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Posted in: Seoul, Tokyo vow 'appropriate action' on weak yen and won See in context

only talk, no actual action, the boy who cried the wolf too many times

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Posted in: S Korea to announce measures to settle wartime labor rift with Japan See in context

You forgot to add the word “temporary” measure to settle, only until the current government is voted off in another 4 years. Yoon’s government only won by a marginal

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Posted in: Japan, Australia to tie up on hydrogen supply for zero emissions Asia See in context

Very misleading news on “green” hydrogen, The only reason why they need to Australia in the picture is because of cheap Australian electricity to produce the hydrogen, then it cost even more energy to cool it to liquidity for transport, then again more energy to store, reheat, etc, where does the cheap electricity comes from? COAL! Stop making hydrogen powered things sound like green, you put it in the car, only to have it reverse generate electricity and store it in battery to power a motor. Honestly it’s one of most stupidest tech invented ever..

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Posted in: China’s population falls for first time since 1961; highlighting demographic crisis See in context

It’s a crisis from economical standpoint, yes, however for the sustainability of finite earth resources it’s a bless, people always think in terms next decade or few decades, from the overall health of earth as a whole, we need to at least make sure we maintain population growth and not to put additional strain on the ecosystem as a whole.

even though may not be a good thing for the Chinese economy in the next few decades but I believe it’s a step in the right direction. Also congrats to India for taking over the helm as the most populous country on earth much faster than previously anticipated! And stay unchallenged for rest of the century.

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Posted in: Crisis-hit Sri Lanka to ask Japan to open talks with main creditors See in context

Their "main" creditor to Sir Lanka is the open market borrowing at nearly 50% of their debt, Japan, China and India combined only consists of 22% of their total debt, without restructuring the open market debt, I don't see a way for them to "seek a way out" of this.

If the leader of this country had any brain and not to be so addicted on USD debt while lowering taxes just to be re-elected, then the people of this country wouldn't have to suffer like this.

Despite the political narrative around this, I think by end of the day it's their leader's own greed and stupidity to blame, having collateral on debt is completely normal, I mean why else would you lend to someone with high risk?

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Posted in: Price cap on Russian oil to be about half of current price: Kishida See in context

unfortunately this will likely further increase inflation as Russia will simply say no to selling their oil at half price and will go to the highest bidder else where in Asia, more oil for India and China to buy! So much for free market economy when they put so much state control on prices…

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Posted in: UK, U.S., Japan and Canada to ban Russia gold imports See in context

This is pure stupidity, these sanctions increases nothing but inflation, at this point I don’t know who is actually receiving the sanction, Japan where yen is at 24 yr low or Russia where rubble is at historical high because money only flows in but not out of Russia?

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Posted in: Kishida says there are no numerical targets for defense spending See in context

Lol, no numerical target because Kishida doesn’t know how much yen will depreciate against the dollar, no interest raise because Japan Inc needs to monetize this debt so it can borrow more it can earn.

truely short sighted solution to a mind boggling problem, bravo!

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Posted in: Japan to trial small group tours from 4 countries See in context

Tourism North Korean style, hopefully in June they don’t just expand this model to more countries abut have a true opening up, so far this doesn’t sound like bring Japan to the same standard as G7 countries.

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Posted in: Ukraine apologizes for juxtaposing photo of late emperor to Hitler in video See in context

Why apologize and remove? Should they also apologize to Germany and remove hitler?

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Posted in: Japan to craft extra ¥2.5 tril budget, aiming to ease pain of rising prices See in context

There's an easier way to lessen the pain of rising prices for Japanese citizens, simply stop printing more money, reduce balance sheet and raise interest rate like every other nation is doing right now, and JPY will increase in value and reduce all import price. Oh wait, that will increase the pain on the government so they wouldn't be able to spend more than they earn. My bad for thinking that they actually cared about the people.

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Posted in: S Korea's incoming foreign minister calls 2015 'comfort women' pact official See in context

Wait until their support rating drops, then history repeats.

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Posted in: 7 in 10 Japanese support Russia sanctions even if they feel impact: survey See in context

I think the title is slightly misleading, the price hikes felt thus far is mainly from pandemic related supply chain issue, weak yen and pent up demand from elsewhere in the world.

The Russian sanction has only been in place for a month and most of the rising cost from sanction probably won’t be felt until over the course of the year. A lot of companies had already stocked up for the year prior to the sanction, and food prices won’t hit until later this year during fall when supposed harvest from Russia and Ukraine no longer exist.

Im wondering if the respondents actually understand that the price increases thus far has little or minimal relation to the sanctions and this is only the beginning of another wild ride? If they think it’s already “terrible”, then I wonder how would their answer change if knowing they will have a hard time putting food on the table later this year?

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Posted in: China's March exports grow despite virus; imports flat See in context

As the picture shows, most of the ports in China are highly automated and require minimal staffing, while most of the factories are also in the process of becoming highly automated, not sure if covid or lock-down will have much impact from production standpoint, it will likely only have impact on service industries and consumptions perhaps, which could possibly be explained by a drop in imports, I guess no one was shopping.

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Posted in: Japan OKs asset freeze on Putin's daughters, 396 other Russians See in context

Does it even make sense for Japan to further sanction Russia..? Do these people actually think before making the decision? It's not in Japan's national interest to simply follow "orders" from US and sanction, yes, "other suppliers will be able to provide them", but at jacked up price, with so much inflation pressure and weakened yen, this will only put more pain on the Japanese people.

Learn from India, for entire 2021 they imported 16 mil barrel oil from Russia, for 1 month since war broke out, they already bought 13 mil, why? they buy at $35 a barrel, they actually think before acting, reducing the inflation pressure within the country, better the lives of their people.

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Posted in: Kishida says no schedule yet for allowing entry of tourists See in context

Making a decision after “looking at border control steps taken by other nations” = already open, is it that hard to type a search line in Google?

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Posted in: Japan's long-term gov't debt may be at worst level of ¥1,000 tril See in context

This is exactly why BOJ is afraid to increase the rate, a tiny increase will eat away huge chunk of their tax revenue, at a time when they increasingly spend more than they can earn. More budget for this, more budget for that. I guess when BOJ blows up it will serve as a textbook example on the max limit for a country's debt to GDP ratio and what you don't do as a central bank, lol.

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Posted in: China's Russian traders smell profit as Ukraine sanctions bite See in context

While Wall Street racks in on huge profits via buying cheap Russian assets via their non-US entities, the governments don’t allow ordinary people like you and me to cash in on the opportunities by “sanctioning”, directing profits to people with already too much fat on their belly, what kind of justice is this..?

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Posted in: Bank of Japan says no tightening as oil rates stir inflation See in context

In another word: our debt to GDP is about 256%, #1 in the world, 1/3 of our tax revenue already goes into servicing the debt , if we raise interest rate even by a tiny fraction there will be nothing left for anything else, we screwed up the policy about 2 decades ago, now there is no other choice but to continue this Ponzi scheme.

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Posted in: Japan's top business lobby calls for border controls to be eased more See in context

If the virus is going to stick around like the influenza, and science tell us that the vaccine can reduce the hospitalization and death rate to a minimum, then there's really no point in keeping the border shut except to please some isolationist. Look at Australia, they had one of the toughest border rules and now they are removing them because life needs to move on.

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Posted in: Japanese, S Koreans in China hold mixed views on Beijing hosting Olympics See in context

I'm not sure why the South Koreans would be angered by this? I don't see how this would be cultural appropriation when a Korean descendent wear their own traditional clothing? Historically there are significant Korean population living within the Chinese borders for generations, If they exclude this girl wearing hanbok, will they then be angry at the fact that the Chinese are denying their existence and try to "erase" their identify?

It feels like whatever you do would "anger" the South Koreans, definitely a devious political move to win the upcoming election.

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Posted in: Cancer survivor Parrot soars to Olympic snowboard gold See in context

Story of hope, great job,

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