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Of course, that is what should happen. But realistically, who is going to remember everything about a manual when an emergency of that scale really occurs?

I was a student at the time, and my school was a mess after the quake. Nobody knew what to do, and I think that the principals made a few bad choices. But honestly, I can't blame them, because that's what happens when people panic.

They act mostly on instinct, even if there are guidelines set out for them. Which: A) Would make them a bad principal B) Would most likely make them liable

Even if you have a manual and even if you know what you should be doing, when you panic, you make mistakes and have poor judgment. That's why the only way to solve the issue is to train people really carefully, so they learn how not to panic.

I don't mean to trivialize it, but it's like a spelling bee. Even if you know how to spell things, when you are put on the spot and nervous and panicky, you are more likely to make a mistake. I am a girl, but I remember losing on the word "obstetrician" once. I definitely should have known that one. But the students who are trained to not feel nervous and panicky make it all the way to Nationals.

Like I said, I do not think the parents are wrong for suing the school. I think that they are justified, as I would probably feel the same way they do in their situation. But at the same time, I do not think that people should pin it all on one person's decision. With or without a manual, people will panic.

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Posted in: Parents of 4 children in bus swept away by tsunami sue kindergarten See in context

Another thing I would like to add is that it probably doesn't matter if there is a manual or not. To be honest, in an unprecedented emergency, people are panicking, they are not scrambling to read a manual. They act mostly on instinct, even if there are guidelines set out for them.

The most effective way to change the policy is not to have some people pay money to you for the rest of their lives. It is to train them to know how to effectively handle such a situation in the future.

But anyone in that situation would become emotional about it. I am sure I would not react the same way I am now if I was actually one of those parents. The pain and confusion of loss must really be a lot to handle.

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Posted in: Parents of 4 children in bus swept away by tsunami sue kindergarten See in context

The parents' feelings must be unbearable. I can't even imagine such a loss.

The kindergarten is most probably at fault, and I understand that the parents must be confused and lost, feeling like they must penalize someone to compensate their loss.

As a third-party, I think that there must be more healing in doing something more proactive, like campaigning to ensure that something like that never happens again. They can organize a community council to review safety procedures and to train heads of schools and kindergartens about what to do in an emergency and how to best assess the situation.

But I guess with all of the stress from the horrible loss, they don't have room to think about that kind of stuff right now. My heart goes out to them.

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Ishihara says that Japan should perform simulated nuclear weapons tests to maintain its presence on the world stage.

Ishihara says a lot of things, mind you. That doesn't mean that any of us should waste our time listening to him.

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Hmm, some other sources in Japanese were citing the issue differently.

I read one some Japanese news site that the reason for the protest was because the network was lying about the sales and popularity of Korean pop singers and dramas in order to push sales in Japan. Not that I think that that is a valid reason either... But they argued that the network should not be lying to the public. If THAT is a reason for a protest, they should've been out there demonstrating about how media outlets lie about information relating to the nuclear power plant crises...

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Posted in: AKB48's Tomomi Kasai takes part in wedding dress fashion show See in context

After reading the comments, I get the impression that most of the people who wrote on here know little about the Japanese entertainment industry and even less about AKB48.

The contract is pretty standard for idol units in Japan. Even Johnny's men are not allowed to have relationships, even into their 30s. However, this is just what the rule is publicly. Most have relationships in their private lives anyways.

By the way, AKB is not just for "otaku" anymore. They are massively popular for high school students and young women in their teens and twenties. That's right. Not just lasciviously drooling creepy middle aged men in Akihabara. And they are not "designed" to look young. The fact is, most of them ARE very young.

I am not a fan, but it is not fair of us to sit around and be critical of the success of others. I would be happy to be in the place of a successful idol.

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