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Posted in: Netflix defends Chappelle, suspends staff in transgender row See in context

Please stop saying "You can't joke about anything anymore". You can. You can joke about whatever the folk you like. And some people won't like it and they will tell you they don't like it. And then it's up to you whether you give a folk or not. And so on. It's a good system.

Ricky Gervais


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Suzuki-san needs to face reality. It doesn't matter what she considers herself to be, she has a female body, her gender is female. A doctor pointed out something very important on this issue. "I need to know the actual gender of the patient," he said. "A stomachache for a man may be a very different thing than a stomachache for a woman."

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Posted in: Princess Mako diagnosed with PTSD; to marry Kei Komuro on Oct 26 See in context

Princess Mako diagnosed with PTSD

This condition was apparently brought on by extensive media coverage. So, why does Japan Today choose to make a big headline out of it?

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Posted in: Want to live forever? Theoretically, you could, study says See in context

YOU don't die. Your body does though. It's a machine and all machines wear out in time.

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Posted in: Kishida aims to narrow income gap through pay hikes See in context

So he's going to shave a few million off his salary? He'll still keep his bonuses though, won't he?

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Posted in: Japanese hope Kishida shows better leadership through pandemic See in context

"Leadership," not much hope for that. Puppets don't lead. They do what they are told and say what they are told to say.

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Posted in: Prosecutors seek 2-year jail term for Kelly See in context

The verdict from a panel of three judges is not expected until March next year.


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Posted in: Drumming up support See in context

Isn't this a perfect indication of quite how far the LDP is from having a finger on the pulse of the nation? Fake publicity photos aimed at getting the "younger vote!"

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Posted in: Studio Ghibli thanks international fans for translating its tweets; asks them to keep it up See in context

As they are trying to be more international, I wonder why they pronounce their name "jibli?"

"Gh" in English can be silent, as in "throuGH," as "f" as in "rouGH," "j" as in "giant," or the hard "g" in "spaGHetti."

But "gh" is never pronounced "j" in English or Italian.

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Posted in: Biden hosts Indo-Pacific leaders as China concerns grow See in context


To a degree, perhaps. There is an appearance of democracy, yet the real leaders are hidden.

But then North Korea is the "People's Democratic Republic of Korea."

I wonder what this word really means ...

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Posted in: Neflix acquires the whole works of Roald Dahl See in context

At least it wasn't Disney!

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Posted in: Women's entry in LDP leader race may not boost empowerment See in context

I don't see that it matters what puppet takes centre stage. Whether they are male, female or somewhere in between doesn't make any difference. They are puppets and someone is pulling their strings.

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Posted in: Japanese firms look to paper products to reduce plastic waste See in context

They need to stop asking people if they want a "Reggy Bukuro" at checkout. Unless they've got a big handful of items, they don't need one. And if they had to ask for one, a lot of people just wouldn't bother.

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Posted in: Pentagon reverses itself; calls deadly Kabul strike an error See in context

Let's face it, the US just lost yet another war.

The Taliban are back in command.

It's Vietnam all over again!

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Posted in: Pentagon reverses itself; calls deadly Kabul strike an error See in context

The whole Iraq thing was a tragic mistake. Why don't they admit that?

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Posted in: Heat sake like they do at a Japanese izakaya with this special at-home set See in context

Microwave is the best.

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Posted in: Piers Morgan to launch new TV show in deal with News Corp See in context

Agree with Plasticmonkey. He's a creep. Can't stand him.

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Posted in: Bad behavior warning See in context

voyueuristic filming

"voyeueristic?" What am dat?

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Posted in: 9/11 brought heartbreak to Japan as well See in context

When is the truth going to come out about 9/11? I'm getting fed up with reading the spin.

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Posted in: Plan emerges to preserve imperial family by retaining married women See in context

Isn't it about time this meaningless situation was brought to an end? How can the guy be called Emperor when everything he says and does is dictated by Kunaicho, the Imperial Household Agency? Time to scrap it, along with the ridiculous dating system, Showa, Heisei, Reiwa. It's far too complicated and impossible to understand what year is being referred to without a chart.

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Posted in: Taliban stop planes of evacuees from leaving but unclear why See in context

Why on Earth didn't the US military stay to oversee the exodus of people who want to get out?

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Posted in: Man with pickaxe attacks vehicle carrying Beat Takeshi See in context

Beat Takeshi is an overrated, unfunny, sick individual who makes decent gangster films, but is an utter failure as a comedian and TV "talent."

But I don't wish violence on anyone.

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Posted in: Limited-edition Sapporo Classic Furano Vintage 2021 to go on sale from October See in context

I look forward to this. Sapporo makes some great beers. Sapporo Classic is our favourite.

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Posted in: Japanese shochu distilleries branch out into absinthe, gin See in context

Dispelling the myths about Absinthe:

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Posted in: Japanese shochu distilleries branch out into absinthe, gin See in context

"Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder!"

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Posted in: What are some of your favorite movies that you can watch over and over again? See in context

The Harry Potter movies. Superb!

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Posted in: Spike Lee re-edits 9-11 documentary featuring conspiracy theorists See in context

Of course it was a conspiracy. Nobody doubts that. The question is WHOSE conspiracy it was.

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Posted in: Suga says Japan will cooperate with G7 to stop Afghanistan from becoming hotbed of terrorism See in context

Wow! I can sleep safely in my futon knowing that Japan is going to cooperate with G7 to prevent Afghanistan from becoming a hotbed of terrorism! (Sarcasm)

Especially after the U.S.A. has gifted the Taliban with even MORE state of the art weaponry!

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