

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Posted in: If you work in Japan, how much Japanese-language ability is needed in your job? See in context

Years ago, an American lady came to work with us. Wonderful person, she hardly spoke any Japanese, but with such an effusive, bubbly personality, with gestures, smiles and little dances, she communicated.

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Posted in: Kishida conveys concern to Li about China military activities See in context

As I'm sure Li expressed his opinions about Japan's military build up.

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Posted in: Opposition-backed candidate elected Shizuoka governor See in context

Go opposition! Any party is better than the LDP!

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Posted in: Ukraine hopes to sign security pact with Japan before July NATO summit See in context

Probably best not to get involved. Let the US deal with it. It's basically their beef.

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Posted in: Top U.N. court orders Israel to halt military offensive in Rafah See in context

Where did the weapons come from that Israel is using in this war? They use US made weaponry. The US could stop this war if they wanted.

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Posted in: Mister Donut apologizes for selling 'Meat Pies' that didn’t contain meat See in context

Well, there's fruit juice that contains minute quantities of actual fruit juice and yogurt that is a chemical concoction of emulsifiers, corn syrup and whey left over from cheesemaking, so why not meatless meat pie? Anyone who eats ultra processed foods is taking a risk. Best to avoid fast food. Where possible, cook your own food from ingredients that are what they say they are.

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Posted in: Pair of premium Yubari melons sell for ¥3 million See in context

Well, they are obviously not going to sell crates of these at ¥3,000,000 a pair. It is, as brother Yubaru cleverly points out, a tax write off. They do the same thing with tuna, etc.

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Posted in: 24-year-old man arrested for abusing one-year-old daughter, breaking her leg See in context

I wonder why they persist in translating the Japanese as "on suspicion of ...." Suspicion would be something like, "See that guy over there. He looks the type to break toddler's legs!"

Wouldn't this be better:

"A 24-year old man was arrested by police in Kai, Yamanashi Prefecture and  charged with abusing his one-year-old daughter."

Or am I missing something?

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Posted in: Ask not what natto can do for you See in context

People accept certain tastes and they reject others. It's an individual thing. I once witnessed a guy drink a whole bottle of tabasco. I thought that his palate must have been stone dead, but far from it. Listening to him describe tastes afterwards, I realised that his palate was very sensitive to spicy tastes and he could analyse and distinguish between jalapeno, habanero, scotch bonnet, etc. For me, these are all just "hot!" I prefer milder tastes. I can eat Tofu just by itself and distinguish between the types of tofu just by taste, Shima dofu, traditional kinu and momen dofu and so on. I've heard people say that tofu is tasteless.

For me, natto doesn't stink. It smells of natto. But then I like natto as I said. However, I can understand those who don't.

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Posted in: Gadgets, toys for visually impaired gaining traction in Japan See in context

Anything that helps handicapped people to function without having to rely on others is a good thing. They need their independence and their dignity.

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Posted in: Ask not what natto can do for you See in context

Mix up natto as you would when you put it on rice, with raw egg, soy sauce and negi, place in a gyoza wrapper, twist to close it and deep fry. Delicious!

The first time I had natto it was with finely sliced ika (squid), wasabi, soy sauce and a quail egg. "Ika natto." Fabulous.

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Posted in: Ask not what natto can do for you See in context

When I go abroad, natto is the one thing I want to eat when I come back. It seems to me that natto haters are mostly Americans who have a very narrow range of acceptable flavours.

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Posted in: What effect do you think the increasingly bitter U.S. presidential election campaign is having on the U.S. image around the world? See in context

Since Bush, I don't think public opinion on US presidents could get much lower. If I were a US citizen, I wouldn't have voted for any of the recent ones.

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Posted in: The King Mini series keeps visual clutter away using miniature office organizers See in context

Now that we can scan name cards and documents with a cell phone easily and accurately, there doesn't seem much point. Oh, I don't know. This might be a good way to store all those faxes!

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Posted in: What happens if you get a traffic ticket in Japan? See in context

And don't forget that they can arrest and detain you in solitary confinement for 48 hours or longer with extensions with no lawyer and no lawyer present during interrogations.

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Posted in: Death penalty sought again in retrial of 88-year-old man acquitted of 1966 murders See in context

For heaven's sake, leave him alone.

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Posted in: What is the average cost of living in Japan? See in context

“Based on the average annual salary, these taxes add up to 40% of income. Broadly speaking then, that’s around 40% of your earnings taken care of.”

This says that if your income is average, ¥300,000 per month, you get to keep just over half of this and with living expenses at ¥160,000 that doesn't leave a lot over!

I was chatting to a Chinese guy a few weeks ago. He lives in Hong Kong and runs a bar there. Out of interest, I asked him what he took home every month. He said, ¥600,000. I then asked him how much of this he kept after taxes, etc., and he said most of it.

What is going on, Japan?

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Posted in: Ex-college employee gets 23 years for raping drugged students See in context

He's 59 now, by the time he gets out he'll be 82. If he lasts that long in a Japanese jail, I don't think he'll be much danger when he gets out. No need for a longer sentence or a "snip," not much point really.

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Posted in: Yesterday’s health food fad may no longer be healthy See in context


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Posted in: Yesterday’s health food fad may no longer be healthy See in context

The danger is in mass produced food. Put tens of thousands of chickens in a small shed and pump them full of antibiotics so that the inevitable diseases don't spread and you end up with something tasteless and barely nutritious. Granddad used to keep chickens in his orchard. They fed on kitchen scraps and the things that chooks like to eat, worms, bugs, etc. But the taste was amazing. The eggs and meat were superb. Ultra processed food is killing people.

The solution is not to eat anything that you can't immediately see what's gone into it. And grow your own vegetables without cancerous pesticides or eat vegetables that have been grown as naturally as possible.

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Posted in: Plant-based meat alternatives are trying to exit culture wars – an impossible task? See in context

Gene, I was just about to write a similar comment. Before coming to Japan, I was vegetarian. I wanted my food to be as natural as possible. Making chemical concoctions that look and bleed like dead flesh just doesn't do it. Soy products are high in protein and don't need to imitate meat. Enjoy them for what they are. Ultra processed food is killing people. We need less of this, not more.

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