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Posted in: The ultimate battle for ham sandwich supremacy – we examine Japan’s convenience store sandwiches See in context

Wish the bread wasn't so wet.

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Posted in: Kelly Preston, actress and wife of John Travolta, dies at 57 See in context

Much too young. Really sad.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. discuss coronavirus cases at military bases in Okinawa See in context

Araha beach was pretty full on Saturday. The Japanese at the party/barbecue tents were organised so that there was a distance between each party. But for most of the military guys on the beach, it was business as usual. Very few with masks and no social distancing that I could see.

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Posted in: Big four Japanese brewers post first-half sales drop See in context


I wonder if you have ever been to Hokkaido? Sapporo beer tastes much better there. Their "Sorachi," "Hokkaido," and "Sakura" are good beers. "Ebisu" in its various flavours is also much better there, although I will admit that I used to really like Ebisu before Sapporo bought them up. That was a truly great Japanese beer.

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Posted in: Europeans see no quick fix to U.S. ties See in context

It's not only Europeans who want to see the back of Trump. On the day of his defeat, there will be national holidays world wide - and the biggest ones will be in the U.S.A. 

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Posted in: Snow White manners See in context

Disney doesn't own Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. It's a traditional German folk tale.

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Posted in: Big four Japanese brewers post first-half sales drop See in context

The figures for the sales drops are very interesting:

Asahi 17% down - terrible beer

Suntory 11% - mostly terrible beer

Sapporo and Kirin, which have some really good beers didn't fare too badly.

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Posted in: Okinawa governor wants tougher action after 61 U.S. Marines infected with coronavirus See in context

Not surprising when they have A/C on 24/7 and never open a window!

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Posted in: Comic hero 'Asterix' plans friendly assault on the New World See in context

I loved these books too and have read most of them in English and French. It's true that a lot of the puns in French are impossible to translate, but the English version is quite amusing too. Names like Cacafonix, the bard, the village drunk, Dipsomaniax, and jokes that don't rely on words, like the English stopping every five minutes for a "hot water break," they drank hot water, because tea hadn't been invented.

There are international jibes, like the Britons drinking "warm beer," and the Romans are pulled apart and lampooned. But it's all done in good, clean fun. These are wonderful stories, beautifully drawn, little gems.

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Posted in: Should Japanese schools stop making kids write book reports? See in context

It's not only the rote memorization which kills education in Japan so much as the stifling of students' thoughts, feelings, opinions. There is little or no discussion. There is almost no opportunity for them to express themselves. They don't write essays. And if they do, they are graded, criticised and sometimes ridiculed. They are not permitted to think about their subjects. The teacher just drones on and on and on, hour after hour. Most high school classes I've observed, the students are in a state of semi-consciousness.

There is very little actual education in Japan. Mostly it's a form of mind control.

Writing a book report at least gives them some space to offer an opinion. Do they want to take that away too?

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Posted in: Comic hero 'Asterix' plans friendly assault on the New World See in context

I can see why Asterix doesn't go in the U.S.A. It is way above the head of your average American comic reader.

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Posted in: Japan's household spending drops at record pace as virus hits economy See in context

So, Mr Abe, where are the taxes going to come from now?

How about hiking the consumption tax to 25% and we'll go back to a barter system!

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Posted in: Letters from Japan: 'Can I sue my husband's mistress for psychological stress?' See in context

If you think it has nothing to do with you and you are just being hard done by, etc., it's because you are not looking at what YOU did to bring about the situation. It's NEVER one sided.

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Posted in: Survey shows that Japanese couples are trying to conceive earlier See in context

Japanese couples are trying to conceive earlier

"Hiruman" as opposed to "tetsuman"?

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Posted in: Mask and a beer See in context

That Asahi tastes better when drunk through a mask?

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Posted in: Sex dependency syndrome – no medication for that See in context

In the end, says psychiatrist Mitsuru Umeno, “it may be something you have to live with all your life.”

In other words, they don't have a blind clue what it is, or what actually caused it, so of course they don't have a hope in hell in curing it.

Psychiatry is a sham.

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Posted in: Japan lawmakers' average income falls for 1st time in 4 years in 2019 See in context

Gosh, however do they manage on such a pittance?

They must be living in abject poverty!


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Posted in: Japan caught in dilemma with mainland China over Hong Kong See in context

If Japan had any politicians or diplomats who could actually PERFORM what their job descriptions say, this wouldn't be a problem. Unfortunately, graduating Todai or being a distant relative of Abe doesn't qualify anyone to deal with this situation.

Japan has no diplomats or actual politicians.

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Posted in: The discreet charm of Japan’s anti-smoking campaign See in context

People ignore these just as they ignore the "don't forget your umbrella" reminders on the subways. At best, they are silly.

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Posted in: Street Kart company ends crowdfunding campaign with dismal support See in context

I can't believe they lasted as long as this. And I'm surprised there hasn't been a serious accident with them. They should not be allowed on the roads. The fact that they have been tolerated shows up the fact that whoever is in charge of Japan's "road system," does little more than play golf or hide in a basement somewhere.

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Posted in: What Trump leaves unspoken carries consequences See in context

What Trump doesn't say that we all want to hear him say is "Goodbye!"

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Posted in: Japan's fussy food shoppers finally go online amid pandemic See in context

Aeon is a giant convenience store. I would never buy fresh food there.

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Posted in: Iran issues warrant for Trump, 35 others over killing of top general See in context

The US has to learn that it is not 19th century Britain.

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Posted in: As virus surges, Trump under pressure to wear mask See in context

Rather than protecting the wearer from the virus, a mask protects other people if you are infected or carrying. Trump doesn't care about other people. He only cares about himself. That's why he doesn't wear one.

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Posted in: 'The Simpsons' ends white actors voicing characters of color See in context


It's the same for me when Americans try to do "British" accents. Yuck.

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Posted in: Record no. of worker compensation claims filed due to mental illness See in context

I had a teaching job years ago at a college in Tokyo. When I was hired, the bucho told me that the number one rule was that we never disclosed our salaries to other teachers. This seemed odd to me, but I was new to Japan and complied.

One day a newly hired teacher asked me what my salary was. I said that we were told not to say and he basically said, you tell me yours and I'll tell you mine. So I did. Then all the other teachers in the staff room blew up. Someone was getting double my salary, others were getting less.

When the bucho turned up for the staff meeting, he was greeted by a riot.

After ten minutes of being shouted at, he actually burst into tears!

Someone said, "Come on. Let's go for a beer."

And so we did.

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Posted in: 'The Simpsons' ends white actors voicing characters of color See in context

Agree with magnet. This is getting silly.

Are we going to ban Aussie accents? Scots? Newcastle?

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Posted in: Bolton memoir raises concern over Japan alliance if Trump re-elected See in context

Couldn't we be defended by Chinese troops? I bet they would do it for much less than the US!

Was I joking?

Yes, of course. But I also wanted to point out what a racket (dirty way to make money) "defense" is. Our guys at the top get us all hyped up and scared about "them over there." And "them over there's" guys at the top get them all hyped up and scared about us.

Left to his own, your average person in any country just wants to get on with his life, do his job, fall in love, get married, have good times.

"Defense" is a good racket. It makes A LOT of money for certain people. And that's its real reason for existence.

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