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What I say IS NOT against any community, religion, ethnicity. I just want to look at facts:

Italy has a BIG chinese community == 300.000+ ; mostly short-term settlers (year to year working permits. It means perpetual exchanges).

Many direct flights from northern Italy to Wuhan.

Europe's Favourite destination for Chinese poeple.

Timing - High tourism activities (New Year in China - Venice Carnaval)

Timing : Due to Chinese New Year == Intense family visits (both directions)

Cultural and interpersonal habits : Warmth and physical familiarity, embracing, kissing, ...

Stupidity of some wishfull thinkers and SJW == "Free hugs to Chinese"

My thoughs go to all victims and relatives of that virus, regardless of their origins and nationalities. But it will be necessary to investigate any kind of political responsabilities, and keep these people accountable.

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